How Do I Market My Tuition Centre in Singapore

How To Market Tuition Center SG

According to a Straits Times and Nexus Link, a research company, poll of 500 parents, seven out of ten parents in Singapore enrol their children for private Tuition Centre . Parents spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in tuition centres each year to impact knowledge in the children. However, only a third of the parents polled, agree that tuition helps a child to improve their academic performance.

More than 80% percent of Singaporeans employ private tutors for their children. The industry is quite competitive because of the rapid rise of various tuition centres. Tuition centres are structured in multiple places such as luxury smalls or small streets. Many tuition centres have many branches across the country. Moreover, many centres offer free shuttle services to students and other free tips as ways of curbing competition.

All parents want their children to score high grades needed to pursue their future ambitions. Tuition centres are dedicated to helping children get good grades that will get them into dream universities, college or secondary school.

Tuition centres provide one to one attention to students and focus more on weakest areas. Traditionally, tuition was meant only for poor grade students, but it has changed. Education has become a competitive field, and many students are seeking private classes to improve their grades further. Tuition centres hire tutors who are specialised in each area, have their study materials and make students feel at ease while delivering the content.

Over the last decade, the Singapore private tutoring industry has grown significantly. According to a report by Singapore Department of Statistics, in 2012, households in the country spend $1.1 billion per year on tuition services. Since then, the average spending on these services has increased, and this is a clear proof that the industry is headed in the right direction.

How then can you market your tuition centre as one that helps children improve their academic performance in Singapore?

Here are various methods used by tuition centres to market their services:

Word of Mouth

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Despite all the development of digital platforms for marketing services, word or mouth stand out among the intensified competition. Many parents trust the word of mouth because they consider it firsthand information. Word of mouth is a useful way of marketing because the more one interacts with people the high chances of creating a good reputation. Referrals are also a segment of word of mouth, but it is a proactive method that requires tracking and checking the rate of conversion. When someone is interested in the services, they can pass it with friends and family either online or on a personal level. Word of mouth is a free advertising method and proven to work if used aggressively. Many tuition centres offer free tuition or cash to people or students who have the highest referrals.

Search Engine Optimization

Singapore is a highly digitized state, and many of the parents begin their search for a tuition centres online by using search engines. Tuition centres that appear higher on the results are preferable to those that rank lower or in the second and subsequent pages.

Invest in quality search engine optimised content for your tuition centre’s website. Combine with other digital marketing techniques; you will see a turnaround in the number of enrolments.

Use Facebook Ads

With Facebook Ads, you have the option of online targeting prospective customers based on locations. You will have to pay for the Facebook Ads, but it will be worth the effort, given the quality of the Ad is magnificent. You can target both students as well as parents.

Your Facebook Ads need to need to be compelling for the target audience to respond to it. Ensure you consider the age as well as the interest of your target consumers.

Print Flyers

Many people think flyers have become passé. This assumption is not the case; print flyers are still a valuable promotional tool. Many tutors use flyers to pass the message across to parents. Flyers have high chances of the return on investment because they get into hands of potential clients.

In Singapore, tuition centres hire people to distribute them at school gates or hand over to students. They can distribute them to cafes, gyms, restaurants, and companies. An eye-catching and compelling flyer attracts many prospects. Many parents like tangible things and add a personal touch to the message. Convincing a stranger to take a flyer will means that they will look at it later and maybe have a second thought about it. However, the distribution of flyers and leaflets is time-consuming and expensive. It only reaches a small circle of audience. Convincing someone along the way can be frustrating. Additionally, it requires one to have a permit before distribution.

Flyers are an excellent way to spread information about a business. Though it is a traditional form of marketing, it can be effective when distributed in highly populated areas. You will save time and money printing in bulk and handing them out whenever you need more students for your tuition centre.

You can also distribute them by placing them in newspapers. You can get a deal with the newspaper vendor to avoid the high costs of the putting the flyer as an advert in the paper.

It is better to target students and parents that are in the same locality as your tuition centre. This will give the consumers peace of mind in that the children will not have to go far to get the necessary tuition classes.

Search Engine Optimisation

Using search engine optimisation (SEO) is an excellent way of getting good traffic and leads without paying though your nose. When you are conducting SEO you need to score from the basics which is a good website design and website development.

