How to Create a Credible and Trust-Boosting YouTube Page Profile

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A recent report revealed that 1 billion hours of videos are watched on YouTube per day. People from all across the globe are uploading new content on this platform than all major television networks will ever achieve in 30 years.

Thousands of Singaporeans access YouTube on a daily basis. The human brain is engineered to process videos and other forms of graphic media better than blocks of text, having a YouTube account and posting marketing videos on this platform can catapult your Singapore digital marketing strategies.

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The first step to leveraging YouTube is creating a credible and trust-boosting profile. Here are tips from experts on how to do this.

1. Have a customized banner

When thinking of a channel art, a banner is probably the first thing that comes to mind. Banners are the headers at the top of a channel page on YouTube. The best ones are customized to reflect the kind of experience you want viewers to have on your channel.  A photo of yourself or your logo is a great way to personalize your banner.

2. Spruce up your about section

Your about section should give an overview of what the channel is all about. Corresponding icons can be displayed as overlays on your channel art. Include links to your official website, social accounts, or promotional campaign pages.  You can organize and market content on your channel through channel sections.  You can have at least ten sections on a single channel.

3. Avoid Low-Quality Videos

Do you use HD resolution? A higher resolution camera is preferred supposing a higher resolution is preferable.  Set your data rate to automatic since limiting this will reduce quality. Invest not just in the content but also the recording quality of your videos. Content and video quality should be in harmony. Generate eye-catching thumbnails and anything else that may catch and hold a person’s attention.

4. Create and Upload at least one attention-grabbing new video weekly

Millennials have short attention spans. They are always on their smart devices checking the likes and comments on their latest posts or browsing their feeds for fear of being left out on anything relevant. Having them glued to their screens might be useful for you because YouTube has a mobile app. However, they are prone to distractions so ensure every minute, especially the first few minutes of your videos count.

5. Encourage comments, likes, and shares

When you comprehend that YouTube is a community, not just a video-hosting site, you will realize better results when you interact with the other members of this community.  Among the best ways to increase subscribers is to support other YouTube marketers. Comment, like and subscribe whenever possible to other content-creators on YouTube. Visit new and relevant YouTube channels, concentrate on their content and leave genuine comments.

The amount of trust you can build with your audience directly influences their openness to your brand and their likelihood of buying. YouTube is an excellent resource for developing trust that can spread to a broader marketing campaign. It requires concentrating on the right areas and following the essentials.


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