How Do I Market My Energy Efficiency Consultancy Services in Singapore

How Do I Market My Energy Efficiency Consultancy Services in Singapore

Energy efficiency is not only a major concern to businesses in Singapore but also the government. On March 8th, 2017, the National Environment Agency (NEA) made some changes to the ECA (Energy Conservation Act) which include strengthening the reporting and measurement requirements for greenhouse gas emissions. The changes also indicated that companies should conduct regular energy efficiency opportunity assessments as well as introduced new minimum energy performance standards.

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As a result of these changes, the demand for energy efficiency consultancy services is expected to skyrocket. Here are some of the strategies that you can use to market your consulting services.

Connect with the People Who Need the Services

In spite of the high demand for energy consulting services, you cannot afford to sit back and wait for clients to stream into your office. You need to hit the ground running and interact with the people and organizations that need the services most. Do not focus solely on one segment of the market, diversify your reach to increase your returns and expand your clientele base.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is considered the most powerful way of connecting with customers. Get an email mailing list database from a company such as Ninja emails and use it to send out emails to the potential clients. Offer them incentives such as free weekly newsletters on how to save energy in their premises to lure them to use your services.

Online Marketing

Market your services online by first creating a robust and user-friendly website that can be accessed on any device. Then, proceed to see professional SEO company in Singapore to ensure your site ranks high. MediaOne helps energy consulting firms to market their services by providing top quality SEO and SEM services. Get in touch with our support team at (65) 6789 9852.


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