How to Conduct Digital Marketing in Singapore

digital marketing in Singapore


What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing refers to the strategies employed by businesses to increase brand awareness, generate leads, improve conversion rates, and boost sales using the internet and electronic devices. The most popular channels used for digital marketing in Singapore include search engines, social networks, and email clients.

Since the year started, the overall spend on digital advertising in Singapore amounts to S$963.54 million. The largest segment in internet marketing is search advertising, which has so far cost S$407.13 million.

The primary reason for the increased adoption of digital marketing in Singapore is that it allows companies to experiment with many strategies at a budget. Also, it will enable marketers to use analytics dashboards and other useful tools to track the impact and ROI generated by their online marketing campaigns. With traditional advertising methods such as billboard and print media, monitoring such metrics was challenging.

Another reason for the growing popularity of digital marketing is that many people are now using the internet to research before buying a product. More people are now using eCommerce platforms, which have so far generated revenue of S$6.6 billion in 2019. This figure is expected to grow by 14.9% annually and reach S$11.6 billion by 2023.

Strategies Used for Digital Marketing in Singapore

It is crucial for business owners to understand how internet marketing works to ensure that they make a smart decision in their promotional campaigns. The key to understanding how it works is by understating the essential aspects of digital marketing and how each can help you in realising your business objectives.

The following are the most popular strategies used for digital marketing in Singapore.

Website Marketing

Your website is the focal point of your online marketing campaign. It is where your potential customers get the first impression of your brand and what it has to offer. More importantly, it is the platform on which you convert leads into buying customers.

The primary objective of digital marketing is to generate, engage and convert your leads. All of the strategies used for digital marketing in Singapore drive the leads back to your website, where they get detailed information about your products and complete the purchase.

Since it is the last step of the sales funnel, you should pay attention to the user experience it affords to its visitors. According to Adobe, 38% of users will leave a website if it has a poor user interface.  Besides the UI, other factors that matter to your visitors include ease of navigation and page loading speeds. If your site is either slow or hard to navigate, it will have a dismal conversion rate.

The following graph shows how page loading speeds affect your conversion rates.

conversion rate by page load time

Source: tagman

The best way of ensuring that your website is useful is by seeking assistance from development experts. Web design agencies have the experience needed to optimise your site to become competitive in the Singapore online marketing industry.

Search Engine Optimisation

Investing in search engine optimisation (SEO) is a necessity if you want to succeed in digital marketing in Singapore. Nowadays, 53% of consumers start the buying process by researching search engines like Google. Having a website enough – you must implement strategies to increase its visibility on search results so that you tap into this enormous opportunity to reach out to potential clients.

Search engine optimisation refers to the adjustments you make to your website so that it ranks higher on search engine result pages. Since most people usually ignore results beyond the first page of search results, the main objective of your SEO campaign should be ranking at the top of SERPs. A higher ranking means that you generate more organic traffic to your website.

Another benefit of SEO is that it drives quality traffic to your site. The objective of internet marketing is to attract the attention of people interested in your products. By using the right keywords and publishing relevant content, you will attract leads that are likely to convert into customers with relative ease.

Lastly, SEO plays a significant role in establishing you as an authority in your niche. When your website appears on the first page of search results, people are more likely to trust the information on it than a site that has a low rank, say page ten.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is also an essential strategy for digital marketing in Singapore. It involves the creation and promotion of different types of content to engage and attract your target customers. Some of the popular objectives of content marketing campaigns include increasing brand awareness, growing site traffic, generating leads, boosting conversions, and retaining existing clients.

Regardless of the strategy you use for online marketing, you need to create quality content to ensure that it succeeds. You can use short-form content such as emails and tweets, or long-form variants such articles, blog posts, and e-books. Besides quality, you should always ensure that your content is accurate, relevant and valuable to the intended audience.

Generally, people like consuming video content, as seen in the graph below.

content consumption


Source: HubSpot Research

 If you are struggling to come up with content creation ideas, you should research to find out the preferences of your target audience. Alternatively, you can analyse the content that your competitors are using and look for ways to improve it.

Social Media Marketing

Social networks are only second to Google when it comes to the number of active daily users. In Singapore, 4.1 million of internet users visit Facebook every day.

The following graph shows how people use different social media in Singapore.

social media users in Singapore

Source: Statista

Going by the numbers above, it is easy to see why social media marketing is popular with people who do digital marketing in Singapore. It is a tactic where you use platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram to reach out to potential and existing clients intending to promote your products and services.

