How to Deal with Duplicate Content in Singapore

Duplicate Content 

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Duplicate Content is one of the issues that SEO and Singapore webmasters have to deal with on a daily basis. Over the years, Google and other search engines have put in place stringent rules to prevent this vice. Sure, your site current ranking and credibility can be lowered if a section of the content on your website is not unique. However, there are specific steps that you can take to prevent such a scenario. 

 However, before we look at these tips, it is important to note that Google has in the past stated that duplicate content on a site does not attract a penalty unless it appears that the intent of publishing the material was to manipulate search engine results. 

There are three categories of duplicate content namely: 

  • Exact duplicate: Two URLs with identical content 
  • Near-duplicates: Content that has small differentiators.  
  • Cross-domain duplicates: Multiple domains that have exact match or deal duplicate content 

Consequences of Duplicate Content 

1# Wasted Crawls 

Search bot lands on your website with a crawl budget. This means that if you have duplicate content, you will waste the bots crawl budget and only a few of your essential pages that do not have duplicate content will be crawled and indexed. 

2# Wasted Link Equity 

It is possible for pages with duplicate content to gain link authority and PageRank. However, Google will not rank the content, and so you will waste the link authority from such pages. 

3# Wrong Listing in Search Engine Results Pages 

No one knows how search algorithms work. If you have pages with exact match or near duplicate information, you have no control over which pages are ranked or filtered out. Therefore, the pages that you want to rank may be suppressed by the other less relevant pages. 

How Can You Avoid Duplicate Content 

Use Robots.txt File Block 

Robots.txt file can help you to block pages that have duplicate content from being crawled. Google, however, does not recommend this approach because if the engine is unable to crawl such pages, it will not tell if the URLs are directed to the same content and will, therefore, have no option but to treat them as unique and separate pages.  

Use 301 Redirects 

If you are planning to get rid of duplicate content from your site, 301 redirects is an ideal approach for you. If some of the pages have received links, redirecting them to the correct URL will ensure that you still profit from the links. This move will help the search bots to know where to find proper content. 

Use <rel=”canonical”> Link Element 

Rel=”canonical” link element will help search bots to know which version of the content is true or original. All you need to do is add the link to the header of the duplicate article or page. For example 

<link rel=” canonical” href=“”> 


Even though duplicate content can affect your site ranking on search engine results pages, it is not as scary as most people perceive. Unless the reason you posted the content is to manipulate SERPs results, search engines will not typically impose a penalty. That does not mean that there are no adverse consequences of having such content on your site. It is recommendable to crawl your site and resolve such issues to be on the safe side.  

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Tom Koh is widely recognised as a leading SEO consultant in Asia who has worked to transform the online visibility of the leading organisations such as SingTel, Capitaland, Maybank, P&G, WWF, etc. Recently he was instrumental in consulting for a New York-based US$30B fund in an US$4Bn acquisition. Tom is a Computational Science graduate of the National University of Singapore. In his free time he performs pro-bono community work and traveling.

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