How Do I Market My Training Workshop in Singapore

Training Workshop

When you want to market your training workshop in Singapore, you must understand your target market and how to reach it. For you to fill your empty workshop seats, you will have to be strategic in your marketing efforts and utilize these marketing ideas.


Accreditation by professional organizations

Although this may take some work and may be a little tougher, it is a worthy marketing investment in the long run. Most professional certifications need a continuous education by members. The training can be in-house or can be done outside by other organizations/institutions as credits towards their continuing training program.


Market to past graduates of your program

The past graduates of your training workshop offer the best way to fill empty seats. Since they have already have taken the course, they offer limitless opportunities by referring their acquaintance to undertake the training as they know its value. Keep them on your mailing list and regularly update them on current and future workshops.


Give offers to particular groups

Engage non-profit membership organizations and other corporates, team up with them and offer special member prices in exchange for marketing to their list. Some of these organizations are on a constant quest to bring more value to their members. When you market a workshop directly to their list, you attract more participants and also the linkbacks from their websites to yours will assist your search engine ranking results.


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Create quality workshop marketing brochures. Get a person who has created outstanding brochures before as there are proven methods of writing workshop marketing brochures. Focus on the right content to attract your target participants, and you will quickly fill those empty seats.

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Using these tips will help you increase the number of workshop participants. Marketing your training workshop may be a bit of science, but with some trial and error, you will be able to find the techniques that work best for you and increase your workshop participants.


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