Google Ranking Factors: What Every Singapore Webmaster Should Know

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Essential SEO Ranking Factors to Consider

It can be quite challenging for a beginner who wants to achieve high ranking on Google as a majority do not know where to begin. The fact that Google considers more than 200 factors when ranking a site does not help at all!

However, it is paramount to understand that all these factors are not equally important as there are some that you must employ while others will not make a significant impact in your niche. You’re lucky if you have just launched your website and you want to uncover the most important aspects of SEO. Here is a comprehensive list of the areas you should focus more energy on:

 On- Page Factors

Page optimization has a great impact on rankings. Some of the factors that affect visibility include:













Site Factors

The visibility of your site can also be affected by:

  1. Sitemaps- the sitemaps help search engines to index the pages on your website. It is an effective way to let Google know the pages that your site has.
  2. Domain trust– sites that Google trusts will rank higher. Putting efforts towards building trust factors will give you amazing results.
  3. Server location- they can help to boost rankings for a particular region or country.

Optimizing Your Site

Mobile Friendliness

Mobile friendliness is a core factor when it comes to Google ranking in terms of SEO. When compared to desktops, most people use mobile phones to access the internet. Because of this, changes in Google ranking has been made to search results. Google now draws its search results from mobile optimized sites using the mobile first index before considering sites geared to desktops. It is therefore imperative to make your site mobile optimized to get a high SEO raking.

SEO ranking factor help lay a foundation for god Search engine ranking but also user experience is an important aspect when people visit your website.  One should be able to consider the following things:

To know more about mobile friendliness and how to use it to improve Google ranking, visit our guide on how to…….

Google Search Console Integration

The index of your site can also be enhanced by Google Webmasters Tools. Additionally, it can also offer crucial data that can help you optimize the site better.

 Content Optimization

 Content is among the top three Google search ranking factors besides links and RankBrain. Google’s search algorithm depends on use of keywords, used by searchers to look for topic relevant information. Key words and phrases describe topics covered in a site and the more they match with user searches, the more Google ranking increases.  

Content Duplicating

Content duplicating is a negative SEO ranking factor, having fresh and original content o your site is the best option if you must use similar content to another site, it is recommended to use canonical URLs to notify Google on which content is the most authoritative.

SEO Ranking and LSI Keywords

Although the main keyword is the most important, including other terms related to the main keyword will make it easy for people to find what they are looking for on your site. These related terms are referred to as Latent Semantic Indexing keywords. They make it easy for Google to determine which results to show first.

Your content should also be optimized for questions and natural language searches because these days searching by voice option has been added to enhance website usability. A user can speak into their device microphone the search term they want to find on the web. Try to avoid stuffing keywords in your web content because it will reduce the quality of your web page and negatively affect your Google SEO ranking.

Search Intent for Content Optimization

Understanding what people are looking for when they enter their search keywords it is evidently an important factor to consider in content optimization. That is what Search intent is. At times, it is easy to know what someone is looking for. For instance when someone uses the word “example” it is clear that they are looking for further clarification. When they use “compare” or “buy”, you will know that they are looking to buy something and trying to decide which choice is the best for their needs

Keywords used by users usually change depending on if they want to

Off Page Factors

Some of the factors that Google considers outside your website include:

 Domain Factors

Some of the domain factors to think deeply about include:

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