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Google Rich Cards are Now Worldwide


According to a recent update from Google Rich Cards are not available globally, and all companies that conduct business online can benefit from them. Initially, they were only available in the United States and only for recipes and movies websites.

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Over the last few months, the team at Google has been working on increasing the type of sites and the geographic Google search versions that support it. The company has also released a new set of tools that will enable webmasters to create and test their rich cards before launching them.

Rich cards coupled with structured web data will greatly help to improve site SEO. One of the main benefits of structured data is that it not only gives search engine an opportunity to crawl it but also to understand the content or what it is all about. The data is also used to generate rich snippets that give users an idea of what a website is all about before they open the link.

Making sure that your website has high-quality rich cards will increase your chances of netting and engaging with more potential customers. If your site has AMP pages, visitors will be able to swipe from page to page seamlessly since they are designed to be compatible with AMP format.


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