7 Super Effective Ways to Automate Content Marketing

automate content marketing

Content marketing is a time-consuming activity, and for this reason, you should look into how you can automate content marketing for your business. There is a general misconception about how content marketing automation works. In this article, we look at the seven super effective ways you can automate content marketing to increase website traffic and increase sales.

What Is Content Marketing Automation?

This is the approach of identifying repetitive content marketing operations and then automating the operations by using applications or tools. The major reason why you should automate content marketing is to improve the effectiveness of your content marketing strategy.

One of the reasons why you should automate content marketing is that you can apply it in any phase of the content marketing strategy process right from planning, to implementation.

Why Is Content Marketing Automation Important?

Automating your content marketing process helps you get more done while committing less money, time, and effort. This leaves time for you to measure, optimise and test new ideas as well as improve the results from your content marketing process.

For example, you could be following your social media accounts all day trying to know when is the best time to share your content, but when you start content marketing automation, the tools you have in place will figure out when the best time to share your article.

What makes content marketing automation important is the fact that you get to streamline the processes that do not necessarily require human input. This leaves time for you to do your job more effectively.

Effective Ways to Automate Content Marketing

Content automation is not as complicated as most people like to make it seem. Here are the 7 effective ways for you to automate content marketing.

automate content marketing

Know Which Type of Content You Should Create

Before you start content marketing automation, you need to have the right content that will lead to more traffic for your website and conversion of browsers into visitors. Google Alerts can help you know the types of content being created that touch your target keywords.

Such insight will come in handy when creating visual content such as video or infographics. Buzzsumo is a paid tool that allows you to set up content alerts. On top of this, you could subscribe to a blog writing service.

Such a service identifies the relevant keywords for your business that are also popular with your audience. Furthermore, they can go ahead to suggest content ideas based on your audience’s preferences.

Choose the Right Content Marketing Automation Tools

Content marketing automation tools will help you identify the content that you should upload, and they have alerts that notify you when it is the best time to upload it. More so, they will push your content to social media platforms and your WordPress website.

It might take you a while before you get the right content, marketing automation tool, but you should not rest until you do. We recommend these tools for your content marketing automation, Skyword, Contently, DiwyHQ, and NewsCred.

Engage In Social Media Management Practices

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Social media is the best thing that has happened to digital marketing since it allows you to reach out to a wide audience. With that said, you do not have to do it manually; there are tools such as Hootsuite that automatically shares content from your website’s RSS feed to social media platforms.

While Hootsuite might not work for every business, you can compare the different social media management tools on sites such as Sprout Social or Buffer.

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Promote Your Content

There are millions of websites trying to break out from online obscurity, and this makes it essential that you promote your content. A tool such as Outbrain will help you identify the best opportunities where your content can appear on authoritative publisher sites.

Another tool to consider is SimpleReach; it alerts you of the best performing content on social media in real time. This will help you decide on the best way to automate content marketing, that is whether you should use sponsored ads or boost your posts on social media.

Automate Your Email Newsletter

Sending out a newsletter to your emailing list once you have made a new blog post can be a tedious process. However, with a tool such as MailChimp, you can automate the personalisation and email nurturing your leads.

MailChimp is one of the most acclaimed and competitively priced email marketing tools on the internet today. However, you can also use tools such as GetResponse, HubSpot, Marketo, Aweber, and Constant Contact.

Connect Your Content Marketing Platforms

The only way to hack this is by using tools such as Zapier. It automatically adds all the leads collected from your website and adds them to your main newsletter list. This content marketing automation tool will also help you monitor your social media platforms by sending notifications to your email whenever you get a reaction or comment on your social media posts. You could also use IFTTT.

Track Your Content Marketing Automation

The worst thing that you can do is to go for days without checking whether you are getting from your content marketing automation processes. The best thing about using tools to automate content marketing is that they are highly customisable.

For example, Google Analytics send a monthly report to your email that shows you the best and worst performing pages and content. Armed with this information, you can then go ahead and take the necessary measures to boost the content and pages that are performing poorly.


Many operations go into the making of a successful business. While you will need professionals to run certain parts of the business, you should automate content marketing. With the tips above, you will be able to keep working when you are not working and getting more things done.

It is not only easier, but it is cheaper, and it allows you to focus on the more critical aspects of your business. Contact us today and for professional digital marketing which includes content marketing automation and website design services in Singapore.


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