How Can A Good SEO Consultant Assist You to Improve Your SEO?

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Out there, a lot of well-designed websites exist. However, most of the sites lack one crucial aspect – traffic. If you own a greatly designed website and you aren’t receiving visitors, it is time to hire someone to assist you with SEO consultant. A good SEO agency in Singapore can help you increase your ranking and visibility.

The most beautiful thing about hiring a professional to run your SEO is that they can help you distinguish your primary goals. And then you will come up with a superior strategy that aligns your goals and enhances your ranking on the search engines. Although most SEO experts in Singapore claim to have enough knowledge, there are some qualities that you should look for when deciding on the right one.

Here are some SEO tactics that a good SEO consultant can help you to implement to optimise your website:

  1. SEO Health Check

There is no quick solution to a poorly tuned website, but there exist areas where you can identify issues and do quick fixes. This is related to the technical part of your site. It entails auditing your website to investigate whether your SEO has been put into action or not.

Auditing your website lets you know whether you are on the right track or not. A professional SEO consultant can assist you to conduct a comprehensive SEO audit and resolve the problematic areas on your website.

  1. Improve Page Loading Speed

Google’s algorithm is not fixed, but the loading time of your page affects your sites ranking on the SERPs. A quick method of determining whether your website suffers from poor SEO is if your pages do not load promptly.

A landing page takes about three seconds to load on average. There is little allowance for error when considering load times. If unresolved, poor loading speeds can be the most significant drawbacks for any website.

Poor website loading speeds could be caused by:

  • Unoptimized plugins or browser. You need to check the individual causes of poor loading of it becomes a problem — images and photos with a large size. You should use PNG for logos and JPEG for photos.
  • Too many pop-ups or ads.
  • Your theme. A theme that is overly designed causes your website to load slowly.
  • Overuse of widgets. Increasing the fancy moving parts on your site reduces its loading speed.
  • Your service provider. When it comes to your host, you receive what you pay for. If you experience delays in regular use, you may need to upgrade your plan to get a favourable site speed.

Improving your site speed can give you a big boost to your SEO within no time. So, ensure that you get an SEO consultant with an excellent reputation to enhance the overall picture of your website.

  1. Mobile-Friendly Websites

This might be the most crucial factors when considering the best SEO practices due to various reasons. Google understands these reasons, and that is why they have moved to mobile-first indexing when ranking websites. It means that regardless of the device you use, Google gives sites that are optimised for mobile devices the priority.

Most traffic on the internet comes from mobile devices. If your website is not optimised for mobile devices, then your business is losing much of its valuable traffic and potential customers. If you check your Google Analytics account and find out that you have more visitors on desktop devices than mobile devices, you probably know what the issue is. Your site might not be mobile-friendly.

A professional SEO consultant can assist you with the following to ensure that you are not missing out:

  • Design your pages with simplified navigation, larger buttons, and bigger texts. Users will access your website on a smaller screen, and they need to interact easily.
  • Ensuring that your site is responsive to all devices, and it adjusts the resolution and size of its elements for mobile and desktop websites.
  • Making sure that all your website resources load in all devices. Mobile users should not miss anything that is visible on the desktop.
  • Increase the loading speed of your mobile site. Mobile pages need to be more optimised than desktop websites.

Google has a preference when it comes to HTTP and HTTPS. A trusted and secure site might rank higher than its insecure counterparts. After all, HTTPS is just a secure HTTP. An HTTPS connection is crucial in your online business. It may be of little consequence to the overall ranking of your website. But it plays a psychological role with your audience. It can distinguish you from your rivals.

  1. Clearing Links

Google penalises sites that features duplicate and non-functional links. If you have links on your website that are not internally linked, Google will use these against your ranking. Also, if you have links that lead to a 404 error, you need to clean them out of your site. Your links must be helpful to the user for your website to rank high on the search engine results pages.

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Also, if you have pages containing similar content on your website, it will negatively impact your ranking. Ensure that each page of your website contains unique content to get a higher ranking.

Your SEO service provider should assist you to clean out links that are not useful on your website to enhance your ranking on SERPs.

  1. Avoid Hidden Content

Google has a complex site crawler that vigorously looks for hidden content and keywords on your website. They also have experts to review websites for spammy tactics. Your SEO consultant should employ white hat SEO techniques to avoid issues with your ranking on SERPs.

