Google Adwords Mistakes That A lot of Singapore Businesses Make

Singapore business owners should handle their Google Adwords campaigns carefully.

If you want to drive traffic to your website, the quickest way to do it is with Google Adwords. However, there is something that every Singapore entrepreneur should keep in mind when executing this particular method. If your SEM marketing is not done correctly it can be quite costly. In fact, in the worst case scenario, you may spend a lot of your budget but see little to no return on investment. So let’s take a moment to discuss a few common mistakes that business owners make with their Adwords campaign.



Failing to Group Adwords Correctly


One of the most convenient things about Google Adwords is that it gives you the ability to separate your campaigns. This means that you can run a product and content campaign simultaneously. And a big part of running an individual campaign is grouping your Adwords. Unfortunately, there are business owners who choose not to do this. They instead combine their keywords into one group and then show the same ad.


Here’s the problem: the keywords may not match the ad that is being shown. This means that people are less likely to click on it because it’s not the word they searched for. Let’s say that you offer clothing apparel–shirts, shoes, hats, and socks. If you don’t break down which of these products are featured in your ads and base the keywords on what people are searching for, your ad will be more general. So customise your ad. Be specific.


Wrong Keyword Matches


Google Adwords gives you the ability to add keywords to your campaign in one of three ways. You may choose to add your keywords using broad match. This means that Google will show your ads no matter in what order the keywords are searched for. For example, if your keyword is ‘baking supplies’, the ad will show up for people who search ‘where can I buy baking supplies.’ If you enter your keywords without any punctuation, then as long as the words appear in the search, your ad will be shown.


You may choose to add your keywords using a phrase match. This means that Google will show your ads when the complete phrase, in the order that you have entered it, is searched for. For example, if your phrase is ‘best baking supplies,’ the ad will only show up for people who search ‘best baking supplies.’ If you add quotation marks around your phrase, then searchers will only see the ad if they’ve typed this phrase exactly.


Lastly, you may choose to add your keywords using exact match. This means that Google will show your ads when the search matches the exact keyword. If your exact match is ‘best baking supplies,’ then it will only show up when someone searches ‘best baking supplies.’  That means they will not see your ad if they search ‘best baking supplies for beginners.’ If you add brackets to your keyword, then it will result in exact matches.


Why It Matters:


It’s important that you choose your match wisely because each type of match can deliver different types of results. And each has its own benefits. Broad match offers imprecise results but can help when your products or services don’t fit into a specific category. However, exact matches have a more precise result and can lead to higher conversion rates. It’s a good idea to start with exact match and then make changes from there if needed.  


Avoiding Negative Keywords


Negative keywords are extremely important because they help you to eliminate the keywords that are not good matches for your product or service. If you sell men’s shoes but don’t sell running shoes, then you should include running in your negative keywords search. This can be done on the campaign and group level. Try using ‘Query Match Type’ on Google Analytics to identify which words should be excluded.


Relying On Your Creativity Instead of the Numbers


A lot of business owners make the mistake of getting too attached to their ad copy. The problem is, this makes them turn a blind eye to what the numbers have to say about it. And they end up putting out an ad that is not effective.


So it’s important to do a lot of testing. Try different variations of your headlines and see which people respond to best. In some cases, even a small tweak can make a world of difference. Instead of relying on your creativity, rely on the response of the viewers and click-through rates.  Even once you have found a winner and released the ad, you should never stop testing.


Never Bidding on Your Brand


Believe it or not, it’s a good idea to bid on your own brand name. Why is this? Well, when people search for you, you need to make sure that you appear at the top. You may assume that you already have the top ranking since this is your brand name. However, it’s very likely that your competitors will bid on your name so that they can target your customers in their ad. And ironically, this search result may appear above yours. So spare no expense when bidding your brand.


Never Estimating the Customers’ Lifetime Value


Another common mistake that tends to cost Singapore business owners a lot of money is not estimating the lifetime value, or LTV, of their customers. You should never spend more to gain a customer than you will actually earn from the customer. By calculating the value of your customers, you will know how much of your ad budget you need to spend on each.


Wrong Ad Position


If you ask any reputable SEM agency about getting your ad to the top of the search engine, there is a good chance they will first ask you what your goal is beyond that. And that’s because you may not benefit from having your ad positioned at the top of the search engine. Sure, if you just want visibility and to increase your brand awareness, then it’s great. However, if you’re actually trying to convert customers, then it’s better to be in spots 3-5.


Here’s why: people tend to click the first ad without even thinking. Spots 3-5 are positioned in areas of the screen that people only view when they are not able to find what have been looking for. So when choosing a position think about your intent. You should also test each spot with a low bid in order to make sure you have the right one.


Oblivious to The Competition


In the world of pay per click, you should always pay attention to what your competition is doing. More specifically, you need to know how your ad measures up to theirs. So take a look at their landing page. Who’s ad would you be more likely to click, yours or theirs? If you would choose theirs then figure out what makes theirs more appealing. Perhaps it’s a better design or they exhibit social proof. Learn from their copy and make improvements to yours.


Expecting Too Much


And Adwords campaign can be rather costly. So if you are a startup who is operating on a small budget, then it may be a good idea to rely on organic promotion until you can increase your budget. Your starting Adwords budget should be large enough to allow you to do a lot of testing. It’s very unlikely that you will get things right on your first try, so save your money until you’re able to get a high return on investment. Only spending a couple of hundred or less a month will only frustrate you.


Wrong Product Pages


Perhaps the biggest mistake a Singapore business owner could make is directing their ad traffic to the homepage. Whenever someone clicks on your ad, they need to be taken to the page that shows them that exact product or service. They should never have to spend time looking for the product that they clicked your ad for. This has a negative impact on your conversion rates.




The key to running a successful Google Adwords campaign is taking the time to optimise it. These are the most common mistakes Singapore business owners tend to make. By avoiding these, you could easily gain an edge on the competition.

May 06, 2018

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