What To Ask When Hiring a Mobile App Developer In Singapore

What To Ask When Hiring a Mobile App Developer In Singapore

Hiring a mobile app developer will help you create applications that run on mobile devices and are a true reflection of your Singapore business.  Through mobile applications, clients are able access the services and products available on your website and even contact support team.  When seeking to bring a developer on board, you want to make sure that they align with your company’s objective. Below are ten questions you will most likely ask them: –

1. Which applications have you created in the recent past?

A developer with work that they have proudly done will not have problems sharing its details. Your bottom line is to ensure that your efforts do not go to waste. By answering this question, you get a chance to gauge their level of expertise. Even if the prospective candidate does not have apps they can directly lay claims to, active participation in creating them would still be appropriate. Nonetheless, always trust your gut feeling by matching the technical expertise of a developer with practical work.

2. What is your estimated turnaround time for this project?

In every investment that a business makes, timelines are critical. Your financiers are eager to get their money back. At the same time, they are keeping tabs on the project. While hiring a mobile app developer, find out when they intend to commence work. Would they start immediately or later? If there are other projects that they are handling, the app developer should say so to give you an idea of their timelines.

3. How much will you charge me for the entire project?

Despite a developer promising to do an excellent job, their fee should not go beyond what you have budgeted. On the other hand, prod the developer to share with you what their pay entails. What features will the mobile application have that warrant the pricing in question? Also, ensure that you agree on the terms. Like in any other business deal, the consultant will require a certain percentage as a down payment and the rest as you progress or upon completion.

4. How shall we keep in touch during the development phases?

Mobile apps, whether for Android or iOS involve iterative work. There is plenty of back and forth which makes it essential for both parties to keep in touch. Upon hiring a mobile app developer, you expect that they will keep you posted on the progress. On their part, the developer should ensure that they are in line with your expectations. Besides keeping you updated, an app development professional should provide some progress-monitoring tools.

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5. You understand that hiring a mobile app developer is a serious undertaking, what other services do you bring to the table?

With this question, you are seeking to establish whether the work will only entail application development, or it will also come with beta testing services. Projects of this nature require user support and regular quality assurance checks. Besides app development, push for an official launch, maintenance, testing and analysis as part of the package.

6. What other apps have you created that is like the one we seek?

You are not merely interested in a portfolio of past work, but you want to be sure that the person understands your requirements. A history of similar work helps calm down your anxiety or fears. It also enables you to perform background checks on the developer. You get to find out how other clients rate them plus you can go through online reviews of apps they have developed.

7. By hiring a mobile app developer, I am investing a lot. Will I own the application?

Ordinarily, the one paying to get a mobile app gets to own it when complete. However, issues may arise along the way. You could be sitting there comfortably only to realise that the developer retained some rights. Confirm that you will own the completed work by having the app developer signing a contract. The agreement must state that you will have full ownership.

8. Will you provide me with a team dedicated to this task only?

App development is a volatile task. There could arise the need for alterations, or you may challenge some aspects. Some contractors may take it that you doubt their work. Nonetheless, with a team entrusted to deliver an excellent product, you can easily have every concern addressed. While hiring a mobile app developer, you must re-affirm that you need people assigned only for this task. They will not participate in other competitive work until they complete yours.

9. How will I earn from my app?

This question comes in handy when the objective for developing the app is to earn from it. The developer must then incorporate revenue generation features. For example a model where users pay before download  files. You could also partner with marketers to have some ads running on the app and get a share of the advertising revenue. As a bottom line, indulge the developer on ways of making money from the mobile application.

10. What are your references, any past or present clients I can contact?

As is the case with hiring regular personnel, finding entities that can vouch a developer’s past work cements your confidence. Besides, a professional who is confident with what they do is not afraid of you calling or checking around. When you call, ask about timeliness in delivery, reliability and responsiveness. Find out whether the developer stuck to the budgets. You can also check a candidate’s profile on sites such as LinkedIn.

Top Mobile App Developers in Singapore

Stats show that only one or two mobile apps out of every 10, 000 apps built get to succeed. The rest fail and disappear into oblivion, never to be heard again.

It’s unfortunate, even so, when you consider the fact that mobile apps are too damn expensive to build.

One of the cited explanations as to why most of these apps fail is ‘bad technology.’ True when you come to think about it – or how do you market a badly designed app and make it successful?

How — when the app is filled with bugs? Users can’t get past the login page without encountering an error.

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It’s a sad state of affairs that we have to remind you that not all mobile app development firms in Singapore have the same expertise or talent. If you pay an agency and they build you an app using obsolete standards, or you find out that the app is structured on subpar coding, that could render the final product unusable – at which point, you may be forced to abandon the operation or watch as your business idea fades to oblivion.

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So how about we save you from all this trouble by recommending a few mobile app development agencies that you can trust. It’s good that some of these agencies go beyond just designing the app. They might help you market it as well and raise the stakes of it succeeding.

