How To Choose The Right Web Design Package in Singapore

web design package in Singapore

The digital space is getting more competitive, and you need to be careful when selecting a web design package in Singapore for your business. There are brands that go for the cheapest option in the market in a bid to save money. You need to do some research to get value for money In this article, we have made it easier for you by compiling the things you should consider when selecting a web design package in Singapore.

Selecting a Web Design Package in Singapore

There are many options to choose from in the Singaporean market and we strive to give you actionable tips that will help you choose the appropriate web design package for your business. 

Types of Services Offered

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Different web design agencies in Singapore  specialise in different areas of web design, and it is, therefore, necessary that you scrutinise every aspect of their package. You need to be sure that you are paying for a holistic service that is within your budget. 

However, to know which one is ideal for you, you need to know which types of web design services your business needs. The last thing you want is spending money on a web design package in Singapore that does not suit your brand.

Quality of the Web Design Services

There are three things to consider when reviewing the quality of an agency’s web design services.

  • Are they aligned with the web design trends in Singapore
  • Do they focus on user-centric design
  • Do they have an impressive portfolio

While many web design agencies focus on churning out stunning designs, modern day web design should be user-centric and in line with the current market trends. 

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web design package in Singapore

With that said, if you are dealing with an experienced web designer, the only way you can assess the quality of their services is by looking through their portfolio.  This will also give you an idea of their approach to web design in the modern age.

Check for Online Reviews

While an agency will advertise itself as having the best and most valuable web design package, customer reviews can help you identify the best web design package in Singapore. 

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You can look for reviews on accredited websites such as Yelp and Google search, and Glassdoor. Social media is also another excellent source of customer reviews. However, some agencies will go the extent of fabricating customer reviews so be careful not to make a decision based on phony reviews. 

Pay attention to the Google negative reviews about their package and how they respond to the clients. Reviews by overly eager customers could be from fake accounts and overly bad reviews could be from vengeful former employees or bitter competitors.

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Although most people believe that choosing a web design package base on price alone is counterproductive, it can be a great factor to consider.

Since few brands have the financial capability to choose custom web design services, the next best option for them is to make do with the limited budget. The trick here is to ensure that you are getting the most value for your money.

With a surge in the number of web design agencies in Singapore, you will be surprised at how much discount web design agencies are willing to offer to get your business. Simply go through the web design package details and negotiate for an affordable price.

However, a cheaply priced web design package could do you more harm than good. For instance, you might settle for the lowest price and end up waiting for days to get a result. Worse still, the results might be unprofessional, and could hurt your brand’s online reputation.

Will You Get A Free Newsletter?

Web design trends are changing across various global markets, and you need to align your website for maximum conversions. With that said, you should settle for a web design package that offers periodical newsletters for free to the agency’s clients.

This will be instrumental in knowing the hottest trends in the Singaporean web design industry, and you can make the changes to remain competitive. However, the newsletter should come as an additional incentive in the web design package.

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Technical Support and Maintenance

One of the things you need to look out for in a web design package is whether you will get maintenance and technical support. Website maintenance and support, as well as website security patches updates, should be free.

The technical support should include but not limited to

  • Website anti-hacking protection pages
  • Modification pages with new web pages created for free in a year
  • Over 99% monthly back up of your site
  • A guarantee of over 99% website restoration from a previous backup


Only an experienced agency will give you a comprehensive and transparent web design package. By transparency, we mean that the agency will quote all the charges to help you make the best buying decision. We have seen agencies that lure clients with cheap prices only to hold them hostage until they pay the hidden charges.

You will find that some inexperienced or dubious agencies will omit some charges from the web design package quotation to lure in more customers. However, you will note that they do not stick around much to scale their businesses.


When you find a professional agency that meets your web design needs, you must ensure that they have a scalable web design package. Finding a suitable package is stressful already, and you should take great care not to go through the hassle again.

As your business grows, you will need additional elements and pages. Therefore, consider the scalability of the web design package before making your final decision. 

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Selecting the appropriate web design package can be a big ordeal; however, with the tips above, you are sure to make the right decision. Be sure to compare the packages from different companies to get the best value for your money.

Get in touch with us today for the best web design package in Singapore for your business.

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