Google Introduces a New Knowledge Graph Panel 

google knowledge graph

Fake news is one of the major problems that Google faces in the current digital world. Everyone who has a smartphone and access to the internet can post a comment about a brand or an influential person on social media platforms creating a buzz. 

To eliminate fake news and provide more information about sources of news to searchers, Google has introduced a new knowledge graph panel or card. The card is specifically tailored for people who frequently publish news articles online. You can use this panel to get more information about a particular news article that you come across online directly in the SERPs.  

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One of the benefits of this panel is that it will help you to learn more about the news publication before making the final decision on whether it is true or false. You will also get details of the publisher much faster thereby helping the search engine to address fake news and misinformation issues quickly.  

In the panel, you will get information about the most common topic that the publisher covers, major awards that he/she has won in the past as well as details of any claims by third parties related to any publication made. 

Google has confessed that at the moment, there is no way to control the publishers who are featured in the knowledge graphs and the information that is displayed. However, the company has said that just like the standard search results, some factors will be used to control what is shown in the knowledge panel. For instance, publishers who consistently share fresh, accurate and news related content will increase their chances of having a dedicated knowledge panel. 

Google also added that the knowledge panel would not way influence site ranking. 

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google knowledge graph panel



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