Try to get your important keywords onto the primary pages to ensure that they are 2nd level instead of secondary keywords on the 3rd level. To give you an example in case you are trying to market a tuition centre in Singapore for Maths:

Example of Website with BAD Sitemap for SEO:

website construction to market tuition centre in singapore

The keyword are too generic and relegated to the 3rd level which indicates to potential clients and search engines that they may not be important.

Example of Website with Good Sitemap for SEO:

internet marketing for tuition

This structure is better because it expands the keywords more and places them on the 2nd level (after the Homepage) and signals that each one is an important product/service by itself.

Singapore is a digitalised country, and many parents use online platforms to search tuition centres. Tuition centres that appear higher in search engines are preferable than those in lower ranks.

Many tuition centres have opted to invest in a quality search engine for proper optimisation of content. One needs a website to use SEO. When SEO is combined with other digital marketing techniques; one will increase the number of enrolments within a short period. SEO allows the site to get high-quality traffic and leads.

It primarily focuses on the keyword. This digital marketing technique is a complex process that needs experts. Engage a marketing company such as MediaOne for a free consultation. The keyword used should not be generic. SEO covers a wide geographical area and increase online visibility.

Search Engine Marketing

Each second, more than 2.5 million use Google in searching various products and services. Majority of the results are Google ads. A tuition centres needs a working website or blog to use these ads. It is an effective method in creating a lot of traffic to a site when parents are searching tuition services online. There are two types of Google ads: organic links and sponsored links. Businesses pay sponsored links. Google ads mainly focus on keywords. Advertisers use keywords that are relevant and most likely used by internet users in searching for a particular service. Google ads have numerous benefits for tuition centres in Singapore due to its low cost and high exposure. The price of Google ads depends on geographical location, competitiveness of keyword and quality of marketing campaigns.

Facebook ads

Facebook ads have numerous advantages because it allows a tuition centres to narrow down a particular target audience. For tutoring services, a target market is exclusively for students and parents. Moreover, depending on the services of a tuition centres such as Mathematics or English classes, Facebook ads can also be narrowed down according to interest and age. The ultimate goal is reaching the right audience. Using Facebook ads to advertise a tuition centres is slightly different from Google Ads. Individual who are using Google are already interested, but in Facebook, it might not be the case. Hence, Facebook ad message should be appealing, or individuals will treat it as spam.

Find a Niche

Trying to cover all topics will hamper your growth. The most successful tutors in the country specialise in teaching 1-3 subjects. This gives them ample time to prepare for the tutoring sessions and deliver the best services to their clients.

Gone are the days when tuition was only reserved for students who had difficulties with their studies. Even students in Singapore’s Gifted Education Programme seek tutoring services. Find a subject(s) that you are good at and focus on it entirely. Note that teaching one kid multiple subjects pays better per hour. The hourly rate is also dependent on the level; tutors in the most advanced level of education earn more.

Leverage on Technology

Just like in other developed and developing countries, advanced technology has positively improved the tuition industry. Back in 2013, StarHub, Singapore leading telecoms service provider, ventured into this industry by partnering with a famous bookstore in the country. This partnership resulted in the creation of AssessMe, an online learning service.

Leverage technology to market your tuition services in Singapore. For instance, having an online platform similar to AssessMe but smartly designed and packed with thousands of notes and worksheets for your niche subjects will make it possible for students to access the materials whenever they need to without calling you or driving to your office.

If This Sound Too Much – Engage SEO Experts

Get a free consultation with MediaOne, a leading educational SEO expert in Singapore. Some of our clients include leaders such as Comat, Stansfield, ThePhysicsCafe, BMC, MDIS and many more! Many of our clients stop advertising after enjoying thousands of Page 1 keywords. Imagine how many thousands of adspend dollars it can save you. It could mean the difference of make or break for many centres. Grab that phone and dial 6789 9852 without delay.

Use SEO to increase the popularity of your tuition services online. MediaOne specialises in helping tutors market their services in Singapore by providing excellent SEO and SEM services. Get in touch with our support team to learn more about us.



Ways to market your Tuition Centre

– Word of Mouth
– Search Engine Optimization
– Use Facebook Ads
– Print Flyers



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