What Are The Things You Need Take Note Of When Getting A New Website Design In Singapore?

new website design in Singapore

Choosing a new website design in Singapore can be difficult given the fact that there are dozens of designs to choose from. When redesigning your site, it is advisable that you settle on a design that will maintain and even improve the navigability and user-friendliness of your website.

Indeed, various reasons necessitated the redesign of your website. You have to take note of the fact that getting a new design for your website is akin to a home improvement project. The new design is supposed to make your site more attractive and in the process, attract more Internet users.

You should consider redesigning your website if you aren’t getting enough leads, if the site is outdated, or doesn’t simply match your branding. The redesign of your website is a big project, which needs to be done correctly for it to have long-term benefits.

When choosing a new website design in Singapore, proper planning and research are needed. Similarly, the process requires a little foresight since this will help you settle on a design that can accommodate future growth. Having the guidance of a competent web designer in Singapore will greatly aid in your redesigning project. Here are some of the things that you should take note of when getting a new website design.

Evaluate Your Current Website

You should only decide to choose a new website design if you think that the current design isn’t addressing the needs of your business. In line with this, you should audit your site to pinpoint its strengths and areas that need improvement.

Once you know which pages on your site are most popular with visitors and what you could be missing, you will have a general idea of what needs to be repurposed and refreshed. An audit of your website will help you determine what needs to be retained, and what needs to be done away with in your new website design.

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Follow and Social Share Buttons are Crucial

When choosing a new website design, you should only go for designs that incorporate social share and follow buttons. Websites that are shareable on social networks and have a considerable following are deemed to be more credible than those with no shareable buttons and few followers.

In today’s digital age when Internet users always look forward to sharing whatever they read online, your online visibility can only grow if your site visitors are given the opportunity to share your content. Besides producing great content, you should provide users with an avenue to share it.

new website design in Singapore

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If your current web design doesn’t accommodate share buttons, you are likely missing out on lots of social media traffic that gets generated from Internet users who are reading your content. This underlines the significance of choosing a website design that allows you to share your pages in social networks and other platforms.

Choose Website Designs that Allow You to Implement CTAs

Your website could be generating an insignificant number of leads simply because its design doesn’t allow the implementation of call-to-action. Once Internet users land on websites that don’t have CTAs, they won’t know, they won’t even know what to do next.

Similarly, they won’t even know which pages they should view, and what actions they should take due to the lack of direction from website owners. A CTA indicates the steps that visitors should take once they land on your website. Therefore, your new website design should allow you to incorporate CTAs that will guide visitors through your site.

Navigation is Crucial

When redesigning your website, navigation is one of the most crucial aspects that you need to look out for. There is nothing worse than choosing a web design that makes your site disorganised. While selecting a new design, it is critical to ascertain that your visitors will easily find whatever they are looking for.

Some of the characteristics related to website navigation which you should look out for include content streamlining, the responsiveness of the design, and navigational hierarchy. You have to take note of the fact that if visitors fail to find whatever information they are looking for, they won’t have any reason to linger on your website. Instead, they will look for another site with better user experience.

Identify and Update Your Target Audience

Your website redesigned could be informed by a shift in your target audience. Target audiences often evolve with time. As new products or services are added to your site or you expand to unexplored markets, your website needs to be redesigned and updated to reflect it.

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One of the things that you need to do when getting a new website design in Singapore is ensuring that your ever-changing target audience is captured. The competitive nature of today’s business world makes it necessary for you to ensure that your new design allows the incorporation of visual feature and elements that make your website stand out from competitors.

The New Design Should Allow Personalization

Your website is the face of your company on the Internet. The design that you use will speak a lot about your ability to provide the products and services that you purport to be offering. Therefore, your website and its new design should show off your brand’s personality as well as communicate with the target audience.

It is crucial that in your redesign, you choose a website design that visitors can relate to you. Also, you should focus on designs that allow you to add new landing pages that can convert users. In this regard, each of your web pages in the redesign should aim at converting visitors on specific offers.

To choose designs that personalize each visitor’s web experience, you should make use of website optimisation reports that help you monitor users’ behaviour. Once you have information about what your visitors do on each page, it will be easy for you to choose a design that can be customised to reflect the performance of each web page.

