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How Does Machine Learning Impact SERPs?

machine learning impacts on SERPs

Machine learning gives computers the ability to learn independently of human intervention. It does this by grouping similar properties together and interpreting values based on their shared features or properties. Google is the first engine to embrace this technology to improve search engine results pages.

Nowadays, the search engine can determine the searcher intent more accurately as well as identify which algorithm to use for SERP listing. Here are some tips on how to optimise your page content for this change in the SEO landscape.

Improve User Experience

Search engines can know a user’s intent by analysing the user signals that it gathers through direct URLs, Chrome browser, SERPs and so on. One of the guaranteed ways of ensuring that your website offers the best user experience is by establishing a solid UX foundation. That is, you need to provide thematic continuity across all the pages, create relevant and high-quality landing pages, provide interactive content and engaging images, improve page speed, and have a duly organised internal linking structure.

According to Google and other search engines, low CTR means that your site is not offering good user experience. These recommended improvements will help boost your CTR.

Thematic Continuity

Despite countless blogs being posted online about new Google algorithm updates and the impact of think content on ranking, we still come across sites whose content is either not keyword optimised or is thin. Through research and experiments, we have realised that merely creating content with a limited keyword focus does not yield significant results. As a result, we develop seamless structures that focus on semantic keywords and topic clusters.

The topic clusters focus on pillar pages that cover the most crucial or essential topics. They are the overarching pages that rank high in your brand’s information list and respond to most of the questions that the target audience asks. The subtopics are discussed in length on lower hierarchy pages that have internal links to the main pillar pages.

This strategy will create a robust internal linking structure, allow website visitors to navigate the site seamlessly, and ensure that you rank for not just one but multiple keyword phrases that are related to your niche.

Make the Buyer’s Journey Personal

First, your marketing strategies should be based on accurate data. Otherwise, you will end up making decisions based on assumptions. Get ahead of the curve by using machine-learning technology to analyse user data faster and accurately.

For example, you can use chatbots to get conversational text data. Chatbots are currently widely used to map data and inputs from customer journeys as we transition from a graphical interface world to a more conversational interface. With this information at hand, you will be able to come up with clever ways of improving the user experience.

By mapping the entire customer journey, you will be able to customise the essential touch points to deliver advertisements or interactive content when the intent to convert is high. You can also use the data to come up with ads for specific segments of your clientele.

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Due to the scale and sheer speed of machine learning applications in the world today, relying on the conventional SEO strategies that other businesses have sidelined will give you an incredible competitive advantage.


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