How To Create PPC Ads For Google Singapore

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How To Create PPC Ads For Google Singapore

There are no shortages of advertisements. From commercials to bus benches, there is always a company that is trying desperately to get your attention. However, over time, these ads have become less and less effective as we have become more accustomed to them. Just to let you know of what we are talking about, PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click ads. Creating PPC ads for Google is like creating a real life auction. You get to bid searches with the suitable keywords you want your ad to be featured in. Then the moment that keyword you are bidding on is used by a user to searched something, your ads and those of your competitors appear in the Ads position.

The same goes for ads that are featured online. Even if customers do have an interest, they are still very likely to pass up an opportunity to interact with the brand. So it comes as no surprise that many Singapore business owners are wondering how Google Adwords can help their business. Not only is the market saturated, but you only have 3 short lines to catch your audience’s attention.

Well, it comes down to your ability to get and keep the audience’s attention. And you only have a few seconds to do it. The key is to ensure that you stand out from the rest of your competition. Here are a few ways in which you can use your PPC ads as an inbound marketing tool.

Use Price to Show Value

One of the best ways to get the searchers’ attention is to make sure that your prices are competitive. This is especially the case for ecommerce Singapore marketers. You see,  your customers are very savvy when it comes to finding the best offer. With just a few clicks they can sort prices from lowest to highest and then compare the value of each product or service to that of the others. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to have rock bottom prices, however, you should try to make your business stand apart from your competitors.

Come Up With a Daily Budget Limit

The daily budget limit is the maximum amount you get to spend in a single day on your PPC Google Ads. Make sure that while creating your PPC Ads you begin with a small amount of money. As time goes by you can add little by little and bid with confidence until when you know how to make profit. In as much as PPC can bring you lot of profit, if you do not know what you are doing; it will cost you so much with little to no profits.

If you are in a position to only afford a daily budget of let’s say $60 instead of $90, it would be best if you bid on keywords with low cost to make sure your ad is seen by most people. Opting for high cost keywords considering the limitations of such a budget exhausts the whole budget too soon. This means that your ads will only be viewed for a shirt time of the day and by way fewer people when compared to a 24-hour viewership.

When setting your maximum price for every click, you need to keep in mind that each keywords theoretically represents a different market. This only implies that every one of your focus keywords requires a different bid price. As of the other keywords, you will be permitted to set individual biding prices later, but Google needs you to set those for main keywords first.

Make Use of the Wordtracker

Keywords are what will make your PPC Ads bring in profit. You should therefore choose keywords you bid on in your ads very carefully by using Wordtracker. The heart of your PPC ads is your keywords, Wordtracker will help you just which keyword were used by people to search for stuff on the web. Additionally, separate the keywords you use in different groups of PPC Ads. This makes sure every group has its own different bids, landing pages and ad copies.

Test Ads against Each Other

The goal here is to make sure your PPC Ads are viewed by as many internet users as possible. Create a variety of Ads and test them against each other. Make you your own competitors and always test your ads against those that perform best. Try to beat yourself and your competitors won’t have anything against you.

Establish Your Unique Selling Point (USP)

First ask yourself these questions. What is it that makes you different from your competitors? What Unique Selling Point do you have? After you have established the answers, go ahead to use you USP in your Ad copy. This will make the ad even more appealing and definitely increase your clicks too. For your PPC Ads to rank high on Google ages, they should have high click rates. Use your creativity to come up with a unique USP that will sell your ads.

Learn about Google’s Broad Match and Exact Match

Google uses a variety of match bids on which people can use keywords to make Ad bids. Leaning about exact match and broad match will give you a variety of option on biding. Using the exact match gives you permission to only bid on specific keywords. Using the broad match gives you more options of bidding on all keywords that have the word you are bidding on. Google is there to make money through you. They might make several options available for you, but it is upon you to choose the one that best suits your business strategies.

Geo-Target Your Ads And Introduce Negative Keywords

It is always important to make sure your ads appear only in geographical regions that you can sell your products and services to. Additionally, introduce negative keywords in your PPS Ads if possible. This guarantees that your ad will not pop up in any searches that have those negative keywords you bid on.

Ad Copy and Landing Pages Should Use Featured Keywords

Make sure that your landing pages and Ad copy use the keywords they serve. If you do this, your ads will move higher on the search pages of Google. Besides having to increase bids, this is another way of ensuring less costs and more profit.