Your Content Needs to Be Reviewed and Updated

It is useless to redesign your website and still hold onto old content, which could be outdated. A website redesign should go hand in hand with the creation of a new content strategy. A fresh approach as far as your content is involved will make your redesigned website appear more professional and detailed.

To review and update old website content when getting a new website design in Singapore, it is advisable that you pinpoint and single out all old and outdated blogs. Rather than deleting them, consider updating or rewriting them to generate more leads.

You should also consider establishing a new publishing schedule when choosing a new website design since this will boost user engagement. In this regard, look out for your web content that is performing and thereafter, use it as a template for the creation of new content for your redesigned site.

Responsiveness is Crucial

Regardless of how impressive your new website design may look, it will still underperform if it isn’t responsive. Currently, the number of mobile users surpasses the number of those who use PCs to access the Internet. Since more browsers will use their tablets and smartphones to check out your site, it is advisable that the design you intend to use makes your site responsive.

The responsiveness of your website implies the ability to reconfigure itself basing on visitors’ devices and screen sizes. This is what Internet users expect even as you redesign your website. Failure to use a responsive design means that they are likely to look elsewhere.

You Must Create, Update, and Review Brand Styles and Guidelines

To create a cohesive site as you get a new design for your website, it is advisable that you create, update, and review your brand styles and guidelines. Your team should evaluate the standing of your branding guidelines. Establish whether it feels dated or the font is hard to read. Likewise, find out whether there is a font hierarchy and if the tone of your brand is depicted accurately by this style.

This is a crucial step as far as choosing a new website design is concerned since it ensures that every aspect of your website is consistent with the redesign project as you have envisioned. Other crucial elements that should be included when updating your website include logo usage, button styles, iconography, and image examples.

You Need a Realistic Timeframe

Choosing a new website design goes beyond altering the appearance of your website and updating its content. Lots of processes are involved in a website redesign process. To avoid rushing through these processes, it is advisable that you create a realistic timeline for the project.

When redesigning your site, your focus shouldn’t only be on you. Instead, you also need to look at what your users think. Collecting your views will help you establish what needs to be retained, and what needs to be discarded even as you redesign your site.

Depending on the size of your site, you should allocate between two to five months to a website redesign project. If need be, find ways of expediting this timeline by reducing the size of your web pages for instance. You could even choose to take a Growth-Driven interactive approach to website redesign.

This involves focusing on pages that you deem to be most important to your users and redesigning them first. Thereafter, you update the rest of your site in stages. Regardless of the approach that you take towards website redesign, it is recommended that you dedicate enough time to working with the agency that will handle the project.

Goal-Setting is Important

Just like any other improvement project that your company undertakes, website redesign should be guided by objectives. There is always something that you intend to achieve from redesigning your website. Whether it is to attract more traffic or simply improve the outlook of your site, setting goals when undertaking website design will help guide the entire project till its conclusion.

The time and resources that typically go into website redesign projects make it critical for you to know whether or not it is a success. In this regard, you must create realistic goals for your website since it will help you measure the success of the project.

Similarly, you must have real-time data about the current performance of your site so that you set objectives even as you embark on the website redesign project. If for instance your site currently has a steady traffic stream yet no leads are pouring in, you could set a starting objective of increasing the conversion rate by 1%.

new website design in Singapore

Whatever goals that you set before embarking on website redesign should be communicated to teams that will work on the redesign. This will keep them apprised as far as your objectives are concerned, and what needs to be done to achieve them.

When getting a new website design in Singapore, you must keep in mind the fact that website redesign is not a magic wand that can fix everything. It is only one among many strategies that you can use to improve your statistics, grow leads, and boost engagement with your clients.

You shouldn’t expect to see an extraordinary shift in numbers as soon as the redesigned website is up and running. It will take time for the website to achieve those incredible numbers and therefore, you should put in place analytic tools that help you analyse the performance of your website.


As your business grows, so does the need to update its website regularly. Getting a new website design in Singapore will go a long way in ensuring that current and prospective clients keep up with whatever products and services that you are offering.

Your redesigned website needs to be in line with the mission and vision of your company. This is particularly important if the redesign project aims at turning over a new leaf for your business and its engagement with users. It is vital to ensure that website redesign focuses more on what your clients need since they are the driving force behind the growth of your business.






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