Monster Lab

Monster is undoubtedly one of the leading mobile app development companies in Singapore. The mobile app development industry in the country is its fiefdom, and that’s partly because they have a proven track record, having built some of the most successful apps in Singapore.

Although headquartered in Singapore, the company is stationed in 12 different countries, with a staff that extends up to 800 employees. The company specialises in end-to-end-mobile-and-web development solutions and has managed to work with some of the biggest brands you know, including BMW and Sony.

Year Founded: 2005

Company Size: More than 800 employees stationed in 12 different countries.

Service Offered: Mobile development, Web Design, IT Staff Augmentation


SingSys is a mobile and web development agency based entirely in Singapore. Since its start in 2009, the company has been working on numerous web projects, and successfully managed to complete a good number of them.

The company takes it as its responsibility to serve the various needs of its clients and present them with solutions, including start-ups, individual entrepreneurs, and corporate enterprises.

Year Founded: 2009

Company Size: 50 to 259 Employees

Services offered: UX/UI Design, Mobile App Development


Mobiloitte is a full-service, premier mobile and web app development firm in Singapore. Besides developing apps, the company specialises in online security, as well as scale and performance across apps, BOTS, and IoT landscape.

It’s a full-house software solution whose reputation and portfolio precedes them.

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Year Founded: 2004

Company Size: 250 to 999 Employees

Services: UX/UI Design, Mobile App Development, Website Development, IoT Solutions, BOTs


Ming Labs is a global UX/UI and mobile app development company. The company has a unique approach to design, where they try to establish a symbiotic relationship between design, development, and advanced industry insight.

It’s one of the most successful development companies in Singapore, and that’s partly because they strive to create some of the most resourceful designs you’ll ever come across.

Year Founded: 2011

Company Size: 50 to 250 employees.

Services offered: UX/UI design, Mobile App Development, Web Development


Vinova is a tech company dedicated to bringing your IT ideas to life. It’s one of the companies you turn if you have a business idea or game idea that you wish to turn into a mobile or game app.

It’s one of the most trust and reliable software solutions well-known for building some of the most successful mobile apps in the country.

Year Founded: 2010

Company size: 10 to 49 employees

Services offered: Mobile App Development, Software development, Web Development


RobustTechHouse is one of the leading providers of software solutions in Singapore. Other than that, they have a speciality in Blockchain development and Chatbots. For apps, they create both Android and iOS apps.

Year Founded: 2014

Company size: 10 to 49 Employees.

Services Offered: Mobile App development (iOS and Android), Blockchain Development, Chatbot development, Ecommerce Development, Custom Software Development.

Niyati Technologies

Niyati is among the pioneers of IT solutions in Singapore. Way before the world of tech was this advanced, Niyati was already working with clients in Singapore in helping them set up sites from crude code. CMS’s programs, such as sWordPress, were non-existent at the time.

As time would have it, they would major into mobile app development, carving their spot as one of the most proficient and skilled developers for Android, iOS, and Windows Applications. If anything, they should be in your top 3 list of the best mobile app developers in Singapore.

Year Founded: 1999

Company size: More than 50 employees

Services Offered: App development, Mobile App development, Usability Design.

Rainmaker Labs

Not to exaggerate anything, but Rainmaker has some of the most stunning Android and iOS apps in their work portfolio. It’s a Singapore-based company with offices in several other countries, which, um, makes them a global brand.

Their expertise in this field has placed them in the good books of Mobile Marketing Automation Cloud, which apparently vouches for them for creating some of the most intuitive mobile apps you’ll ever come across.

Year Founded: 2011

Company Size: 50 to 249 companies

Services Offered: UX/UI Design, Mobile App Development

OCTAL IT Solution

OCTAL IT Solution has an untainted reputation, despite having been in the industry for a decade and a half. It’s one of the companies that understand the hardship clients go through while raising funds for their web and mobile app products.

To help, the company tries to keep its budget low and make sure that it meets all the deadlines as agreed. Their experience and expertise also allow them to make near-accurate estimates of the amount of time it’s going to take them to complete a project.

Year Founded: 2004

Company size: Between 250 and 999 employees

Services: Web Development, Mobile App Development

Netset Software Solutions

It’s no justice for Netset to place it in the middle of a list like this — when they could easily fit on a top 3 list of the best of the best mobile app development firms in the country. It’s a global provider of IT solutions, with an office at JTC summit, Singapore.

In total, the company employs 183 people, stationed in different parts of the world. Their specialty includes UX/UI designs, mobile app development, and IT strategy consulting.

Year Founded: 2012

Employees: 51 to 250 Employees

Services Offered: Mobile App Development, IT Strategy Consulting, UX/UI Design

Affle Enterprise

Affle is another global IT brand with an extension office in Singapore. The company strives to deliver customer engagement acquisitions and transactions by creating user-friendly mobile apps that match your business needs and desires.

