Google Rolls Out New Filters in the Mobile Image Search


Google continues to prove why it is the best search engine. Recently, it has rolled out new image search filters in the mobile app. These filters include latest images, clip art, GIFs, colors, and copyright. The filters are easy to access as they are located just below the search box.

These updates drive home the point that images are important in a website. Some internet users, especially online shoppers, use image search to look up products. So if you do not have images on your e-commerce website, you are losing most of these potential customers.

The feature labeled “latest” allows the user to view the most recent and updated images related to the keyword they typed in the search box. Therefore, it is wise to keep updating and adding new and high-quality images to your website.

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Everyone is now very familiar with GIFs. They are all over social media and web pages. They are more like videos without audio. They are mostly used for tutorials. If your website has GIFs, Google is making users quickly find them using the “GIF” filter. The clip art filter is not new, they have only made it more easily accessible.

The other important filter Google added is filtering by colors such as red, yellow and orange. Probably more colors will come in the future. If a user clicks on the red filter, and maybe they were searching roses, Google will only show red roses. Businesses should, therefore, add color labels to the images they upload to their websites.

The filters update focuses on users, but businesses have something to learn. Internet users are interested in the latest images, GIFs, and some are interested in a particular color, while others want clipart images.

Pay close attention to the ever-changing Google algorithms. Or you can simply hire a credible search engine consultant that will do the scanning and implementation for you.



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