Vlogging: A Comprehensive Guide

Comprehensive Guide on How to Do Vlogging in Singapore

Is vlogging in Singapore really worth it? For starters, vlogging is one of the subsets of video marketing and statistics show that video marketers get 66% more qualified leads annually and a 54% increase in brand awareness.

What Is Vlogging in Singapore?

A vlog is a video blog or video log in which the content is purely in video format. Vlog posts consist of creating a video of yourself or an event, editing it, and uploading it on YouTube, other video sharing sites, and promoting it on social media.

With the changing demographics, vloggers in Singapore are mixing video streaming and blogging to gain an edge over their competition. Other than shooting the video, there is a complex process of editing the clips as well as matching the video with the respective audio clips.

Below are eight vlogging rules that you should adhere to always.

  • Collaborate with other vloggers
  • Promote the brands you use
  • Get a manager
  • Value your content
  • Be honest
  • Be consistent
  • Set realistic targets
  • Edit the vlogs yourself no matter the viewership

Moreover, you need to be grounded to create valuable content consistently. With that said, the technical part of vlogging is the easy part. To help you get started, we have prepared this comprehensive vlogging guide in Singapore.

Step 1: Start With a Good Vlogging Camera

You can record video clips for your vlog with any device that can take good pictures and video. This includes professional cameras, a webcam, a tablet, or smartphone. With that said, the device must have a good camera that is capable of taking HD footage.

Studies show that Singapore has one of the highest smartphone penetrations in the world and this means that your subscribers will watch your vlog on mobile devices. Modern smartphones and tablets have high-quality screens and this means that you need to record and upload HD quality videos.

There are many vlogging camera options to choose from, but it will be a while before you find the best vlogging camera for your needs. Here are the features you should consider when buying a vlogging camera:

  • In-built optical image stabilisation
  • High definition video
  • Low-light performance
  • Wi-Fi
  • Flip-screen
  • Microphone input
  • Location of the camera’s microphones

Before settling on a vlogging camera, ensure that you have answers to the following questions:

  • What kind of content do you want to create?
  • Where will you shoot your videos?
  • What is your budget?
  • What is your ideal camera?

More so, you should invest in a vlogging set which includes a vlogging camera, a microphone, tripod, and lights. With that said, the camera’s megapixels zoom, and flash should be the least of your worries when shopping for a vlogging camera.

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Step 2: Create a YouTube Channel

YouTube is the best vlogging platform today, and more than 45% of Singaporeans prefer YouTube to regular TV mainly due to the diverse content available.

While there are alternatives to YouTube, 78% choose YouTube as their first stop for online video. At least 6 in every ten people attest that they start watching pone video and end up watching other videos.

Over 60% of Singaporeans watch YouTube on mobile videos and as much as 41% of Singaporean are influenced by YouTube videos on which brands to buy. For this reason, YouTube is a great place to start vlogging and creating a YouTube channel is easy and straightforward.

Step 3: Film a Vlog

Armed with your vlogging camera and a YouTube channel, it is time to start vlogging, by filming your first video.

Vlogging in SingaporeUnfortunately, vlogging ideas do not come easy, and the easiest way is by filming your daily activities, hobbies, or do some challenges.

With that said, getting the vlog right on the first attempt is challenging for most people. Here are a few tips to get you started:

Do Not Over Think It

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Over planning is one of the hindrances of getting your first video out. Start recording and say whatever comes to mind. Some of the best vloggers in Singapore are spontaneous and this makes the vlog appear more real.

Good Audio Quality and Lighting

If you have picked the best vlogging kit, you are good to go. Ensure that you speak audibly and avoid long silences. When it comes to lighting, do not sit behind an open window or in places where there is too much light in the background. Just make sure the room or any location you are vlogging from is well illuminated. 

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Interact With Your Audience

Unlike blogging, a vlogging allows you to connect with your audience on a deeper level. Engage your viewers by motivating them to post opinions in the comments section. Be sure to respond to the viewers’ comments always to show that you care and to spur engagement.

Unique Sign In and Sign off Phrase

All great vloggers have one thing in common, a unique sign-in and off phrase. This helps in personalising your videos.

Step 5: Edit Your Vlog

Unless you are streaming a live feed on your vlog, you should always edit your videos to cut out anything you do not want in the final video. You can also edit the video to enhance certain features such as exposure, contrast, among other things.  

