How To Create A Brand Personality For Your Digital Marketing In Singapore

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Brand personality refers to the human traits associated with a brand. It is a crucial element of digital marketing in Singapore, as customers relate to the personality traits of your brand.

Creating a brand personality requires thought, planning and commitment. You need to strike a balance between appealing to the needs of your audience and showcasing what you have to offer. It is challenging, but the benefits go beyond increased revenue. You will get more loyal fans, and more importantly, you will build the reputation of your company.

How to Develop a Brand Personality

Here the strategies you should adopt if you want to create a brand personality.

digital marketing in Singapore

Decide Who You Are

Many companies who do digital marketing in Singapore decide who they are after going live and personalise their messaging according to the situational developments. This is a huge mistake.

Before anything, it is crucial to set your values and target identity. You should know your specialities and priorities, as well as the emotional appeal of your brand to its audience. This ensures that everyone knows who you are and what you are about from the onset.

Know Your Audience, Competition and Value Proposition

The next step in your branding campaign is research. You should understand your audience, competition, and value proposition.

People have different needs – what appeals to a teenager might not appeal to the working class, and vice versa. Knowing the preferences of your audience is vital in creating a brand that people will love.

Your value proposition is what makes your business unique in its niche. Make sure that your customers know what makes you better than your competition. Also, you should monitor the strategies used by your rivals so that you know what works and what does not. 

The last step of research is SWOT analysis, where you analyse the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to your brand. It is crucial if you want to gain an edge over your rivals.

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Research can be cumbersome, but the more you know about your brand, the more likely you are to succeed in digital marketing in Singapore.

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Choose Your Voice

Your voice defines your brand personality – it resonates as the vibe you put out to your existing audience and prospective customers.  For instance, you could adopt a funny or a serious tone. You could also present your brand as an affordable option or a luxurious outfit, vintage or futuristic, and so forth.

Ideally, the voice of your brand should be a blend of different personas. For example, you could be funny but professional, realistic and innovative, and so on. You should also ensure that your voice gives your brand human traits.

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Craft Your Message

Crafting your message is the foundation of your brand advertising in Singapore. Your message is the vehicle that propels the voice and personality of your brand to your target audience.

You need to employ effective content marketing strategies to ensure that your message reaches the widest possible audience.  This means that you should know where to post your message, and at what time. Some of the platforms where you can share your brand message include email, landing pages, your website, and social media.

The message also combines your brand personality and its visual components. These include your logo, fonts, and the copy in your message. They should all be in line with your objectives, and more importantly, they should convince your audience to try out your products. 

Be Consistent

Consistency impacts on the success of your digital marketing in Singapore. You must stay on course and commit to your strategies.

Avoid making abrupt changes to your brand voice and message, as this will alienate your audience. If your customers associate your brand with a particular trait, posting anything opposite will derail your marketing efforts.

If your message does not work, consider investing in A/B testing. This will enable you to learn where you are getting it wrong and rebrand your identity.

Use Feedback

If you do online marketing in Singapore, you probably know that customers have differing opinions on your brand. Some will like what you are doing, while others will not.  You should embrace all kinds of customer feedback, especially the negative ones.

Most people base their decisions on emotions rather than logic. Regardless, you should adopt a dynamic brand personality and respond to both positive and negative reviews. The responses should not be generic, like ‘thank you for the feedback.’ Instead, you should ask them of the ease of the experience or the problems they faced. You should also ask what you need to improve and use that information to better your services.

The Importance of Brand Personal for Digital Marketing in Singapore

Your brand personality goes beyond the list of traits associated with your company and its products. It guides the representation of your brand in the real world, and actively influences the way people perceive and interact with your business.

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Here are the benefits of a brand personality to your online marketing in Singapore.

Create a Unified Front

Brand personality is crucial in shaping multiple touchpoints in the design cycle. It is useful in unifying designers and their output, regardless of the channel they are using.

Your branding campaign ensures consistency across all platforms, including your website, product packaging, and written copy, and so on. If all mediums are communicating a similar message, customers know what you stand for and are more likely to engage with your brand.

Make Your Brand Easy to Recognise

A brand personality is defined by the traits of your company, as well as its visual components like the logo, typeface and advertising copy. It distinguishes your company from others. When a customer spots your logo, website or catchphrase, they can immediately link it to your company.

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Reach the Right Customer

Consumers usually interact with businesses with a personality that matches their own.  Many buying decisions are influenced by how the customer thinks of themselves.

When you create a brand personality, you appeal to the identities of your customers. For instance, if you sell sports items, most of your clients will be people who love sports. The same applies if you deal with professional items or any other type of product.

Encourage User Confidence

Branding helps your digital marketing in Singapore by promoting predictability. When people know what to expect from your company, they like it even more.

A brand personality creates predictability – it assists the consumer to know how a brand will behave and the emotions it will evoke. Knowing what to expect, makes it easier to decide whether you like a brand and if you will remain loyal to it.



The best way of creating a strong brand personality is taking your company and its products, and imagining what it would be if it were a person. After this, you need to personify the brand.

Brand personality is essential for improving customer loyalty and differentiating your company from competitors. The perception that consumers have on your brand contribute to the attainment of brand equity and also enhance your digital marketing in Singapore.

Brand equity is the total value of a brand as a separable asset. It is useful in measuring the effectiveness of your online marketing in Singapore. It also helps in forecasting the future growth of a business.

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