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How to Generate More Leads for Your Online Business


As a marketer, you must maintain a flow of leads for your brand. It is the difference between being an effective marketer and an average one. However, lead generation takes more than throwing together a lead generation strategy and hoping that it works out.

The goal should be to attract qualified leads with your digital marketing campaigns in Singapore, with a focus on the prospects that will not only buy from you but those who have a genuine need. In essence, the more customers you have, the better you will be at determining user behaviour.

With that said, the best way to generate more leads for your online business is to focus on each part of your marketing and conversion funnel. You will also need reliable tools to track the prospective leads when they land on your website.

Here are tips on how to generate more leads for your online business in Singapore. 

Offer Value to Your Visitors

The concept of value has been around for as long as people have been doing business, but only a few brands have been able to hack it. Providing something of value to your visitors for free will initiate reciprocity.

Think of it as a psychological principle that relies on people’s desire to return a favour. The leads who make to your website will return the favour, by either making a purchase or referring other people to the website.

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You could also decide to give your prospects a free and simple tool. Despite the simplicity of the tool, it should provide value. This could include a market or industry analysis, a calculator, a template, or anything that will generate more leads for your website.

Create and Optimise your Conversion Funnel

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There are hardly any two brands that have a similar conversion funnel. Before making a purchase, the majority of customers today will carry out research; look through the options provided by different companies, and read reviews online. Some will go to the extent of contacting the companies to get more information when need be.

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This creates more touchpoints before the customer makes a purchase. You will need a tool such as Google Analytics to help you understand how prospects touch base with your brand before making a purchase.

With the information you collect, you will be able to optimise every touchpoint for the buyer’s specific position in the conversion funnel. For this reason, you cannot use another brand’s conversion funnel to turn a lead into a customer.

Identify the Best Lead Generation Magnets for Your Audience

A lead magnet attracts potential customers to your business and convinces them to convert by offering significant value at an affordable price. However, the price does not have to be monetary. The aim is to get the prospects to give up information such as their email addresses.

How do you identify and define the best lead magnet? For starters, try polling your audience by giving them a choice of four or five downloads such as eBooks or white papers and then assess the data from each one. Choose the option with the most downloads (votes) and compare it to the second-best in the poll.

This will require you to run several A/B tests to help you refine the process of identifying the best lead magnet for your audience.

A/B Test Your Copy, Design, and CTA Buttons

You can test every aspect of your digital marketing campaign and page design. Ideally, you ought to carry out multiple A/B tests to fine-tune every aspect of your website, right from the headlines, CTAs, font size, and more to optimise your lead generation campaigns.

Unfortunately, most marketers feel overwhelmed by A/B tests. This is because they are going at it the wrong way. There are several A/B testing tools you could use to make the process easier. Moreover, you will get better at digital marketing in Singapore.

Establish Healthy Relationships with Your Prospects

Think about your favourite brands and what draws you to them. You could come up with a myriad of reasons, but the bottom line is that you are part of their community. Similarly, you need to establish and cultivate healthy relationships with your prospects to keep them coming back for more.

Start by inviting the prospects to connect at every touchpoint. Give them reasons to check your website, blog, and social media pages for new content and to comment with their own experiences. However, ensure to respond to the comments to make the prospects feel appreciated.

Optimise All Your Pages

Most marketers tend to focus on solely optimising their landing pages.  However, experience has shown that every page on a website needs optimising to leverage the leads visiting the site. Tools such as confetti maps, heat maps, overlay, and scroll maps will help you understand the behaviour of your users.

Every page on your website should elicit a desire in the prospect to take action, which means that you need to write a compelling CTA statement for the final button. The essence is to prep the lead to take action and convert. Understanding user behaviour on your website allows you to anticipate what the visitor wants and to validate your lead generation methods.

Boost Direct Engagement with Email Marketing Sequences

Email marketing remains one of the best methods for engaging customers. However, you need to research several email marketing software providers to find the one that works best for your brand. You should consider your pricing options, current lists size, among other factors.

With that said, you need to create distinct sequences for your leads in different levels of the conversion funnel. For example, you will need a different sequence for prospects at the top, middle, and bottom of the conversion funnel.

Ideally, the email sequences should have appropriate lead magnets such as coupon codes, webinars, eBooks, and other incentives to make a purchase.

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Create a Guest Post Strategy on Related Blogs

Guest posts can be a powerful lead generation since they reel in prospects from a wider audience. All it takes is to identify blogs in your industry that accept guest posts and email them a series of pitches.

You have two options, write the guest posts yourself or outsource the task. Most blogs will allow you to include links to your website in the guest post. However, you need to ensure that you are using the correct links. Dead or broken links might get you penalised by search engines.

Be Active on Social Media

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Virtually all businesses today have at least one account on the major social media channels. However, they fail to get the desired traction because they engage their followers once a week, some even less often. Social media marketing and management can be tedious and laborious, but you could try a different approach.

Choose a maximum of three channels and start posting engaging content. Ensure to link them to your website, ask thought-provoking questions in your posts, and reply to people in your industry as well as your target audience. The focus when doing lead generation on social media should be to inform and boost interaction and engagement.


These are some of the best lead generation methods today. However, testing and analysing the data from your users is the best way to craft lead generation campaigns for your audience.

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