Reduce Bounce Rate by Investing in a Proper Web Design

web design services in Singapore

There are plenty of web design services in Singapore that you can use to help you deal with your site’s bounce rate. Bounce rate is a critical factor that Google bots use to rank your website. To understand how to take full advantage of the many web design services in Singapore, you need to understand bounce rate in detail.

Bounce rate is the percentage of individuals who land on your site page and immediately leave without performing any action. The single-page sessions are divided by all sessions and then multiplied by a hundred to get the bounce rate percentage.

Several web traffic analysis tools can help you find out your site’s bounce rate.

There are several web traffic analysis tools that can help you find out your site’s bounce rate. Google Analytics is by far the most popular. The standard version is free, but there is also a premium version known as Google Analytics 360.

It is nearly impossible for your website not to have a bounce rate because many times people click on site links without knowing the information contained on the website. An excellent bounce ranges between 26 to 40% while an average bounce rate ranges between 41 to 55 percent.

A high bounce rate can have detrimental effects on your rank on search engines. A high bounce rate means that the content on your site is not useful or relevant and your website should thus not be presented to people who are searching for certain terms.

web design services in Singapore

It is challenging trying to reduce the bounce rate on your own. Many businesses hire web designers to help them do this so that they can concentrate on other critical aspects of the company.

Ways Web Design Services in Singapore can Help Your Website

Mobile Responsiveness

The overwhelming majority of Singaporeans access the internet through their phones.

The overwhelming majority of Singaporeans access the internet through their phones. According to the Singapore Business Review, a whopping 91% use smartphones to access the internet while 71% use laptops or desktops, and 42% use their tablets.

Optimizing your website for mobile is vital. Optimizing a site will ensure that the pages load faster, the page fits on your mobile screen, and the text is big enough to make scanning easy.

The web designer can also optimize your website for tablets to ensure that you appeal to 42% of the market using tablets.

Improving the user experience for potential clients increases the chances of them stick with your business.

Site Navigation

Your clients need to be able to find the items they are looking for easily. This can be done by using large, high-resolution pictures that are correctly described.

Incorporating a search bar on the website is crucial in case you are selling many items. The home page should also have several sub-categories that will easily guide the users to their destination.

Lastly, the online purchasing process should be secure and simple. You do not want a situation where clients are unsure about sharing financial information with you yet you are an e-commerce business.

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Content Readability

Potential clients want to be able to scan through your website and find out what the business is selling or the type of information it has. They can do this only if the site has high readability.

A site’s readability can be improved by having short sentences and paragraphs that use simple language. No jargon should be used on the site.

Useful and Relevant Content

You have probably heard the phrase content is king. The phrase came about after Google made a series of changes to their ranking algorithm to have relevant results on the first page of Google search.

Ten years ago it was possible to rank high on search results for using the right keywords even if the content added no value to consumers. Nowadays, it is difficult because your site’s bounce rate will show that your content is irrelevant.

Web design services in Singapore keep up with these algorithm changes. They will advise you on the right type of content to have on your website.


The Daily Egg statistics show that 70% of people hate popups on websites. They hate them so much they put them in the same category as online lottery scams.

The reason your site has such a high bounce rate could be that the users are bombarded with many annoying popups immediately your site loads.

These services can help you find out if you have these popups and remove them for you.

Meta Description

The meta description is the piece of content below a site’s link on Google search that gives more information about the page. It is usually 155 characters  in length.

A good meta description with the right keywords will convince users to click on the link. These users are more likely to stay on your page longer and even click through other pages on your website as they already know what type of information to expect.

Many businesses do not know or ignore the importance of the meta description. Some use it but use more than 155 characters leading to crucial information being cut out.

Web design services in Singapore know all about meta descriptions. They will help you reduce your site’s bounce rate by using powerful descriptions.

Internal Linking

Internal linking refers to the practice of using links of your site’s other pages on the content in the landing pages you have used to market your website.

web design services in Singapore

The users land on a page, and then easily click on a link that directs them to another page on your website. This ensures that the session is not counted as a bounce. More importantly, by directing the potential customer to other relevant pages on your website, you get more chance of motivating him or her to buy from you. 

A Great Design

The aesthetic appeal of your site is extremely pertinent. An exciting home page will make the readers scroll through the other pages to find out what other interesting things your website has.

A great design is likely to cost you more, but it will ensure that your readers stick to your website for longer. This makes clicking on a compelling call-to-action more probable.

Final Word

Running a business is already challenging enough without adding website design and management to it. Doing both will, in most cases, leave you frustrated and overwhelmed.

The good news is that you do not have to do both. Get in touch with us for professional web design services in Singapore to remain with a load that you can manage.

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