How to Be a Great Web Designer

how to be a great web designer

Web design is a wide field that involves many aspects. Creativity is one of the attributes of a great web designer. Most clients do not know what kind of website they want, so it is up to you to create a site so functional and visually appealing that your customer will not mind paying.

But how do you become a great web designer?


Some people are naturally talented, while others learn the trade. However, talent and knowledge in a field cannot get you to the top of your field without passion. If you are passionate and enthusiastic about web design, you will achieve great things. Passion is what keeps you from giving up, even when your competition is bigger and better than you.


You have probably heard this a million times, “Practice makes perfect.” The more you design websites, the more you get better at it. Even the greatest web designers were once amateurs. They did not achieve the greatness overnight. They practiced, made mistakes, learned from their mistakes, and perfected their skills to get there.

So, stop lazing around awaiting the magic pill. Practice!

Encourage new ideas

Designers and other creative people say that the ideas just come, creating the notion that the ideas come by accident. The truth is new ideas come when you encourage them. Life experiences synthesize new ideas, often unconsciously, explaining why you feel ideas come by accident.

Your brain will generate new ideas through experiencing something new and consuming new information. New ideas will hardly come by sticking to your routine and hardly doing anything but staring at your computer. Go out and experience something new. Or, better yet, go online and read more about the latest in web design.

Kick out creative blocks

As a web designer, you will sometimes be in a creative block. It is a situation where no new ideas come to you, or you are having a difficult time executing new ideas.

But a creative block is just an excuse people create not to work. The human brain is not capable of not creating new ideas. You always find solutions to problems around you, voluntarily or involuntarily. For a web designer, the problems and solutions should relate to web development.

Being a good web designer you must also be aware of the proper SEO guidelines that can help a website be more visible on the Internet. To do so you need to consult good SEO agencies in Singapore for tips on what Google feels are well optimized websites.

Web design has a lot to do with creativity. Anything that encourages new ideas will make you a great web designer.


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