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How to Create Compelling Subject Lines for your Email Marketing Campaign

How to Create Compelling Subject Lines for your Email Marketing Campaign

A well-crafted email marketing campaign in Singapore will help your business get more customers. Statistics reveal that there are more than four billion active email accounts. More so, email owners receive about three hundred billion emails into their inboxes from businesses. These calculations approximate up to seventy-five emails inbox daily.

The majority of the people do not spend their time opening and reading these bulks of emails. Most of the email messages are never opened and keep being marked as already read. We want to avoid this form of inbox skimming for your business emails.

Do you want your business emails to be read in line with promoting your online sales? How can you design a high-performing email subject line? This article goes through the process of creating an attention-grabbing subject to enhance your email marketing campaign in Singapore.

  1. Develop FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) Response

The fear of missing out is the psychological response that pushes a person to do something due to worries of missing experience or free information which other people know. This gives your audience an urge that keeps them stuck on their news feed waiting for your next post.

Thus, you want to create fear that if they do not open the email, they could be missing out on a business opportunity or promotion. This tactic makes people click on your emails in their inbox to avoid missing out. A good example is a FOMO by Warby Parker, an eyeglasses company,” your glass prescription is expiring.” This line creates a physiological fear whether it is true or not.

During a sales promotion, you could use a FOMO such as,” you are missing out.” Most people will get curious enough to click and see what is it that they are missing out on. One of the basic FOMO subject lines is” hey” followed by the name of the recipient. It may not be very useful for ordinary people but most probably will work on high-profile celebrities. Try it on your existing or new email marketing campaign in Singapore to see if it works.

  1. Create Subject Lines That Have Got Humor

Sigmund Freud, a renowned psychologist said that humor is one of the best and few ways in which you can get straight to the subconscious mind of a person. Humor dissolves the mechanisms of defense, mental blocks, and logical thinking which may prevent connections between two people.

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By making people laugh, you will earn from them. People have continuously put barriers in the way of marketing strategies. Some of them are aware of FOMO subject lines used by businesses in luring them and thus they will not click. However, the majority of the people won’t react negatively to humor. It is crucial for you to monitor and understand your audience first before creating these funny subject lines.

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This is because people have different tastes in humor. What I find funny is considered as offensive or of poor taste by another — first research on the type of humor that works best for your audience. The most humorous email subject line is “don’t open this email” developed by Manicube.

  1. Offer Solution to Peoples Need at The First Glance

People love the idea that you can solve their problems regarding savings, weight loss, or any other topic. It doesn’t have to be really workable, but the idea that they will get a solution without appealing to many people will make them curious to click on your email.

A professor of science says that people develop discomfort which is resulting in physiological self-denial. Since the existence of humanity, the mentality perspective is to use the opportunity at hand, and it is tough to resist this instinct. You have to understand the needs of your audience to produce an email subject line with instant gratification. This is one of the secrets of succeeding in email marketing.

  1. Generate Curiosity

Curiosity is the act of creating an understanding gap resulting from mental deprivation. Human beings were created curious about wanting to know more about something. You want to make the person fill the void in which he or she has to click into the mail to fill the gap.

The pursuit to fulfill their curiosity makes them click on these best curious email subject lines while skipping the rest. A great example of such a subject line is,” not cool guys” created by Buzzfeed. You want to know that’s what’s not cool.

  1. Create Insider-Like Subject Lines

Inside jokes provide a great option for email subject lines. Most people feel special in something that they understand while other people do not. This makes them feel they are a part of your brand. Insider-like lines apply correctly to a group of audience who use a particular common language. You get to engage with them more as they see you as part of the insider.

  1. Generate Outrageous Lines

When running an email marketing campaign in Singapore, you need to be careful about outrageous lines as some may offend some of your audience. However, it is one of the effective methods of getting away from daily boring email lines. Few people respond to standard and simple email descriptions.

Outrageous subject lines are not about engaging in personal issues or igniting controversies. You want to cause an unbelievable state to your audience by what you said or stuff like that for the people to react differently. Some will find it offensive, funny and others non-conformist. The thing here is to get them clicking on your emails.

  1. Promote Their Ego

Everybody has an ego in one way or another. By saying things that make another person feel great about themselves, you will definitely become their friend. A subject line that touches on people’s feelings or emotions certainly triggers them positively.

You thus want to stroke the ego of those people with high perceptions of self-importance and pride. One of the best examples of such lines was developed by Fabletics, “your butt will look great in these workout pants.” Nobody who doesn’t want to hear such lines.

  1. Share Their Pain

People are interested in businesses that understand their pain points. Your email subject lines should give the impression that you are well aware of why and how your audience uses your products and services. Frame it in a way that you speak from the side of your audience rather than from your company. You can fill in a couple of templates to produce a perfect subject email line. One of the best examples is the uber subject line,” since we can’t all win the lottery.”

  1. Personalize Your Email Subject Lines

Personalized email subject lines are mostly meant for sending specific emails to particular people at particular sales times. In these, you may include the recipient’s name in the email subject line. Personalized emails are effective in welcoming new subscribers, thanking the people for the purchase, proposing other items regarding the purchase, and reminding them to complete a video. The message and timing are what bring the effectiveness of personalized email subjects. Email automation provides the best way to achieve these.

  1. Grouping Your Email Subject Lines

This involves grouping your email recipients into segments according to the main characteristics that they share. These groupings may include geography, industry, age range, behaviors, and job role.

You will then design the email marketing campaign subject lines regarding these characteristics to make them more engaging and relevant. According to research statistics, non-segmented emails have a fourteen percent less open rate as compared to segmented emails. More so, segmenting your emails subject lines can improve your business email-generated revenues by about fifty-eight percent.

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  1. Avoiding Spam Language

You will not always want to make your subject line sound spammy. However, the rampant misuse of some headlines has led to spam filters referring to some languages as spammy. Spammy language has proven to be very costly for business brands who accidentally use it.

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It won’t be cool for you to spend much time and money creating a great list of subscribers only for you to be blocked. Some of these spam words are innocent but may be used in spammy ways. Your email deliverability will be improved by evading spam language.

  1. Building A Sense of Earnestness

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Creating a sense of urgency is an effective tactic for your digital and email marketing. Naturally, when people feel they can do something later, they leave it to come back later. However, they will rarely come back. Research conducted showed that more than twenty percent of people procrastinate often.

Most online users perceive themselves as busy even to have no time to open their emails. You want to make people feel they must act now to avoid missing out on an opportunity. This way, they will at least click into your email to see what is contained in it. For you to achieve the highest email open rates, create a great earnestness for the people to feel they must open your mail now.


Creating attention-grabbing email subject lines is one of the best ways of enhancing your email marketing campaign in Singapore. Building your email subject lines around your business brand and target audience makes the best subject lines.

However, you can still get some tips to improve your subject line strategy by researching what is working best for other businesses. These ways will help you to create an appropriate and perfect email subject line to grab the attention of your audience.

We can help you run a successful email marketing campaign in Singapore without charging you a fortune. Call us today at +65 6789 9852 for a free and no-obligation consultation session.



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