Instagram Video Content: The Complete Guide To Boost Engagement

Instagram Video Content

Instagram isn’t just crowded—it’s a bustling metropolis with over a billion users, each vying for attention.

With engagement dropping like a stone, it’s more crucial than ever to set yourself apart if you want to dominate those feeds and the elusive Explore page.

The secret sauce? Instagram video content! Believe it or not, videos snag 21.2% more interactions than your standard image posts and 18.6% more than carousel posts. But despite this, only 16.7% of posts on Instagram are videos.

The Different Formats of Instagram Video

Not all videos on Instagram are the same. Here are three ways in which videos can be pushed on Instagram:

Feed Posts

Feed posts are your everyday Instagram updates in your Newsfeed and your profile page. Do you have a video snippet to share? You can post it just like a photo! Remember, keep those videos under a minute and at least 500 pixels wide.

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Check out this cool example from Barnes and Noble — they’re using video to highlight a discount on some books.

Instagram Video - Feed Posts

Creating video posts for your feed is a great way to boost sales. But don’t stop there! For even better engagement, sprinkle in valuable free content your followers will love.

Insta Story Videos

Instagram story videos are super easy and fun to use. You can spot them at the top of your feed or someone’s profile.

Remember, they only live for 24 hours unless you highlight them. Each story video lasts 15 seconds, but don’t worry—you can still create longer videos. Just split your longer video into 15-second clips to tell a complete story.

Instagram suggests using taller videos with dimensions of 1080×1920 pixels, perfect for the portrait format. For that, you want to shoot specific videos for your stories rather than using ones from your feed.

You can share links in your stories if you have over 10,000 followers. For some inspiration, check out this example from Serious Eats. They posted a straightforward cooking video in portrait format and broke it into several stories.

Instagram Video - Insta Story Videos

IGTV Videos

Want to share longer videos? IGTV is Instagram’s platform for videos up to an hour long. Start by posting a one-minute teaser on Instagram to entice viewers to your IGTV channel. Since IGTV is still relatively new, it’s a fantastic place to gain traction with less competition and greater reach.

One of the coolest features? You can add clickable links in your IGTV video descriptions. It’s perfect if you have fewer than 10,000 followers and want to share direct links.

Instagram Video - IGTV Videos

Take Nordstrom, for example. They use IGTV to interview Carolina Herrera’s creative director and include a link in the description that directs viewers to shop for featured products on Nordstrom’s website.

7 Types Of Instagram Video That You Can Post  

1. Free Useful Content

Who doesn’t love a good piece of free, helpful content? Sharing engaging or entertaining material on Instagram can boost your interaction rates like on any other social network. People love watching and sharing these videos with their followers. So, take a moment to consider what your audience enjoys.

Then, brainstorm some quality Instagram post ideas that will resonate with them. Once you have some fantastic concepts, go ahead and record them. Post them on your account, and watch the engagement roll in!

One straightforward way to share valuable content is by offering tips or ideas. You can create a dedicated Instagram video for this purpose or share a snippet from a longer video you’ve already published elsewhere.

Instagram Video - Free Useful Content

Take, for example, this video from Cupcake Jemma. She made a short clip to promote a longer video on her YouTube channel. It’s easy, effective, and helps draw more viewers to your primary content.

Share Short Videos on Instagram

Sharing shorter videos on Instagram can be really effective. Do you know videos that are around 26 seconds long tend to get the most engagement? Packing all your content into this short timeframe can be tricky, so why not use a teaser video? It can help drive traffic to your full-length videos.

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Instagram Video - Share Short Videos on Instagram

You can use a handy tool like Screencast-O-Matic’s Video Editor. It lets you trim down longer videos into neat, bite-sized clips.

Use a Good Video Editor

Using a quality video editor is a game-changer. For example, you can easily add overlay text to create engaging thumbnails, just like in the example above. If you have more to share, consider publishing longer videos on IGTV.

Instagram Video - Use a Good Video Editor

Take a leaf out of Birchbox’s book—they shared a video over three minutes on IGTV, and it works wonderfully.

2. 30- to 60-Second Tutorial Videos

Short-form tutorial videos are huge on Instagram right now. You’re missing a golden opportunity if your company isn’t creating these. Why? Because these quick tutorials work across all industries. Imagine a video showing how to whip up a delicious drink, apply the perfect makeup look, fix your hair, or even solve that tricky tech issue—people love it all.

But that’s not all. These videos are super engaging because they spark curiosity.

When someone scrolls past and sees a tutorial, they naturally wonder what’s happening. Are you building something cool? Mixing up a new recipe? Assembling a gadget? This curiosity drives them to stop, watch, and maybe even click that follow button.

These short-form tutorials are designed to be quick and easy to watch.

They’re often sped up or slightly shortened to fit the entire process into one video. It’s not just about demonstrating the steps; it’s about sparking curiosity.

You want viewers to be eager for more—whether diving into a more extended tutorial, exploring a tasty recipe on your site, or learning more about your fantastic product or service.

