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How To Write Kick-Ass Promotional Email For Singapore

How To Write Kick-Ass Promotional Email For Singapore

With the increasing significance of email marketing in Singapore, more businesses are making good use of the authority to send targeted promotional emails to their subscribers. An adequately created email can assist you to advertise your business effectively without being termed as a spammer. It is an efficient method of marketing your brand regularly.

Email marketing results to the highest ROI when compared to other online marketing strategies. If you have used it before or plan to include it in your digital marketing strategies in future, you have to understand the concept behind it to promote your business ethically and boost sales without upsetting the subscribers.

Although you utilise email marketing to enhance your relationship with the consumers, it should include some sort of promotion or else it is not useful.

Here are some statistics that show the relevance of promotional emails in your digital marketing:

  • 61% of users prefer emails to other business communication methods.
  • 81% of SMEs still depend on promotional emails as their primary client acquisition avenue.
  • 44% of subscribers have bought at least once appertaining to a promotional email.

Defining Email Marketing

Promotional email marketing is about reaching your list of followers through email with the single aim of increasing conversions and sales. A promotional email can be sent automatically or manually. Whatever means you decide to use, you will always require to add a strong and clear call to action that you would like the recipients to execute.

Despite the service or product your company deals with and the field of business, your email must attract people to take real action and that is the only way you can be able to obtain results. As such, all elements of a promotional email link with each other to help shift the user towards the intended action.

The concept is to attract your readers to an action that will always boost the overall expansion of your Singapore business.

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Wrong Perception of Promotional Email Marketing

It is important to remember that crafting and sending of a marketing email is not just about palpably offering discounts to your subscribers. For you to see results from your email marketing, you have to use the right strategy. Otherwise, all your efforts will backfire.

If you want to get quality results from your email marketing, you have to create them with your subscribers in mind. The emails have to add value to your subscribers. Crafting emails that are all about you will make most of your subscribers mark your emails as spam and leave your email list. Your emails have to be centred around your subscribers while promoting your brand.

Self-promotion in a manner that does not add value to the users harms your email list. The last thing your subscribers want is to have an intolerable email marketer.

The point is that people will like your brand and allow any type of promotion if you don’t send them emails all the time. Value their time and target giving them value to make a beneficial impression. What this means is that you should regulate the number of promotional emails you send to your subscribers. Because your objective is to engage clients and keep them, stuffing their inbox with emails is harmful.

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Whether you wish to promote twice a month or once a week, keep your schedule regular to avoid being marked as a spammer. Your emails should also be high-quality and relevant.

Importance of Promotional Email Marketing in Developing A True Business Sense

Promotional email marketing has made several businesses increase their revenues significantly. There are others that have not even tried it. Ensure that you send the right type of promotional emails to make a difference to your business’s ROI.

Here are some reasons why email marketing is effective:

  1. Low cost: Email marketing is much less costly that banner advertising or PPC.
  2. You can custom build and target your Emails the best way: You can personalise your emails depending on the various details of your subscribers. With the different email marketing tools available, you can segment and target your promotional emails easily to increase their effectiveness.
  3. Building long-term relationships: A quality promotional email marketing strategy can assist you to engage with your audience and build a firm relationship with them.
  4. Can be accessed from anywhere: Over 50% of email users in Singapore use their mobile devices to open emails. So, the reaching power of promotional emails is excellent.
  5. Flexibility: Unlike other digital media marketing platforms, emails are very flexible. It means that you can become creative with your emails and make them part of your brand identity.

Creating Quality and Effective Promotional Emails

You should ensure that your promotional emails are both well-written and good looking. Otherwise, the design part will not offer you the results you want. Without quality and relevant email, your recipients will not get value and will mark you as spam. What are the steps you need to take to ensure your promotional emails are well-created based on the tastes of the users?

Let’s have a look…

  1. Craft A Convincing Subject Line

A subject line in promotional emails is very crucial since it makes your emails to be noticed. Studies show that 47% of email users open promotional emails based on the subject line. If you don’t carefully create your subject line, your email open rate will reduce. This reduction will apply even to your conversion rate.

Here are some basics you have to remember when creating a subject line for your promotional emails:

  1. Personalise by Name

There is no doubt that it is becoming increasingly harder to stick out in a crowded inbox. The open rates for emails have reduced significantly. However, you can make more subscribers open your emails with the aid of simple personalisation like using the recipient’s first name in the subject line.

