How Often Should I Update My Website Themes, Plugins, Scripts and Security in Singapore

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You should know that your website may seem to be performing well at the moment, but there are lots of problems waiting to happen like outdated plugins and scripts. That’s why getting your site updated is essential. Updating your website themes, plugins, scripts and security on a regular basis is of great significance whether it is a personal, corporate website or e-commerce store. Ignoring these updates begins to sprout complex problems which could be easily solved by paying attention to website updates. This article will go through how often you should update your website themes, plugins, scripts and security.

Why should you update your website?

There are lots of problems associated with the failure to update your website themes, plugins, scripts and security. One of the significant issues is vulnerability to hack attacks, and sometimes the themes go haywire. Wordpress is one of the most popular tools in the world as content management systems go, and hence often used in websites. This is about loads of features and superior SEO that is easy to use. Hackers love to exploit outdated WordPress plugins, themes, and software to hack into your WordPress account.

According to research conducted, the majority of hacks on WordPress sites were through vulnerable plugins. It is essential that you always keep the software in your WordPress site updated this is by checking and installing new updates on a regular basis. Updating your WordPress fixes all the bugs’ vulnerability. Updating the WordPress version plugins and themes patch the security loopholes that would be used by hackers to access and perform unauthorised changes in your WordPress website.

Website Security may be largely caused by the failure to update your website. You should install the best antivirus software to add more security to your WordPress security. WordPress security plugins take care of your website using deep scan technology, instant scans, push notifications, automatic scans and advanced reports. WordPress has some plugins that give you a perfect platform to provide your website total security. One of the best examples for WordPress security plugin is Wordfence. Wordfence gives you a real-time screening of your WordPress files, databases, and blog from malware.

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You will be able to focus on the fundamental stuff in your website as security is being taken care by the vulnerability scanners. Antivirus scanning together with a firewall blocks malware from getting into your site. The best thing is that you will be able to get an email notification each time another unauthorised user or malware tries to log into your website blog.

How often do I need to update my website features?

You need to do updates all the time. The longer you stay without updating, the harder it becomes for you. Updates may make changes in data management and security. Waiting for some days without updating your website these and plugins may allow room for hackers to use an exploitable code to crawl the web and make the best of these vulnerabilities. There are weekly, monthly and quarterly updates maintenance plans available. However, this approach is not as useful as your site updates need to happen on time rather than on a predetermined schedule.

Updating your website comes with new features and functionalities to the updated version. The latest updates bring in improvements that make the old stuff functionality more efficient. Website updates not only do they make it easy for the website owner to navigate through website operations but they also improve visitor’s experience. More so, updating your site comes with new optimisations that are directed towards making your website faster. A site with faster speed will attract more website traffic as nobody wants a slow website.

WordPress is built on a coding language known as PHP. The PHP version of your website is set at the server level by your website hosting firm. Some of the importance of keeping PHP up to date include; a faster and more secure site. The latest version of PHP increases your website performance by three to four times as compared to the older versions. An up to date PHP will contain the latest security features to maintain your website secure. Other secondary benefits that come with having an updated PHP include a higher ranking in the search engines, increased lead conversion rates and downtime cost associated with malware and hackers.

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The HTML (hypertext markup language) text editor is one of the most effective text editor tools when updating your website. There are plenty of free HTML text editors available on the internet. The tool enables you to modify your site’s codes and text as well as making website links and image insertion. It gives a new impression of your updated website to the uses. More so, you can make use of JS (JavaScript) to keep your site up to date on news, libraries, and frameworks.

Today, the online marketing technology is growing very fast. It demands that you have the latest tools to be able to stay competitive in the dynamic Singapore digital market. Updating your site gives it the ability to remain compatible with modern tools and technology. Most of the websites are developed as open-source software programs with their codes up for grabs from the developers and hackers. It is hence always essential for you to have the latest versions of your website platform and scripts. Some of the modern themes and plugins require the newest website WordPress version to operate them. This shows how much essential it is to update your website.

You should never disregard any website update. This is because, despite the best practices carried out during the development of the website features, they cannot be guaranteed a hundred percent. You need to set a recurring maintenance and updating schedule that puts on an auto update to take advantage of latest releases. This way, you will be able to take care of issues before they become more prominent and have a more significant impact on your website.

In conclusion, a website platform faces a lot of vulnerabilities and hacks today. The various problems vary their extent of causing damage to your website. However, updating your website fixes some security and effectiveness issues hence improving your website performance. Make the internet a better place by updating your site regularly all the time.


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