The most significant appeal of social media is that a single post can reach multiple people simultaneously. For instance, if you have 100,000 followers on your Facebook page, you will reach them every time you publish a post. If they hit the ‘share’ button, it can reach even broader audiences. This makes it an effective strategy if you are looking to generate new leads.

Additionally, social media can also boost other digital marketing efforts. For example, if you publish an article on your website, you can use your social accounts to promote it and drive traffic to your website where they can read the article.  You could also repurpose excerpts from the article and use them to create posts for your social accounts as a way of ensuring that the content remains relevant and popular for long periods.

Search Engine Marketing

Although SEO is an effective way of increasing website traffic, it takes between four to six months to start working. Furthermore, you have to fend off competition from rival websites which might be implementing similar strategies. If you find yourself in such a situation, it is advisable to include search engine marketing as part of your digital marketing in Singapore.

Also known as pay-per-click advertising, search engine marketing is an online marketing strategy where you pay the advertising platform every time a user clicks on your ad.  Since Google is the most popular search engine, you should base your PPC advertising campaign on Google Ads.

The table below shows the market share of various search engines in Singapore.

Search Engine

Percentage of users











The most significant advantage of PPC is that it works faster than SEO. If you bid on the right keywords, you can get your site to the first page of search results within a short time. Also, it is easier to measure its ROI because you only pay if a user clicks on your ad.

Moreover, PPC advertising ensures that you get qualified leads. People who click on your ads are likely to be searching for keywords that are relevant to your business. This means that it is much easier to convert them into customers because they are already interested in your products.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective strategies used in digital marketing in Singapore, mainly because 99% of people open emails daily. Businesses use branded emails to connect with existing and prospective clients, often to increase brand awareness, establish authority, to promote upcoming events, and to inform them about special offers.

The following graph shows a comparison of the effectiveness of various internet marketing strategies.

With emails, it is crucial to establish trust with your audience before you start sending sales pitches. The best way of doing this is by sending valuable content regularly. Once the reader trusts you, you can begin to sending promotional messages without appearing intrusive.

The subject line is the first that a reader sees when they open their email inbox. Make sure that it is short, concise and engaging so that it encourages the user to open the message. You should also integrate a keyword to provide an overview of the contents of the message.

Similar to website content, your email should contain a message that is valuable to the reader. The length is usually dependent on the complexity of the topic you are communicating. Regardless, you should ensure that there are adequate spacing in-between paragraphs. Avoid placing advertisements because they distract the user from reading the message. Lastly, your call-to-action statement should be clear and compelling.

The Importance of Using an Integrated Approach in Digital Marketing in Singapore

There is more to internet marketing than understanding how the different strategies mentioned above work. As a marketer, it is essential to know how you can integrate the tactics to ensure that you achieve your business objectives.

An integrated multi-channel approach is the practice of using several online marketing strategies to ensure that your promotional messages reach your target audience. The most significant advantage of this approach is that it allows you to deliver a unified message and improve the success of your marketing efforts.

The best way of creating a multi-channel marketing strategy is by evaluating how each of the channels can contribute towards the attainment of your objectives. For instance, if you want to boost sales and conversions, you need to figure out how each platform will increase the number of leads you generate.

For instance, you can develop a website and implement SEO and SEM to increase its visibility, which in turn increase the number of visitors it gets. You could also use email and social networks as sources of lead generation by using them to share links to your website.

However, you should make sure that your messaging is consistent across all platforms if you adopt a multi-channel marketing strategy.  The voice and tone you use on Facebook should be similar to what you use on your website as well as on your email messages.  This uniformity is vital in ensuring that your target audience enjoys a seamless experience.

The Benefits of Investing in Digital Marketing in Singapore

As mentioned earlier, Singaporean businesses are spending billions every year on internet marketing, and the figure will continue to grow in the future.  The reason behind this ever-increasing adoption of digital marketing strategies is the widespread use of the web in Singapore.

The table below shows the projected increase of intent users in Singapore, signifying the importance of adopting online marketing strategies.


Number of internet users


4.8 million


5.2 million


5.3 million


5.5 million


5.7 million


5.8 million


5.9 million

Source: Statista

 Here are the top reasons why you need to invest in digital marketing in Singapore.

It is the Most Powerful Form of Marketing

Digital marketing revolutionises the way you reach out to and engage with your potential and existing clients. Companies that implement this strategy often get profit margins that were inconceivable when they used traditional methods of advertising. For instance, blogging can increase ROI by as much as 13 times.