However, video editing is not an easy task, but you can get plenty of guides and tutorials on YouTube. Here are four steps you ought to follow when editing your videos for YouTube:

Select a Video Editing Program

Premium video editing software can be costly and too complicated to a beginner. Fortunately, there is free video editing software for download. If you use a Mac computer, iMovies is the best video editor, and for Windows computers, Windows Live Movie Maker will get the job done.

If you have advanced experience in video editing, then you could use programs such as Pinnacle Studio, Adobe Premiere Elements, and Vegas Pro.

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Editing the Video

The goal of the editing process is to create seamless videos from different clips that tell a story. Most video editing programs have a timeline view onto which you can drop the individual clips. You can move the clips around, trim them, or delete individual shots.

Add Graphics, Texts, and Other Special Effects

Once you have pieced the clips together, you can now add special effects, texts, and graphics. In most software, it involves the addition of a text layer to the video at certain points. Be sure to watch several videos on YouTube to know how to place graphics and texts properly.

Choose the Right File Format

Once you are done with adding the text and the graphics, you need to save the video in a format suitable for YouTube and other vlogging platforms. Fortunately, YouTube supports most of the major file formats.

Step 6: Upload Your Vlog to YouTube

After you are satisfied with the quality of the video and audio, it is time to upload it to YouTube. Click on the ‘Upload’ in the top right corner of your YouTube account and follow the uploading process.

With that said, ensure to:

  • Pick a catchy title
  • Fill out the description tags to help viewers find your vlog

Step 7: Do YouTube SEO

Organic search optimisation is one of the ways you can increase your video viewership. YouTube is the second largest search engine and uses a similar algorithm to that of Google search. Consider the phrases and keywords that will summarize the content. 

Optimising your videos ensures that potential subscribers find your content easily. It entails:

  • Writing a compelling title with a maximum of 70 characters that gives insight into what the video is about
  • Create eye-catching thumbnails to give your content a polished and professional look
  • Include video descriptions and prioritise the most important keywords and information in the first sentence
  • Add web links to your website, blog, or any place on the internet that you have content

Step 8: Promote Your Videos

It is one thing to upload a YouTube video and promoting your video to get viewers. The easiest method is via social media. Every time you upload a video, share the links on your social media pages. Another way of promoting your vlog is by collaborating with other vloggers in your niche. 

Step 9: Be Consistent

The number of video views depend on subscribers and how well the videos are promoted. It will take a lot of work to get to a thousand views, and the only way to get more views is by being consistent.

Being consistency and collaborating with other vloggers is one of the surest ways of growing the channel. Note, you will get negative comments but you should never let them demoralise you. 

Step 10: Monetise Your Vlog

With a growing subscriber base, you will start getting more views for your videos. This is an opportunity for you to monetise your vlog. There are several ways of making money from YouTube including:

Become a YouTube Partner

This involves allowing YouTube to run ads on your videos. Here is how you can become a YouTube Partner:

  • Sign in to your YouTube account
  • Click on the account icon in the right top corner
  • Click on ‘Creator Studio’
  • Select ‘Channel then Status and Features’ in the left menu
  • Click ‘Enable’ in the Monetisation section
  • Follow the on-screen steps and accept the YouTube terms and conditions

You will also need to create a Google Ad account to be part of Google’s advertising network. However, this is only available to vlogs with at least 100 subscribers and at least 4000 watch hours in the past year.

Affiliate Marketing

As your vlog becomes more popular, you will find that your subscribers and viewers are willing to spend money on products, information, and merchandise related to your brand. You can offer free information, but drive your viewers to a website where they can buy the products at a discounted price.

You can start on affiliate marketing for brands that your viewers and subscribers about. On top of this, you could use the vlog as a marketing platform for your e-commerce website. Research shows that 64% of the viewers make a purchase after watching branded video content.

To promote a product on YouTube, provide a link in the description section or as a video overlay. You will receive a commission for every purchase made through your assigned affiliate link.

Create Sponsored Content

Another way of monetising your vlog is by publishing sponsored content. Brands will sponsor your videos in exchange for mentioning their products and marketing slogan.

Concisely, publishing sponsored content is a better way of monetising your vlog since you do not have to share your profits with YouTube. Unfortunately, it might take you some time before you start getting sponsors. Luckily, you could get into influencer marketing by using sites such as Famebit.

Famebit allows you to search for companies that want somebody to create branded endorsements on Instagram, YouTube, and other online platforms.

Closing Remarks

Vlogging in Singapore will help you connect with the target audience at a deeper level. Coupled with robust social media marketing, it will help you get ahead of the competition and spur engagement especially on platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

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