However, there are various valid reasons to hide content that do not affect the ranking of your website. They include the following:

  • Preview-able or paid content. Google counts content that is hidden behind a paywall as valid.
  • Compatibility issues for browsers may cause content to display differently — navigational aspects. These are the methods that you can use to enhance the user experience of your site. They include hover menus, sliders, and drop-down menus.
  1. On-Page SEO

Researching Your Keywords

Keyword research will always bear fruits. Conducting proper research takes market study and needs a lot of time. There is no substantial method of optimising your keywords since it is a skill that bases on your specific business goals. Adding keywords to your content, headers, blogs, and URLs shows Google that you are producing quality content that will add value to the users searching for those keywords.

When considering keywords, looking at what your competitors use has a significant impact. You need to know the keywords that they target, what the users are searching for and the number of businesses that are targeting the keywords.

Google features various tools and plugins that can assist you to determine the keyword strategies used by your competitors. It also has a Keyword Planner that offers you with the analytics on various keywords.

There also exist tools that provide you with metrics of the difficulty of your keywords. These are beneficial in giving you an insight about your competition. Keyword research aims to even out relevancy, low competition, and high volume to your online store.

You can consider using both long-tail and short-tail keywords. Long-tail keyword contains more than three words while short-tail keywords include 1 to 3 words. Short-tail keywords are highly competitive and have a high search volume. Long-tail keywords, on the other hand, have low competition, are more specific, and are lower in volume. Adding long-tail keywords to your content is a valuable means of increasing quality traffic to your site.

Quality Content

You will still need to maintain your website for the SEO even if it is greatly designed. It is always related to the content that you publish on the site. When writing content, include your keywords based on relevant research. Google penalises websites that fail to include keywords founded on appropriate material.

You need to know what your audience needs when they search for your keywords and inescapably visit your website. You need to develop content that is both thorough and satisfying for their needs.

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Google ranks websites that content that is both relevant and engaging. This means that you publish long articles that contain videos, pictures, customer testimonials, and in-depth analysis of particular topics to keep your users reading.

The best SEO consultants in Singapore can assist you to create content that is engaging to your audience and reliable to Google. It will make your website rank at the top of the SERPs.

Crawlable Site

Your website needs to be simple for Google to crawl and easy for users to navigate. Google requires various elements to be attached and configured so that it identifies what a page is about and rank it appropriately.

Here are some few elements that you need to consider:

  • Title Tags. They are the headlines that you click to connect to a website on the SERPs. They should contain your keyword and relevant to your topic.
  • Headings. Your content should contain headings to highlight the different issues in your content. It is crucial to add your keywords and related information to your headings.
  • URLs. Include short and unique URLs containing your keyword — meta Descriptions. They are the descriptions of the content provided on your website that appear on the SERPs. Write a description that is informative, and that includes your keywords.
  • Image optimisation. Include your keyword in the alt texts of the images that you upload on your website.

Your service provider should have the know-how on how to add a feature that should make it easy for Google to crawl your website. Slow site speeds result to slow crawling processes.

  1. Off page SEO


Backlinks are among the most valuable contributors of your ranking on the SERPs. If another website is willing to host your page, it is an advantage since Google sees it as credibility. It means that your backlinks should be honest and not spammy. If you have backlinks that go back to a specific page, Google sees your websites as reputable and valuable.

Your service provider should assist you to generate honest backlinks to your website to enhance your website’s ranking. They should also help you to develop a robust site architecture that is easy to navigate between pages and menus.

Social Media

Staying active on social media is another way to boost your SEO. Having social media accounts will enhance your online authority. Social media generates massive traffic to your website organically. Providing links and content regularly will increase your online visibility.

However, marketing on social media is not easy, especially when the followers increase. So, your SEO consultant in Singapore should be able to offer you a full circle social media advertising package.

Local SEO

If your business targets local customers, you should consider using local SEO. The strategy behind local SEO is to connect your website to your location while improving your online presence to rank at the top of the regional list.

Begin with declaring your local business. There is a huge difference when a consumer searches for you. Then you need to associate your business with your location by adding your country or city across various platforms. Add a map if possible.

The other elements that can enhance your SEO are quality reviews and engaging with your consumers on social media.


SEO is a continuous process that you improve based on your business goals. Google uses a complex algorithm. Only them knows what a valuable page constitutes. While the system will always be improving to increase customer satisfaction, there are various measures that you can take to stay on top. The best strategy is to understand what your audience wants and know what Google is looking for.

If you find you are not getting the conversions or traffic that you warrant, consider hiring an SEO consultant. They will help you improve your digital presence and help you reach your business objectives. Developing the best SEO is time-consuming, especially for busy business owners. Let your SEO consultant do the marketing tasks for you while you focus on growing your business.

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