Superior Tips for Digital Marketers about Cold Email Marketing in Singapore

Superior Tips for Digital Marketers about Cold Email Marketing in Singapore

Cold emailing marketing in Singapore has had its fair share of negative reviews mostly due to the poorly composed marketing emails . For this reason, most people are not willing to try it.

With that said, it is one of the few techniques that can be a powerful tool in your arsenal if used correctly. Statistics show that a cold email in Singapore will give you a response rate of approximately 1 in every 5 people, which is higher than the popular opt-in email campaign.

There is a lot of fear surrounding a cold sales email in Singapore. However, if you think about it, the worst that could happen is that the recipient will not respond. In this article, we look at what you need to know about cold email marketing in Singapore to boost your digital marketing campaigns for lead generation.

How to Master Cold Email Marketing In Singapore

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Cold call email in Singapore is all about creating a connection, and this will mean that a hard sell approach will not work. According to the Front Blog, the average worker in the modern era spends more than 11 hours a week on email.

The trick you should apply with every sales email in Singapore is to focus on the solution or value you are offering the recipient. Unfortunately, a majority of marketers focus on what the recipient can do for them. To master cold email marketing in Singapore, you have to understand that it is a game of giving and take.

Your angle when writing a cold sales email in Singapore should be to approach the recipient with anything that shows them that they stand to benefit from responding to your cold call emails.

Have a Compelling Story

Stories have a way of moving people, and when used correctly in a sales email in Singapore, you will have won over a customer, investor, or business partner. The story should highlight your or your company’s reputation and previous successes.

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You should avoid phrases that could kill your credibility such as “if that makes sense” or “hopefully.” The goal of using a compelling story in your cold call email in Singapore is to establish that you are a confident authority in your niche.

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However, you should customise the story to impress the recipient. Today, people can immediately identify a canned email, and they will not open it or if they do, they will not take action.

Moreover, before you send a sales email in Singapore, ensure that you have researched on your intended recipients; otherwise, you will have a low to none response rate for your cold sales email in Singapore.

Secret to Success

As part of mastering cold email marketing in Singapore, you should ensure to use an actual email, not through the “contact us form” on their website or through their social media page. However, how can you send an email if you do not have the email address?

Luckily, for you, most professional emails are easy to guess because a majority of the companies in Singapore use the same format. This involves the first and last names of the person.

When To Send Cold Call Emails in Singapore

Business Development

It is highly unlikely that a potential investor or business partner will reach out to you, which means you have to present yourself to them.

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A cold call email in Singapore can open doors you never thought were available. For example, if you get a rejection, you will have found a contact person in an organisation.

On top of this, you will also get insightful information for business development. You should also update the interested members on what you are working on.


In most cases, a perfect candidate for a position in your organisation will not apply to your job advertisement because they already have a job. Despite the fact that they are not be actively looking for a job, they will be interested in learning about your vacant position.

This calls for you to be proactive and send your interested candidate a cold email in Singapore. You will have a better success rate when you approach the ideal candidate using a cold call email in Singapore than through LinkedIn or other social media.

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If you have identified a professional, entrepreneur, or any other person that could provide value, do not wait, and hope that your paths will close in the future. Instead, reach out using a cold email in Singapore.

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The way to hack networking using cold emails is to emphasize on what the prospect will gain from agreeing to your proposal. A prospect will agree to your deal if they can come to terms with your value proposition.

Sales and Marketing

Marketing professionals use a variety of channels to engage potential customers. However, with the high smartphone penetration in Singapore, cold email marketing in Singapore is one of the best ways of engaging potential customers.

Website visitors do not pay attention to opt-in email campaigns, which can add to your frustrations. A cold sales email in Singapore could be the missing link between you and your customers. However, as mentioned above, you have to show the value of your product or service to get them interested.

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It is difficult to say if cold email marketing in Singapore is the answer to all your business needs. While it is uncertain, you should not give it up because other technologies have taken the spotlight.

Cold emails are some of the sales emails that work in Singapore and every marketer and entrepreneur in Singapore should use them to advance his or her standing in the modern business era.

A cold email in Singapore is similar to cold calling or cold prospecting. In time, you will have overcome your fear of rejection.


Of all marketing tactics that work in Singapore, cold emails are at the top. However, most marketers and entrepreneurs are overlooking it to stay with what is popular. We hope that with the information above, you will start cold email marketing in Singapore for networking, selling, business development, and recruiting.

Contact us for professional digital marketing in Singapore today. Our team is experienced in sending sales emails that work in Singapore.

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