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How to Attract the Ideal Audience by Creating Incentives

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Competition for customers in the online sphere is not for the faint hearted- you need to come up with strategic ways of not only getting the attention of the customers but also convincing them that your product or service will address their needs and preferences.

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Incentives can help you attract the ideal audience and motivate them to convert. Today, we look at some tips on how to create the right incentives.

Have a Lead Magnet that is Specific to your Brand

A lead magnet that is brand-specific is not dependent on the other contents published on the website. If implemented correctly, it can appeal to hundreds if not thousands of potential and existing customers. However, it is important to point out that the lead magnet should be targeting everyone on the internet but the people in your specific target market.

Here are examples of lead magnet incentives that you can use;

  • A resource library
  • An email course
  • Competition or challenge
  • A toolkit
  • Content series

Take time to go through the resources that you have at your disposal at the moment as well as support tickets that you have been receiving to choose the most appropriate lead magnets to use for this purposes.

Choose a Lead Magnet that Prepare Clients to Make Purchase

This is a different lead magnet from the one discussed in above. Every online business that is keen on reaping maximum profits from the lucrative Singapore e-commerce market should have a lead magnet that is in one way or another in line with the premium offers.

In most cases, this lead magnet is smaller in size and quicker to consume as compared to other incentives. Its primary purpose is to prepare the clients to make a purchase. It does this by eliciting positive emotions about the paid products or instead of creating an appetite for the product or service that you are selling.

For example, if you sell physical products or software, the lead magnet can be a free trial or coupon code. Jeff Walker, an entrepreneur, and motivational speaker offers a free product launch formula to his clients. His paid product is a Launch workshop that goes into the specific details of the steps that one should take to launch a product in the current market.

Run a Promotion or Giveaway

A promotion or giveaway is a promotional lead magnet that will help to accelerate your list building. Create a sense of urgency to get and market it aggressively to get as many participants as possible. The only downside of running a promotion is that it is not evergreen like other marketing strategies. That is, once it runs its course, that is it, you cannot use it anymore. However, you will still profit from the new set of potential customers.


Start applying the above tips to catapult your Singapore online business to the next level. Also, have a Singapore digital marketing agency on your side to assist you to create and run the campaigns as you work on other aspects of your business.


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