What To Ask When Hiring a Mobile App Developer In Singapore

hiring a mobile app developer

Hiring a mobile app developer will help you create applications that run on mobile devices and are a true reflection of your Singapore business.  Through mobile applications, clients are able access the services and products available on your website and even contact support team.  When seeking to bring a developer on board, you want to make sure that they align with your company’s objective. Below are ten questions you will most likely ask them: –

1. Which applications have you created in the recent past?

A developer with work that they have proudly done will not have problems sharing its details. Your bottom line is to ensure that your efforts do not go to waste. By answering this question, you get a chance to gauge their level of expertise. Even if the prospective candidate does not have apps they can directly lay claims to, active participation in creating them would still be appropriate. Nonetheless, always trust your gut feeling by matching the technical expertise of a developer with practical work.

2. What is your estimated turnaround time for this project?

In every investment that a business makes, timelines are critical. Your financiers are eager to get their money back. At the same time, they are keeping tabs on the project. While hiring a mobile app developer, find out when they intend to commence work. Would they start immediately or later? If there are other projects that they are handling, the app developer should say so to give you an idea of their timelines.   

3. How much will you charge me for the entire project?

Despite a developer promising to do an excellent job, their fee should not go beyond what you have budgeted. On the other hand, prod the developer to share with you what their pay entails. What features will the mobile application have that warrant the pricing in question? Also, ensure that you agree on the terms. Like in any other business deal, the consultant will require a certain percentage as a down payment and the rest as you progress or upon completion.

4. How shall we keep in touch during the development phases?

Mobile apps, whether for Android or iOS involve iterative work. There is plenty of back and forth which makes it essential for both parties to keep in touch. Upon hiring a mobile app developer, you expect that they will keep you posted on the progress. On their part, the developer should ensure that they are in line with your expectations. Besides keeping you updated, an app development professional should provide some progress-monitoring tools.

hiring a mobile app developer

5. You understand that hiring a mobile app developer is a serious undertaking, what other services do you bring to the table?

With this question, you are seeking to establish whether the work will only entail application development, or it will also come with beta testing services. Projects of this nature require user support and regular quality assurance checks. Besides app development, push for an official launch, maintenance, testing and analysis as part of the package.

6. What other apps have you created that is like the one we seek?

You are not merely interested in a portfolio of past work, but you want to be sure that the person understands your requirements. A history of similar work helps calm down your anxiety or fears. It also enables you to perform background checks on the developer. You get to find out how other clients rate them plus you can go through online reviews of apps they have developed.

7. By hiring a mobile app developer, I am investing a lot. Will I own the application?

Ordinarily, the one paying to get a mobile app gets to own it when complete. However, issues may arise along the way. You could be sitting there comfortably only to realise that the developer retained some rights. Confirm that you will own the completed work by having the app developer signing a contract. The agreement must state that you will have full ownership.

8. Will you provide me with a team dedicated to this task only?

App development is a volatile task. There could arise the need for alterations, or you may challenge some aspects. Some contractors may take it that you doubt their work. Nonetheless, with a team entrusted to deliver an excellent product, you can easily have every concern addressed. While hiring a mobile app developer, you must re-affirm that you need people assigned only for this task. They will not participate in other competitive work until they complete yours.

9. How will I earn from my app?

This question comes in handy when the objective for developing the app is to earn from it. The developer must then incorporate revenue generation features. For example a model where users pay before download  files. You could also partner with marketers to have some ads running on the app and get a share of the advertising revenue. As a bottom line, indulge the developer on ways of making money from the mobile application.

10. What are your references, any past or present clients I can contact?

As is the case with hiring regular personnel, finding entities that can vouch a developer’s past work cements your confidence. Besides, a professional who is confident with what they do is not afraid of you calling or checking around. When you call, ask about timeliness in delivery, reliability and responsiveness. Find out whether the developer stuck to the budgets. You can also check a candidate’s profile on sites such as LinkedIn.


If done haphazardly, hiring a mobile app developer could leave you with a product that does not meet your expectations. While budgets and time constraints are necessary, you must be confident that you are hiring the right person. Past work history, an understanding of your needs, technical expertise and accountability are attributes that should inform your decision. Moreover, the app developer should cede all rights of ownership to you.

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