How Do I Market My Car Rental Agency in Singapore

How Do I Market My Car Rental Agency in Singapore


According to a recent study, the car rental industry is expected to record a compound annual growth rate of over 10% this year. The government has also worked smart to come up with policies and marketing strategies that are geared towards increasing the number of foreign visitors to the country. This is a plus for new and existing car rental agencies as they will enjoy a reliable flow of clients in 2017 and beyond. However, they will need to market their services to the target audience to get the best results.

Here are tips on how to market your car rental agency in Singapore.

Partner with Travel Agencies

Forming partnerships with travel agencies both local and international will position your car agency for success. The travel agencies will recommend your company to their clients, and this will, in turn, boost your turnover. To sustain the partnership, ensure that you offer quality services to the customers consistently as well as excellent customer service.

Get Online

Foreign tourists and Singaporeans use the internet as their primary source of information. Therefore, giving your car rental agency a voice online by investing in a quality website will greatly help to tap into the lucrative online community. Hire a professional SEO copywriter to create the content then consider contracting a Singapore digital marketing firm to popularize the business on social media and other online platforms.

Embrace Mobile Applications

We Singaporeans love using mobile applications to place orders and access services remotely. As new technologies are developed, it is expected that the number of people who will acquire mobile gadgets such as smartphone will increase tremendously. You can grow your car rental agency by making your services more accessible to this audience using a mobile application. Ideally, the application should be devoid of clutter and user-friendly.

Finally, delegate the role of social media marketing to a select team of experts to ensure that your agency continues to engage with the target audience on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms. Such sites are ideal for popularizing upcoming events and offers to the customers.


January 18, 2017

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