Gaining customers is all about the right timing. Scheduling your ads to be displayed only during the times of the day that are relevant to your products, serves and company. This strategy will increase the times web users view and click on your PCC Google Ads.

Use Your 95 Characters Wisely

After creating prices that are competitive, it’s now time to make it clear to your audience in what other ways you are different or better from your competition. Why should they buy from you? What value do you offer? Once you find the answer to these questions, you can then create a solid value proposition.

In fact, if you would like to truly reach your audience, then you will need to offer much more value than they initially expected from you. More specifically, you should offer something more valuable than they will find other businesses like yours. In order to deliver this particular message effectively, you need to have a good idea of who you are trying to reach. Not only do you need to know who your target audience is, but you should also understand them.

As we know, a majority of people will be compelled to click on an ad when its headline contains the keywords they are using to search on the web. Because of this fact, it is wise of you to include your major keywords in the Ads heading as much and as often as possible.

Unfortunately, you only have about 95 characters with which to express this idea. 25 are dedicated to your headline. 70 are to be used in your description. And this means that your ad copy should be very clear and concise–only including words that are absolutely necessary and compelling. The first 25 characters being the heading, each of the two lines that come after only allows you to use 35 characters of text. Now, to be on the good side of most markets, you should use the second line as a description of the benefits and then the ads feature or any offers being given should come afterwards.

Here are a few of the elements that you need to make sure that your ad copy contains. These will help you to meet your target audience’s needs. And it will also ensure that you get the greatest return on your ad.

  1. Qualify Your Customers

If you want to create an ad that actually gets clicked, then you need to market to customers who are qualified. These are individuals who are the most likely to take action. And the best way to do this is to include a few qualifiers in your ad copy.

For instance, you could include the price of your products or services in your ad. The reason the price method is so effective is because most shoppers make their buying decisions based solely on the price of the product or services. In fact, most consumers already have a price in mind when they are shopping around. So by adding a specific price to your headline, this will eliminate those who are not likely to convert.

  1. Create a Call-to-Action

This element is relatively straightforward. A call-to-action is something that tells your visitors what they need to do next. In the best of scenarios, it creates a sense of urgency. For example, “Get Your Limited Edition Plaque!” Or “Purchase Now and Save $100.”

  1. Reduce the Risks

Believe it or not, not everyone is used to shopping online. In fact, in a lot of cases, you may be the first business that a customer purchases anything from on the internet. This means that Singapore business owners should make an effort to make their potential customers feel more at ease. They need to feel as if they can trust you.

And there are a few ways to ensure that they are more likely to buy. Consider adding special shipping processes. Advertise your return policy or your extended warranty. These elements will give them even more reason to take action.

  1. Build Credibility

If you want to make sure that your ad copy is effective, then you need to build credibility with your audience. This means that you should promote your years of experience. Let your customers know how well-respected you are in your particular field. Advertise the number of awards you have won for providing excellent service. Your ad needs to ensure your audience that you are a legitimate and trusted company.

  1. Explain Your Product Features

In most cases, there is a good chance that your audience will already know what your product does or what they can gain from your services. However, if you are Singapore business owner who sales a unique product or service, then you’re going to have to explain its features to your potential customers.

In fact, a great explanation can really put you ahead of the competition. You won’t have to worry about spending extra money in attempts to outbid them. And this is a very important benefit because although Google makes money every time someone clicks on your ad, you only make money if they make money if they make a purchase that exceeds the cost of that click.

So let your customers know what makes you stand out from the rest of your competition. Sure, you only have so many characters to express all of these ideas and you can’t include everything that you offer. This is why you need to be very strategic about your approach. By including all of these elements in your copy, you are increasing your chances of a click-through. Just make sure that you do a little A/B testing to figure out which one works best.

Create Perceived Value: Highlighting the “Deal”

If you want to gain customers, then you really need to show your customers how good the deal is. Even if this is simply perception, it can go a long way. The best way to do this is to give them a visual representation of how good the deal is. For instance, you may show two prices: your current price reduced price and the original higher price. To give a visual representation of value, you could always cross out your original higher price. This lets people know that they are saving money when they may a purchase from you.


When it comes to internet marketing Singapore business owner should keep an eye on all of these elements, because each adds up to a compelling and eye-catching ad. It’s the best way to ensure that your visitors don’t second guess your offer. And it is also a great way to further instill trust in your brand.


April 23, 2018

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