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Google Hints about Their Future SEO Trends


Now and then, Google revises its webmaster algorithms by extending its Hummingbird or making its Penguin real-time. The other search engines do not sit back and enjoy the show; they follow suit. It is imperative to digital marketers to keep tabs on these SEO trends to continue being relevant in the competitive business realm.

Here are the top SEO trends that you should look out for in 2017 and beyond.

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Load Fast and Go Mobile

Google already shows preference to websites that have already migrated to AMP. The search engine officials recently revealed that most online searches are done on phones, and so they expect that your site to be mobile friendly and have a high page load speed. Now is the best time to get your coding gear out and shift your website to AMP to avoid losing your top ranking.

Searches will have a Personal Touch

Already, online searches have become voice activated. Microsoft has embarked on improving its voice search app in a bid to make it more personal and human-like. The apps word recognition error has been reduced to less than 5%. Therefore, you need to incorporate new keywords in your content such as “restaurants near me” instead of restaurants near you” because the target audience no longer uses the latter when conducting searches.

Social Media Will Become More Relevant

Nowadays, when you search the name of a prominent company, the chances are that you will see links to its social media pages below or above the official website URL. This is evident proof that social media is popular and one of the platforms that companies are relying on to market their products and keep in touch with their target audience. Get active on various social media channels and maintain your pages to stay ahead of the competitors. Your posts should be informative, intuitive, and simple to read.

Google’s Ability to Brainstorm/Guess Keywords

Google RankBrain, an extension of Hummingbird, will have the capacity to brainstorm or guess keywords when you type a phrase that the search engine does not understand. This search engine will be able to find pages based on the synonyms of the keywords typed in by users and display a list of results using this algorithm. The main essence of introducing this change is to encourage you to focus more on providing quality content to readers rather than keywords.

Engage top SEO firms to stay abreast of these changes in SEO trends to get ahead of the competition. The bottom line is; if you commit yourself to creating top notch content, the search engines will hunt for you and ensure that you can get better ranking for your website.


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