How Do I Market My Massage and Spa in Singapore

Singaporeans are more concerned about their wellness than ever before and the massage and spa industry is experiencing increased demand. The interest in wellness has increased the value of the industry in Singapore and entrepreneurs like you, are moving to increase their turnover by attracting more clients to their parlors. How then can you market your parlor in Singapore?

Here are four certain tips to get more patrons to your parlor.

Let Customers Know Your Brand

Customers associate more with a brand when they have sufficient information about the values it upholds. Have a website and a robust digital marketing team that will influence traffic to your site to let prospective customers know the kind of massage and spa services you offer as well as the value they will get from patronizing your parlor.

Use Incentives to Attract Customers

Return clients are good for business. However, getting new clients will grow your business and it will call for you to initiate incentives and a unique sales proposition. Incentives will tempt new customers to pop in into your parlor to test out the services you have on offer. The customer is sure to return when your services match up to the promise of your incentives.

Keep In Touch

After you have pulled in the customer and they appreciated your services, then you ought to keep in touch with the client. This ensures that your business is the first thing that comes to mind when they think about getting a massage or a relaxing day at a spa.

Business coaches in Singapore advice that, you should get in touch with your customers at least once every 4-6 weeks. By staying in touch with your customers, you will increase your turnover and be ahead of the competition.

Compete On Value

Value is a big determinant factor that ensures a client returns to your massage and spa parlor for more. Compete on value with the other parlors in Singapore by backing up your marketing tactics with value-based services. This will put you on a pedestal given that many businesses embark on smear campaigns against the competition to get more customers.

Given your marketing tactics have managed to bring in new customers, nurture a habit of asking for referrals. Word of mouth from satisfied customers will give your massage and spa business better publicity than most of your sales and marketing tactics.

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February 19, 2017

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