By personalising each recipient’s email, you will be able to address them in a more specific manner. Including the name of the recipient in the subject line may seem like a small thing, but it can make a significant difference.

Personalising email subject lines with the recipient’s name does not only make them notice you, but it immediately develops a sense of relationship that not easy to create. For example, a social media marketing agency may send their subscribers emails with a subject line like, “Keith, use these SEO tips to increase your ranking on SERPS” and increase the open rate of their emails.

  1. Write Emails with The Right Length

Your subject line’s length has a significant effect on your open rate. Your subject line should remain limited to a medium range. Studies show that a subject line with 6 to 10 words tend to have a higher open rate than others. The maximum length varies depending on the area of business. But it is important to mention that it is good to keep it short to fit on the screen of mobile devices since most email users use mobile.

  1. Put More Focus on Clarity

Sometimes you have to be creative to make your promotional emails stand out from the rest. But you need to focus on clarity rather than creativeness when it comes to your subject line. Most people need to know what they will find in the emails before opening it. Subject lines that are clearly written receive more clicks than heading lines that are cleverly crafted.

People will not open emails with a weak subject line. A promotional email with a clear subject line wins the marketing battle for you.

  1. Enhance Your Story-Telling Power

Email marketing is about connecting with your subscribers and establishing strong relationships so that they become your loyal customers and brand ambassadors. Storytelling can assist you to do that.

People engage well with stories because they show them that you care about their needs. Telling your subscribers a story that relates to them, you make them see your brand as authentic and genuine.

It is true that you want to promote your brand. You don’t want your email recipients to see you as a salesperson, but an excellent storyteller. Storytelling assists marketers to develop emotional links with the subscribers. Storytelling also enables your audience to remember your content for long. A perfect storytelling strategy can assist you to build a lasting brand impression that will help you boost your sales.

While other marketing strategies may not be long-term, storytelling always remains relevant. By using stories, your marketing emails will be received in a better manner and assist you in achieving better results.

  1. Create an Effective Call to Action (CTA)

You may be the email marketer out there who understands how to impress, but there is no need to have a promotional email if people are not converting. Each of your promotional emails has to include a CTA.

Without a CTA, your marketing email has no difference with a regular email.

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Studies show that the average click-through rate in email marketing is around4%. However, you can increase the CTR to about 20% by directing your recipients to a conversion. Attracting your readers to open your emails is one part of the deal. The other part is to convince them to take action.

It is important to note that a CTA involves more than including a coloured button that you add at the bottom of your email. Without the right instructions, the button will be of no great use.

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You can use these tips when crafting your CTA:

  1. Ensure that your CTA is based on purpose

So, try to define your goals before you start developing your CTA. Ask yourself:

    • What is the particular action you need your recipients to take after reading your email?
    • What is the excellent selling point of your promotion?
    • Why should the subscribers be interested in your brand?
    • What strategy will you use to convince your audience to take action?
      • You need to give recipients a reason to connect to your link. A good CTA triggers the right emotions to the readers and attracts them to click through your link.
      • Avoid adding too many CTAs to your emails. You want to convince your audience to take action without confusing them. You can add more than one CTA button with the same link to raise your chances of getting a high click-through rate.
  1. Avoid Being Too Much Salesy

When using email marketing, you don’t always have to target immediate outcomes. Big returns usually come after some time. You should always focus on creating real connections, and then nurture them to ensure that there are sales after each email you send.

Individuals like to make purchases, but they want to decide on themselves not to be told. So, avoid making your promotional emails overly salesy. Using a promotional email to spread the word about your brand. What is not good is a dishonest approach. Consider the needs of your audience and determine how to shape them. When you think about your subscribers, they will be happy to come back and make purchases.

  1. Always Consider Benefits Over Feature

Assuming that your email audience will figure out elements about your brand without you having to elaborate to them is a mistake. Without telling them the benefits of your brand, sending them promotional emails will not make any difference. Even if you have to mention the features, they have to be accompanied by their benefits. People invest their money into the results that they can get by using your brand.

You have to indicate the benefits of the significant aspects that your brand features. Identify what makes your offer value to your subscribers and in what ways. Also, explain your findings clearly in details.

People make more purchases due to emotional reasons, and adding brand benefits tend to attract emotions.


If you have started email marketing your business using promotional messages sent via email, it is now your time to stand out. If you have used it without a good outcome, now you have the tips to enhance your emails and make more relevant to your target audience.

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