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How Do I Market My Business Consultancy Firm in Singapore

Business Consultancy Firm

Double taxation guarantee agreements, strong intellectual property laws, and investment guarantee agreements are some of the incentives that make Singapore the most ideal country in the Asia-Pacific region to set up a business. Over the last decade, the number of foreign and local companies has increased by more than 50%. This trend has, in turn, resulted in an increase in demand for professional business consultancy services.

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If you are an expert in a particular industry or niche, you can profit by helping other companies make informed decisions and resolve problems. Here are tips on how to market your business consulting services in Singapore.

Marketing a business consultancy firm may be a challenging venture as you are not selling a physical thing but services to people who may not be aware that they require those services. Let us look at some of the tested methods used by business consultants in Singapore to market their ventures.


Direct mail

It is a compelling way to promote a new business consultancy as it is targeted to the exact audience you want to reach. However, you will have to rent or create a targeted prospect list, then send your proposed customers a flier, sales letter, brochure, or “lumpy envelope” with an enclosed gift, all detailing the business consulting services you provide. Personalize your sales message and emphasize the advantages of your offer while giving all the necessary details.



Advertise on specialized magazines or trade journals by placing ads and advertising in special sections such as the directory of consulting services. Local yellow pages also present a worthy place to advertise. It is good to consider placing a larger ad in the book since people assume that spending more money on the ad means that you are more professional or established than other business consultants. Be tactful on advertising since it can be an expensive doing.



Newsletters have proven to be a useful tool in rounding up customers for your consultancy firm. You can present news of interest to possible clients through newsletters and remind previous clients that you are still doing what you do best and ready if they want help again. Your newsletter should include tips for success, editorials and opinions, and other important industry news.


One of the difficult areas to manage in consulting is the fact that you have to “eat what you kill.” Therefore you must constantly balance the act of delighting customers and generating new business. If you want to know if a marketing technique works or not, check out business consultants who will not eat that month if they do not drive business. If they are doing it, it is worth noting.


Business Consultancy Firm


Join Singapore Business Advisors and Consultants Council

Singapore Business Advisors and Consultants Council (SBACC) is a professional body that enforces Practising Management Consultant certification. As a member of this organization, you will be recognized as an authority by not only companies in the private sector but also various government agencies such as IE Singapore, WDA, and SPRING Singapore.

Network with Industry Leaders to Get Speaking Engagements

Networking with industry leaders will help you to secure speaking engagements that will expand your clientele base and audience. For example, if you are an expert in online marketing in Singapore, you may be invited to speak at seminars and business conferences such as the Annual International Conference on Computer Games, Multimedia, and Allied Technologies.

Finally, you need to have a website to connect with entrepreneurs and company directors who require business consulting services. Search engine marketing strategies such as PPC will also help you to advertise your brand online by strategically placing ads on SERPs whenever someone searches for your target keywords.

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