Google Rich Cards Extend to Online Courses and Local Restaurants

Google Rich Cards Extend to Online Courses and Local Restaurants

Google Rich Cards are a new search result format that is similar to rich snippets. Just like the latter, they are hinged on structured markup and their primary objective is to display content in a more visual and engaging format. They also aim to provide an improved mobile user experience.



Google has extended the rich cards to local restaurants and online courses following their tremendous success in other business realms. This advancement is a major plus for digital marketing companies that market restaurants and learning facilities that offer online courses, as they will be able to convey the intended message to the target audience in a more professional, engaging, and exciting way.

To see these richer search results, all you need to do is type keywords such as best New York restaurants or web development online courses on the search bar. The development team has also gone an extra mile and incorporated a new user interface that allows you to browse the content seamlessly.

The rich cards also have a vertical three pack that displays individual online courses in a smart and intuitive format. You will save time, as you will be able to skim through the courses and choose one faster than before. That is, you will no longer need to visit each learning facility website, as all the information about the courses will be displayed on one rich card.

Offline Marketing vs Online Marketing


This latest news from Google is a clear indication of the company’s undying desire to improve the way in which we access information online. It is imperative for SEO Singapore companies as well as the web development firms to embrace this development to get more conversions from mobile users.

December 10, 2016

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