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How Do I Market My Resort in Singapore

It can be a hard task getting your resort noticed, especially if it is not part of the integrated resorts of Singapore. However, results of the STB’s survey on ‘Return of Hotel on Room Lettings and Food & Beverages Sales Turnover’ show that different tiers of resorts and hotels registered an outstanding bed occupancy rate of above 80% as at July 26, 2016. This is good news for all the players involved in the Singapore hospitality industry. However, how can you market your resort in Singapore to increase your turnover?

Here are four golden tips to ensure that your resort is consistently fully booked.

Engage the Singapore Tourism Board (STB)

One of the roles of a tourism board is to market the accommodation facilities available in the country. Ensure that you invest in making your resort an excellent facility and the STB will market it as one of the best destinations in Singapore.

Participate in Tourism Expos

Singapore attends and holds tourism Expos in the country as well as all over the world. This is to market the country as a tourism destination. STB invites resorts and other tourism stakeholders to participate in the Expos by exhibiting their products and services.

Ensure your marketing team is abreast with the dates these expos will take place and prepare in advance. They will expose your resort to a wider market since many people from different parts of the world frequent these Expos.

Use Hashtags

In 2010, the STB changed Singapore’s destination brand from ‘Uniquely Singapore’ to ‘YourSingapore.’ The STB uses the brand in every aspect to market Singapore’s unique strength in the provision of personalized experiences. Hashtags are the life force of the internet and can generate organic traffic to your resort’s website.

Use ‘#YourSingapore’ in your digital marketing campaigns especially on social media. You must have quality SEO content on your sites to make a bigger impact.

Have Customer –Centric Campaigns

The traditional forms of marketing and advertisements are still capable of ushering holidaymakers to your resort. Many travelers in the present age are overly sophisticated and discerning in their interests as well as tastes.

Create a customer –centric marketing approach, customized to focus on the needs and requirements of your targeted customers in every key market you envision.

With the tips above, your resort will be able to achieve an occupancy of over 80%. Invest in an extensive market trend analysis and extensive customer research and gain an understanding of what a visiting or local holidaymaker wants.

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