How To Develop A Great Social Media Content Strategy For Singapore

social media content strategy

Do you have the right social media content strategy? What is your strategy of creating and posting content on social media? Is it attracting people? Is it assisting your business to attain results?

You know the significance of having a social media presence today. Adding a few posts each week can assist you to generate followers. Retweeting some noteworthy news in your field of business may increase your impressions. But in reality, are you growing your brand or just engaging people?

You require an approach and consistent implementation to achieve that. Let’s have a look at some of the steps that you can take to create a robust social media content strategy in Singapore. 

  1. Stay Updated with The Dynamic Social Media Designs

Social media is an ever-changing industry. New social media marketing emerges — the behaviours of the client changes. People get tired of the existent trends. However, what is vital thrives, for example, images and videos have never been outdated. But how you utilise it to engage followers may vary a lot.

Many businesses have adapted with the new social media trends. They have acquired social media approaches similar to the ones contained in this article. This strategy is not good for today alone and gone tomorrow. It is an impressive social media strategy that gives your quality results now and in future.

  1. Be Clear on Your Target Audience

In sports, there are fair-weather and die-hard fans.

Fair weather fans only support a team when it’s winning. They are not available when the team loses. They are not connected during the off-session and training camp stories. They are not engaged to players and their stories. They can assist you to fill up the stadium seats today. But when they get another team that looks fascinating, they are gone.

You need a more well-rounded Singapore social media audience. Fill your stadium with die-hard customers. It may need time, but as you increase sales year after year, it becomes evident that it is worth it. You don’t need to target everyone who can purchase your brand. You only need to focus on the people who are most likely to convert. They are the individuals who are likely to become loyal clients and brand ambassadors.

You can use customer data to determine the individuals to target whenever possible. Look for things like:

Collecting this information assists, you start to observe patterns in your customer base. You may not see them now if you are not analysing this kind of data. When crafting your content, you should have the needs of your target audience in mind.

  1. Be Consistent on When You Post

Do you have a friend who you haven’t talked with for a while? You had spent a lot of time together in the past. But when you stopped hearing from each other, they leave your mind. They seem like they no longer exist.

Social media is 100 times that. People are always coming across new content. They experience many competing businesses. If they don’t hear from you, they will not be able to remember about you.

You should maintain a fundamental frequency as recommended by various platforms. What is more important is when you post. Adding posts at the same times of the day can lead to:

You need to post when most people engage. In the beginning, you may not understand when is the right time. You will need to research to get a starting point then later optimise.

Have a clear posting schedule and create content ahead of the publishing time.

  1. Share Only the Quality Content

Social media can be punishing. Many people have been criticised or fired for sharing the wrong content. It only takes a click of a button to unlike or unfollow someone if they share low-quality content.

The content you develop, and post represents your brand. Poor quality content can quickly become viral and affect your business negatively. If your content does not delight the audience, they will not want to follow your brand on social media.

Have systems and people in place to deliver quality content consistently. Use analytics to review the performance of your content. Poor quality content and lack of consistency are the primary reasons why many businesses have a low ROI. So, if you don’t have the time or expertise to manage your social media marketing, consider hiring a social media management agency.

  1. Utilise Quality Videos

45% of social media users in Singapore spend at least an hour watching videos on social media per week. An average video on Facebook takes 10-30 seconds.

Studies also show that 82% of people use Twitter because of the videos. 92% of these people share the videos with their followers. Part of your social media content should be videos. They readily engage the audience to increase business revenues.

Most professional social media marketers report that videos deliver the most significant ROI. Here are some strategies that can assist you to create a video that generates a high ROI:

  1. Use Live Videos

Its normal to be cautious of live video. But audiences like live videos. They look more authentic and makes your brand seem approachable. They give you the ability to engage with your visitors in real-time.

Consider using live videos to:

How can you successfully use a live video on social media?

  1. Give priority to Customer Engagement

Engagement on social media is two-way traffic. There is the engagement that you get from your audience when you post your content and the engagement that they get from you. How you engage with individuals on social media decides how they will interact with you.

What Can you Do to Engage your Customers?

  1. Contests and Giveaways

One of the best means of engaging followers on social media is using contests. A quality contest can increase your online visibility by ten times. It can generate leads for your business. It can also assist you to make quick sales if they are required to purchase a product to participate.

Understanding your objective for the contest will assist you to create a contest that meets those goals.

Here are some of the objectives and types of contests that can help you to achieve them:

Request your existing and potential customers to develop content around your products or services. Provide them with:

Then, give your audience a prize that your audience will value. Announce the winner on social media after the contest is over. You can use social media ads to increase your following.

Create a video and include a form to generate leads. Give your audience a chance to win in exchange for their contacts. Once you generate a lead, start growing the relationship through email offers or newsletters and other relevant strategies.

  1. Be Interactive

Interactive content offers people with a chance to participate in discussions with others actively. Crafting surveys, polls, and quizzes are straightforward. Individuals not only love to interact, but they also like to track the results and share them with others.

You can develop a blog or video around the results of the polls. Find methods of incorporating your brand into the content.

  1. Personalise Your Brand

Most social media users in Singapore feel that social media increases the transparency of your brand. It increases the accountability of your brand. You can embrace brand humanisation by:

It is hard for consumers to like a business, but they can want a company that looks more like an individual.

Humanise your brand through:

  1. Have Authority Over Paid Social Media

Improving your social media marketing without paid ads will take time. A small social media marketing investment can assist you to do this with a shorter period. You require social proof to increase your presence on social media. When other people see that you have a large following and engagement, they will want to try you out. Paid social media ads can help you with this, especially when you have a low audience.

Paid ads can assist you to get your social media content in front of the individuals who are most likely to become your clients. You can use paid advertising on social media to:

Now that you have the tips on to develop a great social media content strategy, its time to get it right. Use them to turn heads, maximise revenues, and increase profits.

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