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Google Introduces New Curved Mobile Search Results Interface 

new curved results page google

Mobile search continues to dominate the online sphere, and as a result, Google is in the process of launching new curved mobile search results interface. Thousands of people from all across the globe have reported seeing changes in the manner in which search results are displayed on their mobile, proof that the company has been testing this new interface for months now. 


Credit: Search Engine Land

This is the first major redesign to Google search results since 2013 when they introduced the fashionable unified card design. Well, Google is known to carry out continuous search results interface tests as they look for new ways of making sure that they provide the best user experience to their clientele. However, most Singapore SEO experts are the idea that this is full rollout that redefined how we use the search engine to look for content online using our mobile devices.  

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According to a statement made by Google spokesperson on November 3, the company is continually looking for new ways of enhancing the search experience. This objective can only be achieved by introducing new features and changing the feel and look of the search results on mobile devices interface. One of the highlights that they have also added is a broader search bar to assist users’ type in longer queries faster and more conveniently. The white background on the interface will eliminate clutter and make the results pop. 



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