How Do I Market My Restaurant in Singapore

How Do I Market My Restaurant in Singapore

The food and beverage industry in Singapore is relatively saturated but still profitable. Over the years, this industry has managed to stand the test of time, and this clear proof that starting a restaurant in this country is a viable business idea that you can materialize. Apart from the increase in rental space rates and turnover of employees, it is imperative for restaurant owners to focus on marketing their services to the target audience.

Here are tips on how to market your restaurant in Singapore.

Leverage Loyalty Apps

We Singaporeans love discounts just like other countries. A recent study proved that loyalty apps are the second most favourite applications in the country. Therefore, embracing one of the popular loyalty apps can help you to market your services locally and gain massive traction. Concisely, the app will not only motivate clients to stream into your restaurant but also increase your site’s organic traffic.

Use Social Media

Thousands of people in Singapore use social media to interact with other people online as well as gather information about the various companies and restaurants. Save money by using the various platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to market your restaurant. Apart from marketing, you can use the same platform to respond to clients’ queries and advertise upcoming events such as food expos and promotions.


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Form Joint Partnerships with Learning Facilities

Virtually all colleges, schools, and universities have restaurants that serve their staff and the students. Many restaurants have managed to get a firm footing in the country by partnering with the learning facilities. Students are always looking for new joints in their respective colleges that serve quality food and drinks at an affordable price. They are also the most loyal audience when it comes to word of mouth marketing. During the initial stages, consider sponsoring one of the organization welfare drives and provide free meals and goodies to students. This simple act will market the restaurant throughout the facility and beyond.

Be proactive and find out new and savvy ways of marketing for your new restaurant in Singapore by using the above tips, instead of blindly advertising and handing out flyers. With the right mindset and skilled personnel, there is no limit on the returns you will get.


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February 09, 2017

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