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How to Market Spa, Massage and Salons in Singapore

Market Spa, Massage and Salons in Singapore

Singaporeans are more concerned about their wellness than ever before and the massage and spa industry is experiencing a rapid growth. The interest in wellness has significantly increased the value of the industry. Entrepreneurs like you help increase the turnover by attracting more clients to your parlors. When you are short of clients, achieving success in this industry can be a daunting task. How then can you market spa, massage and salons in Singapore?

Here are a few surefire ways to get more patrons to your parlor.

Let Customers Know Your Brand

Customers associate more with a brand when they have sufficient information about the values it upholds. For instance, you need to connect with your customers when you want to sell your services to them. As you promote your services to them, do it in a casual way, such that you appear as a friend. Explain to prospective clients how they are going to benefit by using your services.

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If it’s a massage parlor, you can explain how it can improve their overall health. Establish a solid presence in social networking platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. Let your followers know that you care about them by posting helpful content regularly. Building a personal brand is all about creating a good mage for your business.

Use Incentives to Attract Customers

Return clients are good for business. They ensure that you always have someone to attend to even when the businesses isn’t doing well. If you want to keep attracting new clients on a daily/weekly basis, you have to introduce incentives. You can never go wrong with incentives because almost every Singaporean loves to get a service at a reduced fee.

You can start by offering huge discounts for people who will be using your services for the first time. Incentives will tempt new customers to pop in into your parlor to test out the services you have on offer. The customer is sure to return when your services match up to the promise of your incentives.

Partner with related businesses in your area

You don’t always have to promote your services alone. Look around you-there are many businesses you can collaborate with. It’s a situation where both parties benefit. Partner with businesses which offer related services, for instance a salon that doesn’t offer massage services. They will refer clients to you while you also do the same for them.  

Build a website for your business                     

Considering the high number of internet users in Singapore, you need to focus on online marketing. There are many strategies you can use to connect to the online community. Begin by building a website for your business. Ensure that the site contains details such as services you offer, prices, and contact details. You could also include a feature that allows users to book appointments.

A good site is one that’s easy to navigate. If a user wants to check out your services, they should do so easily. It should also be visually appealing-first impressions matter a lot. If they love what they see, they look for ways to contact you.

The downside is that there are probably hundreds of other parlors offering the same services as yours. A good number of these have websites. Use the following techniques to move ahead of competitor websites.

Search engine marketing (SEM)this is the practice of paying search engines such as Google to advertise your business. You basically bid on certain keywords and wait for internet users to search them. When they do, your ad appears alongside the normal search results. SEM is a great way to boost traffic to your site.

Search engine optimization (SEO) – SEO is the process of manipulating your site in order to improve rankings on search engines. You can do this by making the site mobile friendly because a significant number of Singaporeans use their tablets/mobile phones to browse. Another way is to improve the speed of the site-users will generally ignore slow websites. Posting fresh content regularly is also another SEO tip to help you improve your visibility online.

 Keep In Touch

After you have pulled in the customer and they appreciated your services, then you ought to keep in touch with the client. This ensures that your business is the first thing that comes to mind when they think about getting a massage or a relaxing day at a spa.

Business coaches in Singapore advice that you should get in touch with your customers at least once every 4-6 weeks. By staying in touch with your customers, you will increase your turnover and be ahead of the competition.

Leverage social networks

Before conducting marketing, you need to determine where your target audience hangs out. Today, a large number of Singaporeans are active on social networking platforms. Social networks include Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Establish a presence in these platforms by publishing engaging content on a regular basis.

If, for instance you are using Instagram, you can post before and after pictures of a client who just got her hair made. If it’s a spa, post photos of people having a good time at the spa. It’s all about tailoring content for each platform.

Compete On Value

Value is a big determinant factor that ensures a client returns to your massage and spa parlor for more. Compete on value with other parlors in Singapore by backing up your marketing tactics with value-based services. This will put you on a pedestal given that many businesses embark on smear campaigns against the competition to get more customers.

Given your marketing tactics have managed to bring in new customers, nurture a habit of asking for referrals. Word of mouth from satisfied customers will give your massage and spa business better publicity than most of your sales and marketing tactics.

With all the above tips in mind, it shouldn’t be difficult to market spa, massage and salons in Singapore. If you are promoting your business online, call MediaOne for expert consultancy on SEO  and SEM. We count Vspa and Kenko our clients amongst many others.


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