Google Can Now Differentiate Multiple Users


According to the latest press release, Google Home app now can distinguish the voices of multiple users. This move is geared towards providing the most accurate and personalized content to users. The improvement will also enhance the news presented in the search engine page, scheduling, commute times and much more.

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To benefit from this feature, the first thing that you need to do is make sure that your Google Home mobile application is updated. Then, link the app to an existing Google account and change the settings to resonate with your preferences. The short training process that requires one to say “OK Google” or “Hey Google” is still there, but they have made adjustments to improve the app’s ability to distinguish different voices.

Once you complete the training process, the app will automatically start to analyze the audio to determine the user. If someone else uses the app, its inbuilt features will examine the previous sound to determine if it is still the same person speaking. Thanks to the new technology used to make the app, the audio analysis and distinction only take milliseconds to complete.

At the moment, only users in the US and UK can benefit from this feature since it is still in the beta phase, but the company plans to make it available to users across the globe. Amazon is also expected to launch a similar feature for its Alexa devices, but it is not yet known when that will be done.

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