How To Promote My Google My Business In Singapore

Google My Business

Google My Business is a useful tool for increasing the visibility of your business, both in real life and online.

It is useful for small businesses that want to be easily discovered, but do not have the budget for billboards and other big ad platforms. Getting a Business Listing on Google in Singapore allows small companies to compete with established firms.

Why You Need a Google My Business Account

Google My Business (GMB) is a free tool that allows businesses with physical shops to manage their online presence. With GMB, you can define how your company appears in search results on Google Search and Google Maps.

There are several reason reasons why you need a Google My Business Listing. Here are the top ones.

It Makes It Easier to Locate Your Business

In a city as busy as Singapore, it is difficult to locate a specific business. Unless you know the name and the location of a company, it is almost impossible to find it.

The best solution to the challenge stated above is by having a GMB profile. GMB allows customers to find the exact location of your business premises using Google Maps. It is a much convenient alternative to word-of-mouth directions, which can sometimes be confusing.

It Significantly Increases Your Search Visibility

Besides making it easier to locate your physical store, GMB also increases your online visibility. In most cases, when a customer is searching for local businesses, they are ready to make a purchase. If not, they are researching in preparation of a purchase.

If you run a local business, you will benefit significantly from having a GMB listing.

It Lets You Display Useful Information and Get Customer Reviews

Your GMB profile provides all the relevant information about your business. This includes your business name, location, website, business hours, and photos. 

Additionally, GMB also makes it easier for customers to leave reviews. As a business owner, GMB allows you to manage and respond to their customer feedback.

Customers will leave both positive and negative reviews. That said, it is convenient to have a solution that allows you to manage all the feedback professionally.

It is Free

The best thing about GMB is that it is free of charge. If you are looking to start a local SEO campaign, it is an excellent and affordable starting point. It is also a viable solution for small businesses with limited budgets.  

How to Create a Google My Business Account

Creating a Google My Business account is a straightforward process. Here are the steps you should follow.

Sign In

Once you open the Google My Business website, click ‘Sign In.’ You should find this button on the top right-hand corner of your browser.

Google My Business


Add Your Business Name

Type in your business name and then click’ Next.’

Google My Business

Specify Your Business Location

A prompt will appear asking you if you want to specify the location of your business premises. If you do, click ‘Yes.’ The following window will appear, where you will enter the details about your location.

Google My Business

Pinpoint Your Location on the Map

An address might not be enough. You can simplify the process for customers by dragging and dropping the pin to your exact location on a map.

Inform Your Customers If You Deliver

If your business delivers goods and services to client locations, ensure that you include it in your GMB profile.

Google My Business

 If you Click “Yes’, you will need to specify the service area.

Google My Business

Select a Business Category

It is crucial to choose a category that is relevant to your business. This assists customers in finding you if they are looking for companies in your niche.

Google My Business

Add Your Contact Details

The next step involves adding your contact details. Ensure that the phone number is accurate and also add your website address.

Google My Business

Once you add the contact details, the next step is verifying your Google My Business listing.

How to Verify Google My Business Profile

You can verify your GMB profile using many ways, including phone, email and postcard.  In most cases, you are asked to confirm your listing via postcard, especially if you added your physical location. It is also the easiest way.

Keep in mind that it is mandatory to verify your GMB profile. Google will not list your business on search results unless you validate the GMB listing.

Here are the steps you should follow to verify your GMB profile.

Sign In and Choose Your Business

After logging in to your Google Business account, select the business that you would like to verify. If you have been following the steps in this article, you should be at the verification stage.

 Confirm Your Details

Errors are inevitable. Confirm that all your details are accurate. Also, remember to add a contact name where Google will send the postcard.

Choose the Verification Method

As mentioned above, there are several ways of verifying your Google My Business profile. The most common are email, phone and post mail.

Google My Business

Verification by Email

If you choose this method, Google will send an email to your inbox. The email should contain a verification button. Click this button, and everything is set.

Verification by Phone

In this method, Google sends a verification code via SMS to your phone. Ensure that the number you provide is accurate before you to confirm the procedure.

Verification by Mail

As indicated in the screenshot above, mail verification can take up to 10 days. When your postcard arrives at the specified address, you will need to log in to your GMB account enter the code it contains.

If the postcard delivery fails, sign in and click on the ‘Request another code’ button.

How to Use Google My Business with Hootsuite

The Hootsuite Dashboard allows business owners to manage their GMB listing along with other social media activities under one platform. The only requirement is installing the Google My Business application from the Hootsuite App Directory.

Using this service, you can post company updates and engage with client questions and reviews. It also allows you to manage many listings simultaneously and monitor what people are saying about your business on Google.

How to Optimise Your Google My Business Listing

The majority of businesses in Singapore do not optimise GMB because it is free. The truth is that the performance of your GMB listing depends on the efforts you put into it. If you want it to benefit your business, you have to optimise it using the following methods.

Download the Google My Business App

Your GMB profile should serve the same purpose as social media accounts. It should be a digital representation of your company. Instead of wasting time trying to access the Google Business website, download the GMB app. It is available for Android and iOS devices.

The app is a convenient option that allows you to add pictures, interact with customers and mage your GMB profile. Even better, it will enable you to perform all these functions from anywhere.

Google My Business

Encourage Customers to Leave Reviews

You should always encourage your customers to give feedback. The most significant advantage of reviews is building trust. Several studies show that consumers trust a brand that has many positive reviews from previous clients. If you have many positive reviews, you are likely to get more sales.

Another advantage of customer reviews is that they improve your ranking on search results. Your objective should be to attain the top spot in search engine result pages. Getting positive reviews puts your business on the right track.

Google My Business

Upload High-quality Photos

GMB profiles with photos generate more attention and clicks than those without photos. If possible, you should hire a professional to shoot photos for your GMB listing. They should take pictures of your business premises and people enjoying your products and services. 

Google My Business Posts

GMB Posts are similar to short social media posts that appear below your GMB listing. If you wish to create a post, log in to your Google My Business dashboard, and you will see the Posts option on the left-hand side.

Google My Business

The GMB posts allow you to add links, images and call-to-action buttons. They are ideal for advertising events, sales, new products, and promotional offers. You can make the posts more attractive by adding keywords and images.


You can use the messaging feature to communicate directly with consumers using your GMB profile. If you receive a high level of engagement, Google will reward you with a higher ranking on search results.

The Messaging feature is found on the left side of your GMB dashboard. Here, you can set up the message that users will receive when they send a message to your business. It is worth noting that this feature is still in developmental stages. For now, it is only available to mobile users.

Google My Business


Google My Business has the potential to boost sales for your business in Singapore. If you optimise your profile as described in this guide, you are almost assured of success. The fact that it is free also means that the ROI is always positive. 

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