Google AdWords now with More Quality Score Insights. How do they benefit marketers and website owners?

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The Quality Score is a measure of the performance of your ads. It is common knowledge that click through rate (CTR), landing page experience, and ad relevance have an impact on the score. However, these components are not easily measurable, so you do not have useful insight into what is working and what is not working.

Fortunately, recently Google launched new features into AdWords that make the Quality Score components measurable. On the updated AdWords, there are seven new columns in the Quality Score menu. They include:


Please note that all these different pieces of data were available only that it was less accessible. Now, you can view everything in one place.

For content marketers and site owners, this is very good news. With this data:

You can identify the landing pages that need improvements

You can now quickly view the landing page experience data. The data is a measure how useful the Google search engine thinks your landing page is to the users who click your ad. Google recommends that you make the landing page relevant to the search phrase of the user. Another important thing is to optimize the landing page for certain high ranking keywords.

You can gauge the impact of landing page changes on the Quality Score

After making changes to the landing page, you can go to the Landing Page Experience feature and see how the changes affect the score over a period. So, you get to know what changes on your landing page have a positive impact.

You can predict the keywords that will benefit from a change in the landing page

Before these updates, you could still see the expected CTR, ad relevance, and landing page experience. But you had to hover over a keyword for this data to pop up, which made the analysis of this data statistics.

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how having relevant ppc ads helps your google adwords campaign

Now you can view the history of this data. The history will help measure the performance of different ad campaigns. This way, marketers can capitalize on the performing campaigns and make the necessary changes on the landing pages of underperforming campaigns.

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The landing page is very relevant to an ad campaign. Focus on its relevance and fully optimize for the trending keywords. Your AdWords campaign is an investment. These new updates will facilitate the measuring of its return on investment. For an effective AdWords campaign, hire the best SEO agency Singapore.


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