If implemented correctly, internet marketing can empower businesses to attain their objectives within a short period.


Another benefit of digital marketing in Singapore is its cost-effectiveness. In the past, startups and upcoming businesses found it hard to compete with established companies for the ad space. The introduction of online marketing has since bridged the gap, enabling small businesses to reach their target audience without having to compete with larger institutions.

Also, traditional marketing methods often have several hidden costs. The only shortcoming of online marketing strategies is that they take more time to take effect.

It is Measurable

If you have invested in digital marketing in Singapore, you must measure the impact of your efforts regularly.  This enables you to know what is working or not, and more importantly, whether the investment is worth your time and money.

It is much easier to measure the performance of your digital marketing than it is with traditional methods, such as print media and radio adverts. You can make use of the various analytics tools to measure metrics such as conversion rates, dwell time, and track the activities of users on your website. The insights you gain from analysis enable you to devise ways of improving your strategies for better results in the future.

For instance, if you are running an email marketing campaign to promote a new product, you could send two different messages to your subscribers. Using the report from the subsequent analysis, you can tell which of the two samples is more effective and use it to boost your sales.

You can reduce losses significantly and increase your ROI by measuring the impact of your internet marketing efforts. This is because you do not guess what is working and what is not. When you notice that a tactic is ineffective, you cut it off immediately.

It Allows Targeting

Traditional methods of advertising, such as print media and billboards, are essentially a gamble that the message will reach the target audience. Once you pay for that ad space, you have to hope that the message will reach people who are likely to get interested in your brand.

Digital marketing provides several ways of ensuring that your ads reach the intended audience. By including specific keywords in your content, you narrow down the number of people that can find you on the internet. Also, some strategies, such as social media marketing and PPC advertising, allow you to target particular demographic groups.

Targeting is critical because it allows gives you control over your marketing expenses. On the other hand, traditional marketing is wasteful since you are not sure that your promotional message will reach the target audience.

The Internet is Important in the Buying Cycle

Most people use search engines to look for solutions to their challenges. One popular trend is using Google for research before buying products. In Singapore, 37% of internet users compared product prices and features using their smartphones.

The following is a graphical representation of how Singaporean shoppers use their smartphones online.

how Singaporeans use smartphones

Source: Google Consumer Barometer

By investing in digital marketing in Singapore, you increase your visibility on the web. This means that potential customers are more likely to find your brand when researching before making a purchase.

Broader Reach

Online marketing platforms such as websites, social media and email have a far more extensive reach than traditional channels. For instance, you could use your site or social media page to reach a global audience, while the same does not apply to print adverts. The latter has a limited scope, and you often have to spend colossal amounts of money on expanding the reach of your promotional message. 

The only limitation with intent marketing channels is your creativity and strategy. For instance, Singapore has over five million Facebook users who you can reach if you post quality content at the right time. You also have to make sure that you post consistently.

In addition to reaching wider audiences, you also get the opportunity to interact with them. These interactions allow you to know the opinions that clients have on your brand and make the necessary adjustments.

It Generates Qualified Leads

SEO is one of the standout strategies used for digital marketing in Singapore. When you integrate keywords into your website, you ensure that it becomes visible to a specific audience. Only users who are interested in that particular keyword will see your site on search results, which increase the chances of a better conversion rate.

If you operate a brick-and-mortar store, you should implement local SEO. According to Think with Google, 28% of local searches often end up in purchases. This internet marketing strategy is particularly useful if you are targeting a specific geographical area.

It Connects to Mobile Customers

78% of internet users in Singapore access the web using mobile devices. Digital marketing allows you to connect with consumers who are using handheld devices to access the web.

It is Easy to Adjust

In traditional marketing, you often have to wait until the completion of the campaign to see its impact on your business. While it is possible to use the findings to improve subsequent campaigns, too much is lost before you see positive results.

 In stark contrast, digital marketing in Singapore allows you to monitor its progress continually. You can assess performance in real-time and make the adjustments needed to improve the outcome of the marketing campaign.

For instance, if you have a social media marketing campaign, you can check the engagement levels received by various posts. If a post has a low number of likes, shares and comments, you can delete it.  Similarly, if a post goes viral, you can use the insights to create a related blog post and drive more traffic to your website.

It Reduces the Disparity between Small and Large Companies

Small businesses usually find it challenging to compete with their established counterparts due to the enormous disparity in resources. Internet marketing goes a great length in levelling the playing field by allowing startups to remain competitive on the web.

