How Does DMOZ Closing Affect Singapore SEO?

How Does DMOZ Closing Affect Singapore SEO?


Google has officially stopped using the title and descriptions on Open Directory Project (DMOZ as one of primary sources for search results snippets. DMOZ is a multilingual open directory of World Wide Web links. It organizes listings on similar topics into categories which are then included in smaller classifications. Unlike other search engine directories, DMOZ used human editors rather than machine-powered search engines.

DMOZ shut down officially on March 17 and Google decided to halt applying the DMOZ titles and descriptions in the Google search results. The decision was also influenced by the fact that the web directory was no longer being actively maintained by AOL. The shutdown came three years after the closure of its main competitor; Yahoo that used machine generated search results.

In a press briefing, Google wrote, “With DMOZ now shut down, we have stopped using its listing for snippets, so it is imperative that webmasters avail good meta descriptions if adding more content to the page is not an option.”

Singapore SEO agencies will lose at least one backlink, which will also be the case for all other competitors. Websites will still receive high rankings on Google results as ranking is now based on content and name of the site.

Google uses a machine-powered search engine, and its decision to stop using DMOZ will have no substantial impact on SEO rankings. This is because DMOZ was archaic and was seldom used by Google to provide results. Website owners will no longer have to have the NOODP directive; instead, they will use meta description or add more content on the site.

Singapore SEO experts should now use descriptive titles to their websites. Titles provide a quick insight into the content of the result, and why it is relevant to a user’s query on a search engine. Webmasters should ensure that every page has a title that is concise and not full of vague descriptions.




July 09, 2017

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