Google: The DOs and DON’Ts

Google: The DOs and DON'Ts

Google constantly reminds that content is king, yet the search giant hasn’t really rolled out any sort of guide. Well, help has arrived.

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The Developer Relations Group published five different style guides for the perusal of its own creators. HTML/CSS Style Guide, JavaScript, and Java Style are just to name a few. An excellent resource would be Google’s Developer Documentation Style Guide, whereas high-quality documentation is synonymous to digital content. It’s perfect for anyone who’s interested in creating the content users needs and search engines rank.

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In a nutshell, the guides revolve around the concept that code, content, and UX altogether comprise a high-quality page.

Attention: Content Creators!

Here are some best practices as suggested by the Developer Documentation Style Guide:

  • Use a purposeful, conversational tone
  • Sound as if you’re a knowledgeable friend who understands
  • Observe standard American spelling, grammar, capitaliSation, and punctuation
  • Keep sentences short and use simple words that could be translated well
  • Ensure quality outbound links to reputable sites

For Technical Creators/Developers

Here are some tips and things to avoid, as derived from the Developer Documentation Style Guide:


  • Implement the correct use of tables and lists.
  • Consider optimized .png files and give ALT text a meaningful value
  • Whenever possible, select HTTPS for embedded files like images, CSS, and scripts
  • Use HTML5 in UTF-8 with no BOMs for HTML templates
  • Apply CSS for visual layout and HTML for page structure


  • Fill with buzzwords, technical jargon, slang
  • Put please in instructions nor add placeholder phrases
  • Start sentences in the same way
  • Place “click here” for the anchor text
  • Use CSS hacks

Though these are only general guidelines, you’d already have an idea what content Google deems essentially of high-quality. The do’s and don’ts serve as an invaluable tool for both digital marketers and content creators alike.

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