For instance, almost every business can launch a website or introduce an email marketing campaign. However, the same cannot be said for TV ads, billboards and other forms of traditional marketing. Also, online marketing allows businesses to reach wider audiences, which can be a challenge in traditional marketing if you do not have adequate resources.

Challenges Faced in Digital Marketing in Singapore

Despite its numerous benefits, online marketing has its fair share of challenges. According to HubSpot, the most significant problem is generating traffic and leads.

Here is a table showing the top challenges experienced by companies that practice internet marketing.


Percentage of affected companies

Generating traffic and leads


Calculating the ROI


Inadequate budget


Identifying the right technologies


Website management


Targeting  global audiences


Team training


Hiring top talent


Finding sponsors


Source: HubSpot

Generating Traffic and Leads

A substantial number of marketers are struggling to create adequate demand for their content. This is mostly because many companies are implementing digital marketing in Singapore, meaning that competition becomes stiffer by the day. In some cases, marketers are unable to identify the best channel for running their promotions due to the availability of several options.

The best remedy to this challenge is research. When you know the preferences of your target audience, you will create content that captures their attention. Also, you will see the platform that they use the most so that you can reach them.

Calculating the ROI

In any form of marketing, it is vital to measure ROI. In digital marketing, it can be quite challenging to gauge this critical metric, especially if you are using a multi-channel approach.

The solution to this problem is linking the activities you conduct across various marketing channels. You can do this by using automation software that establishes a link between two or more strategies, such as social media and email. This way, you can measure the ROI easily.

Inadequate Budget

Limited resource is a challenge that is prevalent among upcoming companies in Singapore. Although some strategies such as launching a website are relatively cheap, it takes a significant investment to get to a level where you can compete effectively with established companies.

The key to attaining a sustainable budget is by tracking your ROI. When you know the strategies that are working, you can reduce wastefulness significantly. You should also start with the most critical procedures such as SEO before moving onto others that require more money like paid advertising.

Identifying the Right Technologies

Another significant challenge is finding the right technology to help with digital marketing in Singapore. In most cases, marketers are unable to find a specific answer when they ask around for recommendations from friends.

Unfortunately, there is no definite solution to this challenge. The technology you choose depends on your preferences. However, make sure that you go for an option with a proven track record.

Website Management

Your website is perhaps the most crucial asset in your digital marketing campaign.  The most prevalent issues with sites include designing the UI and UX, content optimisation, and so forth.

The remedy to website issues is conducting regular site audits. Once you have the findings, make sure that you reach out to a professional web design agency to assist with optimisation.

Targeting Global Audiences

Targeting is an integral component of digital marketing in Singapore. You have to understand the preferences of your audience if you want to target effectively. This can be a problem if you intend to expand your operations to overseas countries.

If you are planning to grow your scope to other countries, ensure that you include support for multiple languages in your website. You should also remember to use the right monetary references, units of measurement and time zones.

Team Training

The evolution of internet marketing technologies means that training teams become more challenging as the days go by. You have to conduct training regularly to keep up with the fast-paced nature of the industry.

The best approach to training is by assessing the strengths and weaknesses of your team members. You should prioritise training for those hop show signs of improvement and have a passion for the company. You could also enrol your workers for online marketing certifications from Google and other reputable institutions.

Hiring Top Talent

Since more companies are implementing digital marketing in Singapore, it can take time to find the right individual to add to your team. Furthermore, companies are now looking for people who have both the creativity and the technical knowhow to run a successful marketing campaign.

You have to conduct thorough vetting when hiring new employees to your company. Make sure that the candidate to choose has the skills and ambition to grow your company to a higher level.

The Future of Digital Marketing in Singapore

Marketing is an overly dynamic industry that changes at a fast pace. Similar to other sectors, many expect digital marketing in Singapore to start leveraging futuristic technologies such as deep analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning. The adoption of these advancements will give marketers detailed insights into consumer behaviour, enabling them to develop more effective strategies.

There will also be an increased focus on personalisation.  You will have to develop strategies that build the buyer’s journey.


In this era, companies need to invest in digital marketing in Singapore. This is because of the widespread use of the internet in the country that is only going to increase in the future.

The secret to a successful online marketing campaign is conducting research and competition analysis. When you know what your audience likes, you develop strategies that increase engagement and boost your sales. Likewise, if you know what is working for your rivals, you can create better tactics and outdo them. Lastly, you should ensure that you measure the progress of your efforts to reduce wastage and improve your ROI.

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