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Digital marketing refers to promotional strategies conducted over the internet or using electronic devices. Companies depend on various channels such as email, search engines, social media, and their websites to do online advertising and reach out to both existing and prospective clients. The most popular forms of digital marketing are email marketing, search engine optimisation, paid search, content marketing, and social media marketing.

The primary reason behind the popularity of these digital marketing strategies is the widespread use of the internet. Every day, more people are relying on the internet as the main source of information thereby making it a lucrative source for potential customers.

Digital marketing for Hong Kong is an expensive affair. According to Statista, the region has so far spent $1.153 billion on digital advertisement since the start of the year. The most prevalent form of digital marketing is banner advertising, as it has a market volume of $502 million in 2019.

Marketing in Hong Kong is distinct from other global business hubs, as it draws influence from both Chinese and Western cultures. This calls for a unique approach to digital marketing in the region.

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In this article, we cover the main digital marketing strategies that you can count on to help your brand get a firm footing in Singapore namely:

  1. Your website should support both languages -Chinese and English
  2. Which is the Best Version of Chinese for a Hong Kong Website?

  3. How to Configure a Multilingual Website in Hong Kong

  4. Should You Use Chinese URLs on Your Website?

  5. The Significance of Mobile in Hong Kong

  6. Desktop Generates More Conversions than Other Platforms

  7. How to Optimise Apps for Hong Kong

  8. How to Build a Brand and Promote a Website in Hong Kong

  9. Your Sales Funnel Should Features both Online and Offline Marketing Strategies

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The following are the strategies you should focus on if you want to thrive in the Hong Kong digital marketing sector.

1. Your Website Should Support both Chinese and English Languages

Hong Kong has a cosmopolitan population that comprises of the Chinese and people from other countries, who mostly speak English. Ideally, your site should support both English and Chinese to ensure that you reach the broadest audience possible and increase the effectiveness of your digital marketing for Hong Kong.

However, you can optimise your website to support either of the two main languages depending on your target audience.

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If your website sells or promotes luxury items, you should use English. The majority of prospective customers for this niche have a fluent understanding of English.

Websites which offer services to locals should use Chinese. Examples of sites in this category include personal banking platforms and websites which advertise blue-collar jobs.

If your website is built for expats, it should use English exclusively. This is the language that most foreigners use to communicate with fellow expats as well as the Chinese locals.

Lastly, websites targeting a particular age group might need to incline towards a certain language. For instance, the older population is unlikely to be familiar with English, meaning that you should use Chinese in most sections of your website.

2. Which is the Best Version of Chinese for a Hong Kong Website?

The Chinese language has many dialects, and it can be quite challenging to find the most suitable option for your website. The general rule in digital marketing for Hong Kong is that a website that targets locals living in Hong Kong should use Cantonese, which is also known as Traditional Chinese.

3. How to Configure a Multilingual Website in Hong Kong

Most websites in Hong Kong have a domain that ends with .com or If your website falls under that category, you should set it up for multilingual support by adding /zh-hk and /en-hk as subfolders.

If you are confident that your website will use either of the two languages in Hong Kong, you should have a no/language-country subfolder for the primary language and use a /language subfolder for your secondary language.

For instance, for the primary language and for the secondary language.

If your website uses Chinese, you need to specify whether it is Traditional or Simplified.  You should do this in your language code, subfolder URL structures and in hreflang code, which tells the search engine which language it should display.

Here is how you should specify the version of Chinese used on your website.

Traditional Chinese

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The HTML language code for Traditional Chinese is zh-Hant, meaning that its URL would be  Its hreflang code would be <link rel=” alternate” href=”” hreflang=”zh-hant” /> accompanied by all other website language variations used on the page.

Simplified Chinese

The HTML language code for Simplified Chinese is zh-Hans. Its URL structure would be The hreflang code would be <link rel=” alternate” href=”” hreflang=”zh-hans” />, accompanied by any other language variations used in the webpage.

4. Should You Use Chinese URLs on Your Website?

The type of website you have and the location you are targeting determines the language you use on your URLs.

If your digital marketing for Hong Kong is targeting both mainland China and Hong Kong, you need to use Chinese URLs so that you get ranked in Baidu, the leading search engine in the region. Most of the people who use the search engine are locals.

If your website content is mostly written in Chinese and focuses on local topics, you should use Chinese URLs. On the other hand, if your content is in English and focuses on international issues, you should use English URLs.

The best way of choosing the language to use on your URLs is by comparing the search volumes for your keywords in Chinese and English. You should use the one that has a higher volume.

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5. The Significance of Mobile in Hong Kong

Most people in Hong Kong use mobile devices to browse the internet, which explains why the majority of websites in the region use a mobile-first approach.

You can check if your website is responsive by using either the Google Mobile-Friendly Tool or manually testing it across various devices. Also, you should configure your Google Search Console so that you get mobile usability reports periodically.

6. Desktop Generates More Conversions than Other Platforms

Although most people use handheld gadgets to browse the internet, desktop platforms still lead the way when it comes to conversions. According to a recent Google Consumer Survey, Hong Kong residents prefer buying items and filling forms on desktop over mobile.

One of the reasons behind the inclination towards mobile is that shoppers have concerns over the security of mobile networks. Also, people may prefer purchasing while at home as opposed to when they are on the move. When at home, they have more time to ensure that the action they are taking is free of errors.

If you are digital marketer, you should make a responsive website so that you appeal to the preferences of all people.

7. How to Optimise Apps for Hong Kong

Apple is the most dominant mobile platform in Hong Kong. In the rest of Asian countries, Android has the upper hand. If you want to promote an app, you should focus your efforts on the Apple App Store because it has more users than other platforms.

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8. How to Build a Brand and Promote a Website in Hong Kong

The first step of building a brand and promoting a website is research. Studying the market, especially your niche, helps you to understand your audience. You can then use the findings to optimise your website for maximum effectiveness.

The second step involves deciding the focus of your brand and website. You can choose to focus on either the locals or the expats, or both.

Once you define the focus of your site, you need to choose your preferred digital marketing channel. Facebook is the ideal platform if your content is mostly in video or blog format. It is also a useful option if you run a B2C company. If you have a B2B company, you should use LinkedIn.

The final factor that affects website and brand promotion is the type of content. Several studies indicate that Hong Kong residents have a bias towards videos over other forms of content, such as Podcasts.

You also need to know the kinds of activities that people do on their smartphones when devising strategies for digital marketing for Hong Kong. For instance, this graph shows that many people use social media and search engines, meaning that you need to invest in SEO and social media marketing.

9.  Your Sales Funnel Should Features both Online and Offline Marketing Strategies

According to the Google Consumer Barometer Survey, most shoppers in Hong Kong purchase their items from physical stores. This shows that the internet is useful for research, but most purchases occur offline.

Online marketing strategies have a significant influence on the buying decision. You should formulate your strategies in such a way that they encourage buyers to purchase products from your outlet.

A smart way of linking your online and offline marketing strategies is by having an optimised Google My Business profile. A GMB listing ensures that prospective clients get the directions to your store when they search for your brand on Google.


If you want to succeed in online marketing, you should know the strategies that are most applicable to your business. The tips mentioned above offer an excellent starting point, but you can always tweak them to suit your context.

It is crucial to continually measure the progress of your digital marketing for Hong Kong campaign so that you identify what is working and what is derailing you. You can then decide whether to abandon or improve on the strategies that are not productive.

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