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Web security is growing by leaps and bounds by the passing of each day and the security prescription that worked wonders for you in yesteryears, might not work today. Hence, it is vital to stay abreast with WordPress security to ensure your website or blog is safe from any vulnerabilities. It is important to employ the use of the above WordPress security plugins for a functional website. It is advisable to upgrade to a paid version of security plugins for your WordPress for businesses with high traffic.

If you are asking yourself if you need a WordPress security plugin, the answer is a definite yes. The best CMS in the world right now is WordPress, and its popularity makes it a prevalent selection for hackers. WordPress now features regular updates to seal any existing or new security issues. But, security, in general, is a sensitive process. You can only seal holes if you understand the security issues.

At its best, WordPress has incredible security. But its massive field of plugins and themes acts as a security vulnerability. To secure your WordPress site against hacking, it is good to use a WordPress security plugin. Here we will look at some of the best wordpress security plugins you can consider using as a website owner in Singapore.

WordPress at its basic form is the easiest method of developing a content management system (CMS) for your blog or website using all under one roof components at your disposal without having to consult a professional web developer. According to research, WordPress drives almost a third of the blogs and websites on the Web; this does imply that three in every websites or blog you log into or you accidentally land on, is spurred by WordPress. Its accessibility and relatability to the internet audience make it also a prime target for hackers who are preying websites for your traffic. The threat makes it necessary for your WordPress to have a thoroughly reinforced defence system in the form of a security plugin in case of any threats.

Reinforcing your WordPress with security plugin does not insinuate WordPress does not possess its security properties that make it a formidable opponent by itself, notwithstanding majority of sites and blogs still insist on managing security components of their websites. The added security plugin help enhance their security while enjoying features enjoyed by WordPress.

The majority of standard plugins that work with WordPress to reinforce their fortitude are basic plugins possessing the elementary knowledge to use allowing you to emphasise the security of a website at your convenience while only requiring basic know-how to operate. It is why we created this list recommending to the Singapore population and to be precise, the small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) the ultimate security plugins that will ensure your blog and website are managed properly and optimally while enabling you to focus on content development and improving other features of your website.

The focus on Singapore is due to the growing popularity the country is witnessing due to its transformative agenda regarding the internet as a space for interaction of customers and products. It means that the Singapore Government has created an enabling atmosphere where people can access their basic wants at their convenience. The convenience is enabled by the building of a formidable internet infrastructure which has created confidence in investing in the digital space in the form of websites, blogs. The stimulus by the government helps the people acquire products and services while focusing on other aspects of life that help boost the economy of the country.

This article seeks to highlight the best security plugins that will help Singapore’s SME from hacking and help in the overall development and day-to-day management of websites. The list comprises of both the paid and non-paid plugins.

Why Your WordPress Website Needs A Security Plugin

Adding a WordPress security plugin offers you access to various features that you do not get from the WordPress website. These features include:

  • Scanning for malware, files, and the site
  • Protection against attacks from brutes
  • Firewalls for sites
  • General security strengthening

Although you can continue without having a WordPress security plugin, it is not worth the risking. Once your website has been attacked, there is nothing you can do unless trying to clean the mess and informing your customers.

Top WordPress Security Plugins

There are dozens of WordPress security plugins for you to install. It can be difficult for you to try all the plugins, and that is the reason we came up with this list. In the list below, you will learn about five of the best WordPress security plugins that you can install for free or at a charge to protect your website from security vulnerabilities.

  1. Wordfence Security

This is one of the best free WordPress plugins in the market.

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Wordfence is one of the free go-to WordPress security plugins recommended by experts. The security plugin prides itself for:

  • Fortifying your website from trial and error guessing of passwords by intruders to gain access to your WordPress
  • Login site security
  • Automatic backlisting of IP addresses and certain websites that are deemed to be offensive
  • It has a design that incorporates a firewall to the WordPress security plugin for added protection of your website.

The paid version of Wordfence Security is fitted with supplementary specs that ensure sure fortification of your WordPress. The fortification is ensured by:

  • Live malware protection
  • Upgraded firewall
  • Two key authentication process committed customer service desk
  • Enhanced junk screening
  • Topographical protection

To get the free version of Wordfence, you can click here or buy the pro version here.

It can protect your site from IP blacklisting, protection of login page, real-time security checks, and brute force attacks. Additionally, it includes a firewall to your site. Wordfence also has a vast database of removing IPs and websites that are completely blocked from accessing your website.

The plugin has a premium version that is fitted with extra security features to offer your site the best protection. It includes enhanced spam protection, devoted staff, geographic security, two-step authentication, an improved firewall, and real-time protection. You can download the plugin from the internet and add it to your WordPress site to ensure a secure web hosting process.

  1. SecuPress

SecuPress is gaining a lot of traction despite its recent arrival in the WordPress protection sphere. To add to its other magnificent features, the SecuPress comes in premium and free forms.

The free version has:

  • Perceptive UI that allows mounting for easy deployment effectively
  • Built-in protection scanner that sifts through your website for the main areas of weakness and solves the threats with a click on a prompt
  • User-friendly features, allows your WordPress enjoy extra security

The feed version has features like anti-junk security, automatic backup of the site and self-scanning of the website.

