How Do I Market My Tuition Centre in Singapore

According to a Straits Times and Nexus Link, a research company, poll of 500 parents, seven out of ten parents in Singapore enroll their children for private tuition. Parents spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in tuition centers each year to impact knowledge in the children. However, only a third of the parents polled, agree that tuition helps a child to improve their academic performance.

As at 2014, the value of the tuition industry in Singapore, grew to $1 billion and has continued to increase as more parents send their children to the centers. How then can you market your tuition center as one that helps children improve their academic performance in Singapore?

Here are three marketing tips to help gain the trust of parents and guardians.

Search Engine Optimization

Singapore is a highly digitized state, and many of the parents begin their search for a tuition centers online by using search engines. Tuition centers that appear higher on the results are preferable to those that rank lower or in the second and subsequent pages.

Invest in quality search engine optimized content for your tuition center’s website. Combine with other digital marketing techniques; you will see a turnaround in the number of enrolments.

Use Facebook Ads

With Facebook Ads, you have the option of targeting prospective customers given your locations. You will have to pay for the Facebook Ads, but it will be worth the effort, given the quality of the Ad is magnificent. You can target both students as well as parents.

Your Facebook Ads need to need to be compelling for the target audience to respond to it. Ensure you consider the age as well as the interest of your target consumers.

Print Flyers

Flyers are an excellent way to spread information about a business. Though it is a traditional form of marketing, it can be effective when distributed in highly populated areas. You will save time and money printing in bulk and handing them out whenever you need more students for your tuition center.

You can also distribute them by placing them in newspapers. You can get a deal with the newspaper vendor to avoid the high costs of the putting the flyer as an advert in the paper.

It is better to target students and parents that are in the same locality as your tuition center. This will give the consumers peace of mind in that the children will not have to go far to get the necessary tuition classes.

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February 24, 2017

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