How to Do SEO Reporting Like A Pro

How to Do SEO Reporting Like A Pro


SEO reporting is an essential part of the job and it is used to optimize SEO efforts for the future. The process of reporting refers to the collection and presentation of all the information and data about SEO performance. A good report must have all the elements needed to understand the current situation of the website. Let’s see how you can do SEO reporting like a pro.

Web Traffic

We traffic is the most common and highly influential performance metric. For that you can use Google Analytics or use some more advance (and premium) tools like SEMRush. The basic idea behind reporting web traffic is to compare the data with previous weeks, months and even years. This way, things would be clearer from a business point of view and it would be easier to measure the success of marketing campaigns.  


Your SEO efforts might bring tons of traffic on your website but the conversion rate is all that matters. Conversion rate and conversion volume define the success of a marketing campaign and SEO efforts. Depending on the nature of website, conversion metrics could vary. For example, for an e-commerce website, you can measure total revenue of the website and average order size.

User Engagement

User engagement is a bit complex performance metric but when you get hold of it, you would find it a much more effective and straightforward metric to understand your audience. In a nutshell, user engagement refers to the behavioral pattern of your visitors on your website and how Google and other search engines see your visitors. Although user engagement could be defined in a number of ways yet three of the following metrics are important.

  • Bounce rate: The bounce rate is usually defined in percentage and it refers to the % of people leaving your website from the very page they landed on, with navigating to other pages.
  • Session duration: It is usually measured as average. Average amount of time users spend on the website.
  • Pages per session: It is also measured as average. Average numbers of pages users navigate to in a session during their visit to your website.

Keywords and Their Ranking

Nowadays, online marketers do not emphasize on using keywords as they are not as effective as before (they are still effective but now it is almost impossible to do keyword stuffing and other shady stuff to manipulate search engines). Webmasters and SEO Singapore companies must analyze which keywords and key phrases are popular in their industry and how their websites are ranking against those keywords.

Search Visibility

Search visibility is also referred to as organic performance where online marketers use this metric to see the performance and growth of their targeted keywords. The organic performance metric shows the keywords you are using, where you are using them, how much search volume they have and how much traffic they would bring in upcoming weeks or months. Search visibility is a basic feature that almost every SEO tool has however for more advance features you might need paid accounts.

October 29, 2016

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