Download the free version of SecuPress here or access the premium version at $59.

Although SecuPress is a new security plugin in the market, it has featured a very rapid growth. The plugin has both free and premium versions. SecuPress’ in-built UI that makes it very easy to install and utilise is one of its most powerful features. It also features automatic security scanner that scans your website for six primary vulnerability points. If there are points of weaknesses during scanning, the plugin automatically fixes them by just clicking a button. In general, this plugin is secure and very simple to use.

The premium version if SecuPress includes extra features like automated site scans, automatic backups when it needs to be restored, and anti-spam protection. You can download both versions of the plugin from the internet and include it on your WordPress website for maximum security.

  1. All In One WP Security & Firewall

This plugin is one of the most famous WordPress plugins. It is simple to configure and use, even if you don’t possess skills in technology. It features an exceptional grading system, so you can observe the areas of your website that are protected and those that need to be enhanced. Since it is based on visuals, you can easily follow and rectify the areas of your site that may be feeble.

All in one is the most user-friendly and most prevalent WordPress security plugin in the market these days. It is comprehensive with all the prompts easy to click on and synchronize with your WordPress without having to possess detailed tech skills.

This plugin primarily improves your web hosting experience by protecting your website by allowing you to blacklist specific IPs or sites and protecting the databases of your WordPress. Additionally, they create site firewalls, secure your customer accounts, and protect against unauthorised login efforts. Also, it includes an inbuilt scanner to ensure full-time security for your site.

It is built with a one of a kind categorization system that allows you to monitor all areas of your WordPress and notifying you in case of any threats. The system is so elaborate that areas that are not properly secured are brought to your attention for prompt action.

It has elaborate security provisions to ensure:

  • Screening against any bid to try blue force logins
  • Safeguarding your account
  • Develop a web firewall to deal with malware
  • Protecting your WordPress databank by blacklisting some IP addresses and websites
  • It has an added advantage of possessing built-in threats and malware scanners to emphasize the security of your website from intruders.
  • You do not have to update it to acquire supplementary features
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All In One WP Security & Firewall is a free security plugin for your WordPress you can click here to download.

  1. Sucuri Security

This plugin is developed by experts from the security team at WordPress.

Sucuri security plugin is a free WordPress security plugin that allows you constant web assessment while emphasising current security thresholds.

Installing the Sucuri ensures automated scanning of the website to smoke out corrupted data or other predetermined route or hole of weakness in your WordPress CMS. It further allows you to reconfigure your website to rehabilitate it to its optimum specification.

After the scan on your site instigated by the installation of the security plugin, the plugin will assist you with the frequent observation of your site and protection from threats associated with malware. Sucuri further consolidates current security procedures to ensure the security of your WordPress is up to date.

For free installation of Sucuri, click here and in case you need advanced security, purchase the premium version here for additional protection with upgrade firewall.

It is free and can help you in enhancing your current levels of security and regular website examination. The plugin automatically scans your site after installation to check for any security weaknesses or infected files. This plugin also offers you a regular malware scanning and site monitoring. You can install this plugin from the internet to add extra security features to your WordPress website.

  1. iThemes Security

This WordPress security plugin is packed with various protection features. Both the free and paid versions of the plugin exist, with the paid version having additional features.

iThemes security is a detailed WordPress security plugin, offered in both paid and free forms for WordPress websites. The paid bouquet allows you to access more security features allowing your WordPress more security.

The unpaid platform offers basic security and content management properties that better work when the free version is upgraded to the pro version. The pro version offers cutting-edge security capabilities at a throwaway price of $80 annually.

The upgraded version allows:

  • Reinforcing and fortifying of your databank
  • Screening against brute force threat
  • Transferring login page
  • Supplementing two-key authorization
  • Fortifying of your password
  • Complementary services including site assessment and customer care services in case of trouble with the security plugin

For a trial of iThemes Security, download the plugin here or update your free version to pro version here.

The premium version enhances your security through different methods like including a two-step authentication, securing your login page, protect against hacker attacks, securing and backing-up your databases, and secure password security.

Install the latest version of the plugin from the internet and enjoy the dedicated professional support and maximum security for your site.


Site security is involving. It is rapidly developing, and what kept your site secure a few months ago will not work today.

Instead of wasting your time trying to understand all the issues of security available, the right individuals are taking the needed actions to ensure the safety of your site. You should allow experts to deal with and comprehend the security threats you should protect your site from.

When it comes to the security of your WordPress website, all the above plugins can be of great help. If you own a small site, it is advisable to install a free plugin. But as your website develops, you need to choose one premium option to include more security features to your website. You can enhance your site’s security without difficulty in Singapore by upgrading to managed WordPress hosting now. A team of experts will monitor your website to ensure there are no security threats in the site, and they will keep doing the job for you so you will never have to worry.

With the security of your website sorted out, you can now focus on more beneficial roles like enhancing your traffic and managing your online enterprise.

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