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Instagram Video - 30 to 60 Second Tutorial Videos

Take the travel or hospitality industry, for instance. Imagine a supercut of a couple enjoying a dream vacation packed with thrilling activities or maybe a fast-paced tour of a stunning castle or jaw-dropping landscape. These snippets can captivate anyone and make them want to learn more.

And let’s not forget the educational aspect. These videos can also be a fantastic way to teach your audience about a new place, an exciting menu, or a unique service or product. Viewers naturally want to dig deeper when you make your tutorials informative and engaging.

3. Don’t Ignore Memes

Memes? You know them; you love them. But if you need a little spark of inspiration or to see exactly what we mean, peek at these meme-style videos from some of our favourite brands.

Instead of sharing other people’s memes, they created their own content, which is brilliant if you want to dive into this trend. Remember, though, memes aren’t for everyone. You might want to think it through before slamming a meme on your semiconductor microchip processing firm. It might not be the best fit for your business.

Instagram Video - Dont Ignore Memes

Instagram Video - Dont Ignore Memes

4. Clip Longer Videos and Post them on Instagram

Just because you’re sharing a video on Instagram doesn’t mean it has to be made just for Instagram. You can also use them to guide viewers to longer content on platforms like your company’s website or your branded YouTube channel. These hook videos are designed to catch the audience’s eye and lead them to more extensive content.

Think of them as sneak peeks or trailers that can be clipped from a longer video.

Instagram Video - Clip Longer Videos and Post them on Instagram

In the film and entertainment world, these videos work wonders. Imagine a teaser for a blockbuster movie, a snippet from a full-length episode, or a hilarious scene from a sketch—perfect for sharing on YouTube in its entirety later.

Instagram Video - Clip Longer Videos and Post them on Instagram

News channels love this trick, too, catching your interest with a snippet and urging you to click to get the full scoop. Brands aren’t left behind, either. They use these engaging short clips to break the monotony of the Instagram scroll, enticing viewers to watch a two- to five-minute video on their own platforms.

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Instagram Video - Clip Longer Videos and Post them on Instagram

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5. Handheld Selfie Videos

Short videos where a spokesperson or social media rep chats directly to the camera do wonders for brands on Instagram. They feel personal and engaging. This approach is an incredible way to offer tons of value to your audience.

You can answer questions from your followers with an Instagram Live FAQ video, share tips and tricks throughout the day, or even create a delightful [customer testimonial video by meeting up with a satisfied customer and interviewing them on the spot.

These handheld selfie videos are perfect for live events. Whether it’s an event you’re hosting or one your company is attending, they’re versatile. For example, imagine your social media team roving the floor of a huge industry convention, capturing exciting moments, and posting them as Instagram Story updates throughout the day.

Instagram Video - Handheld Selfie Videos

This method shines, especially during major trending events with many big announcements. Followers are hungry for event coverage and behind-the-scenes footage. So, why not share your company’s unique perspective with them?

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6. Animated Text and Graphical Videos

These days, Instagram isn’t just about stunning travel photos or mouth-watering food videos. You’ll also find a flood of funny or inspiring quotes, often shared as images of text or screenshots from other social media platforms. These get shared by tens of thousands of users every day.

Want to save some cash on video marketing? Think about creating animated posts. These can be simple animations with text and graphics, maybe with a voice-over or a catchy background tune. They can be short, around 10-15 seconds, or up to a minute long.

Instagram Video - Animated Text and Graphical Videos

These videos are perfect for offering real value to your followers. Share deals, discounts, or flash sales—use bold, animated text to catch viewers’ eyes in their Newsfeed. You can boost these posts with links that take users straight to your website’s sales page.

7. 15-to-30-Seconds Influencer Videos

Teaming up with a social media influencer for a video is a fantastic way to reach new audiences and attract fresh eyes to your brand.

Whether they’re visiting your office for a shoot or crafting a sponsored post for their feed, this approach can boost your visibility. Adding another marketing touch-point for potential customers already familiar with your brand is also wise. Just make sure the influencer’s followers align with your target audience.

However, it’s crucial to choose your partner wisely. Some influencers might have millions of followers, but that doesn’t guarantee they can persuade their audience to try your product.

Oversaturation is another factor to consider. If you’re in the fashion or beauty space, you’ll find plenty of influencers to collaborate with, but you’ll also face stiff competition from other brands.

Additionally, people in these communities are typically eager to discover new products. But be aware they might already be overwhelmed with options.

Thankfully, there’s a vast array of niche communities and diverse influencers out there. The ideal scenario is finding a skilled influencer who is a trusted voice in your industry. Reach out to them and see if they’d be interested in collaborating with your brand, product, or service.

Instagram Video Content

You’re letting a golden opportunity slip by not posting Instagram videos.

Videos can attract new audiences, engage more viewers, nurture followers, and delight customers. Think about it—there are endless creative ideas you can explore. Try experimenting with different video types and track your results to see what works best.

You can even get inventive by mixing and matching concepts. Imagine creating a handheld selfie tutorial video with an influencer partner.

If navigating Instagram video feels like uncharted waters, don’t worry—we’re here to help. Just reach out and schedule a call, and let’s discover how our video packages can elevate your presence today.

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