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Google Working Smart to Identify Offensive Auto-Complete Suggestions


Google is in the process of testing and releasing a new feedback tool that will report any auto-complete suggestions that are offensive to users. At the moment, this tool is only visible to a limited number of users, but they hope to make it worldwide in the next few weeks.

The team recently shared a screenshot of this reporting tool to the public to give us an idea of its functionalism and what to expect once it is rolled out.

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At the bottom right side, you can see a “Report offensive query” right below the list of suggestions. When asked about this new feature, Google spokesman stated that the auto-complete suggestions are based on user previous searches. The search engine comes up with terms that are related to their search intent using this background data. The company hopes to incorporate this in their future algorithm updates to ensure that they continue to offer credible and high-quality content.

The few people who have being granted access to this feature have been able to report auto-complete suggestions that they feel are offensive successfully. However, there is a need to strategically position the “report offensive suggestion” button to get more reports.

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