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With hundreds of mobile apps in their portfolio, Affle is one of the few agencies you turn to when you have no room left for disappointments. And if there’s anything they can promise you at the beginning of your working relationship, then it’s that their final product will exceed your expectations.

Year Founded: 2005

Company size: 50 to 249 employees

Services Offered: UX/UI Design, Mobile App Development

Let’s Nurture

Let’s Nurture has one of the richest portfolios in the country, having built hundreds of web and mobile apps since they started. Their clientele isn’t limited to Singapore, as they have worked with hundreds of clients from other parts of the world as well.

The company specialises in creating mobile apps for businesses, corporations, and custom ones.

Year Founded: 2008

Company Size: Between 50 and 249 Employees

Services offered: Android App Development, iOS App Development, Hybrid App Development

Creole Studios

Creole Studios is a household name in the mobile app development business. The company is known for creating some of the coolest android and iOS apps that people love to bits.

The company designs apps for all types of companies. While they can create varied types of apps, their specialty is on apps that companies can use to carry out their day-to-day business operations with ease and enhanced effectiveness.

They are one of the few companies that pour their heart and soul into every assigned project, with the aim of creating top-notch apps that match your business needs to a tee.

Year Founded: 2014

Company Size: 10 to 49

Services Offered: Mobile app Development, Web Development UX/UI Design

Credencys Solutions

Credencys’s name is behind some of the top mobile apps that you know. They’re one of the leading providers of IT solutions, not just in Singapore, but in Washington, Ahmedabad, and Mumbai. Their primary focus is on providing mobility solutions with the aim of optimising all your business processes.

They always have their finger on the pulse of what’s new in the world of tech. In which case, they’ve been able to extend their speciality to Big Data, web development, Big Data, IoT, and Cognitive Technologies.

Year Founded: 2008

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Company Size: 50 to 249 Employees

Services: Mobile app Development, Big Data, IoT, Web Development, Cognitive Technologies, UX/UI Design


Fooyo – a company that places user experience over everything else. If a mobile app design isn’t clean and intuitive, try looking at it through the Lens of Fooyo, and you’ll find out that it isn’t good enough.

So yes, looks and all that come second after user experience. It gets even better when you learn that there’s no limit as to what type of app Fooyo can create. Whether it’s an Android or iOS app, a basic one, or super-complex, you can bet Fooyo has the experience and technical expertise to make it happen.

Year Founded: 2014

Company Size: 2 to 9 employees

Services Offered: Mobile App Development, Web development UX/UI Design

Originally US

Originally US is among the few mobile app development companies in Singapore that need no introduction. If you’ve never heard about them, then there’s only one explanation for it – you’re a newbie or not actively involved with the app business.

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It’s an award-winning app development company that was started in 2014, and since then, they managed to design dozens of amazing apps that are not only visually stunning but also work and perform great.

Year Founded: 2014

Company Size: 10 to 49 Employees

Services Offered: Mobile App Development, IoT Development

Indus Net Technologies

Indus Net is another award-winning digital service brand whose roots spread out to other parts of the world. It’s also ranked as one of the oldest and consistent providers of IT solutions, well known for building apps that target all stakeholders, including customers, prospects, partners, vendors, and so on.

It’s never a miss with Indus, and that’s one of the reasons they’ve have been so successful in every country that they set camp in.

Year Founded: 1997

Company Size: 250 to 999 Employee

Services Offered: Mobile App Development, UX/UI Design, Web Development

Swag Soft

Swag Soft sounds like a new company but it’s not. Founded in 2010, the company has produced some of the most popular apps in the country. The company provides a comprehensive suite of digital services – including app development, web development, game development, iBeacon Technology, and Augment Reality development, among others.

With Swag Soft, the market takes precedence over all else. If users aren’t able to interact with the app and intuitively perform the intended task without asking you for help or taking seconds to figure it out, then it’s likely that Swag Soft didn’t build the app.

Year Founded: 2010

Company Size: 10 to 49

Services Offered: Mobile App Development, UX/UI Wearable App Development


Creatella is a two-in-one digital solution whose services sit in the middle of marketing and startup incubating. The company was started not long ago but has managed to grow and extend its roots to Europe and 15 other countries. It’s one of the companies that are growing at an alarming rate in the country.

It’s also one of the most ambitious and determined agencies in the country, well known for not taking chances with every single one of its assigned web and mobile app development projects.

Year Founded: 2015

Company Size: 10 to 49 employees

Services Offered: Mobile App Development, Web Design, Web Developmen


If done haphazardly, hiring a mobile app developer could leave you with a product that does not meet your expectations. While budgets and time constraints are necessary, you must be confident that you are hiring the right person. Past work history, an understanding of your needs, technical expertise and accountability are attributes that should inform your decision. Moreover, the app developer should cede all rights of ownership to you.

Get in touch with for for professional web design services in Singapore. Our team will work smart to ensure that the web design correlates with your mobile application and is user-friendly.

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