Google Plans to Remove Featured Snippets from Main Core Web Results

Featured Snippets


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Google has revealed that it has started carrying out tests to determine the impact that removing featured snippets from the primary core web results will have on user experience. One of the main benefits of a featured snippet is that it allows sites to get more visibility on this search engine as the site is listed in the first ten search results and at the top of Google search results special box.

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Reports indicate that Google is already dropping that kind of web listing especially for websites that are already featured. Speaking to one of the authors at Search Engine Land earlier this week, Google confirmed that they are indeed carrying out the tests. The company also went ahead to mention that this is not a permanent change and the main goal is to offer the best possible user experience to the search engine users.

The update could become permanent if the results are positive, but at the moment it is difficult to say if it will last for the next couple of months or years. Here is a picture of how the featured snippets used to appear on SERPs and what is now displayed after the snippets were removed.

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It is imperative for every Singapore SEO agencies to keep tabs on these changes and adjust their strategies accordingly. Only time will tell if this will become a permanent change after the experimentation stage.


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