How to Get More YouTube Views: Tips for Singapore Digital Marketers

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Video marketing has become a rising trend in the recent past years. It is one of the channels through which brands are becoming more popular while increasing accessibility. Although there are many sites that support sharing video content, YouTube remains the biggest platform for the purpose. It is often termed as the second largest search engine in the world. People search through YouTube, spending a lot of time watching videos on the platform daily. It is a platform that allows users to view videos that are relevant and useful, therefore, making it a necessary strategy for digital marketers.

When it comes to sharing content on YouTube, the difficult task is to get people to view the videos. People are turning to use scrumptious methods to achieve a high number of views on the site. Some are paying to get more views in a bid to promote their content. YouTube has, however, put measures to discourage people from using unparalleled methods to gain views. These measures are focused on detecting any activity that is canny and also focusing on the behaviour of viewers rather than the views.

The platform has the ability to reach billions within a short time, making it crucial for business owners. The question is how to get more people to view your content at absolutely no cost. The algorithms used by YouTube help determine the most relevant content to avail to viewers. Below are some of the ways that you can increase your views:

Build the Videos around Keywords

This is one of the best ways to get the traffic you intend and increase your audience. A highly descriptive title has two functions:

– Provides a basis for the YouTube algorithm to sort your content and ensure its relevance.

– Appeal viewers and give them information on your content.

The best way to look for keywords is to use SEO methods or even a keyword tool. Some of the keyword tools are specifically for YouTube, which will help you look for the most searched keywords in the market niche you are targeting. Also, optimize on the descriptions issued with the title to ensure you have a great chance to encourage people to view your content.

Using Quality Descriptions

Before creating any video content, it is important to come up with the keyword. This will be important in creating the best information and descriptions for your content. This will also help in remembering to include the keyword easily to the video.

Quality descriptions are an important overview of what your video will be about. Optimising on the description will encourage viewers to watch your content. The description should also stand out in order to be enticing.

Generate Tags

On YouTube, one of the important ways to rank your video content in the search results is through tags. Tags help users find your content as when they key-in keywords to search, your video will appear on their search results. Tags also make it easy for the algorithm to analyze what your content will offer viewers while also distinguishing your content for others.

Using major keywords, quality descriptions around the keywords and generating tags for your video content are the first step to increasing views on YouTube.

Use Compelling Thumbnail Pictures

A thumbnail picture or image is a small and reduced image that represents the larger one. They also sometimes serve as a link to the larger picture. Thumbnails appear as a representation of your video content on search results, social media platforms and other video sites.

A thumbnail image can be a vital piece in generating more views for your content. The key is to use the best quality images, engaging fonts and close-up*s for facials. The thumbnail should have the content of your video as a visual accompaniment to your title and descriptions.

Generate Captions

Creating various transcripts for your YouTube content is a topic that has been scrutinised for a while. Although it wasn’t considered at first, captions have become one of the important ways to create an outreach throughout the world. Subtitles and closed captions open up your content to larger audiences, including people who speak a different language from the one on your video and also those with hearing impairment.

Offer Educative or Entertaining Content

When it comes to uploading content on YouTube, it would be important to ensure that it has value to your viewers. The video should either offer educative information on how to use or do something or be entertaining enough to keep viewers engaged. This not only increases the number of views for your current content, but also increases the chances of viewers searching for more of your content in the future.

Alignment with Trending Topics

Nowadays, people prefer to watch content that is aligned with trending and other viral contents. This should be a sign for anyone wishing to share their content to take advantage to increase viewership. Viral trends, offer a ready market and audience as people are more inclined to view content that is linked to these trends. Although it may prove cumbersome, nailing this step would prove very useful to increase views.

Feature Other YouTubers as Guests

Just like bloggers who feature on special editions of fellow bloggers, YouTubers also have the same feature. This includes featuring other YouTubers as guests on your video uploads, other influencers from your sector and other keynote persons. This is a great way to increase viewers as they may be inclined to want to watch what the content is. Just like in influencer marketing, this is a strategy that brings a new perspective to your videos while creating a greater appeal to viewers. Also, make sure that this relationship is mutual so that both parties can benefit from it.

Your Content Should Mirror Other Creative Contents

While copying ideas from other YouTuber’s contents, it should be done perfectly to avoid plagiarism which can be a crime. When viewers visit YouTube, after watching a video, there are normally other suggested videos on the sidebar or below it. Although they may not be mostly related to what the viewer searched for, they are much related to the content they just viewed.

Matching your content’s keywords to other successful contents posted on YouTube can drive more viewers to your videos. YouTube will also automatically suggest similar and related content to those searched using information from the algorithm.

Focus on Using Cards

YouTube cards are panels that are interactive that slide in and out when a video is playing to appeal to a viewer to engage more with the page. These cards can be links, images or texts that may have the following functions:

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– Promoting other content

– Gather more subscribers to your channel

– Create awareness on charity organizations

Generate traffic for your site

– Encourage people to fill out forms

These cards are a great way to increase viewer experience on your site. Analyze the end viewers’ behaviour on your site as cards can keep viewers on your site if they wanted to leave.

Use End Screens

End screens are a powerful tool that can encourage viewers to take an action at the end of the video. They can extend watch time of your videos by directing viewers to something next at the end of the video. It is also an important opportunity to share more information about your site, other recommended videos and a legitimate website.

Promote Marquee Videos

Having this video on YouTube can be helpful in sharing information about other lesser-known videos from your site and your channel also. A video that has more 5,000 views is a vital marker to ensure your video is featured on more search results. End screens, cards and other links can also be added to the marquee video.

Put Embedded Videos on AutoPlay

When you embed any of your videos, AutoPlay will play them automatically. However, this has proven to be annoying sometimes to viewers. It should be a carefully executed strategy in order to minimize the chance of pushing away viewers from your content.

Here is how to do it:

Generate Playlists

Statistics from YouTube show that the best-performing brands create and promote twice as many playlists than the rest. The reason is that playlists are always on AutoPlay. This makes it hard for viewers to leave the site when they have more content to view. Make sure you post the playlists to your channel to increase viewership.

The playlists should have content that has flow in the order of their relevance and importance to the preceding video. For the more educative or entertaining content, this is important as it creates the feeling of telling a story to viewers.

Be Active On Your Niche

Selling your expertise on your videos is different from actually being an active participant in the market niche. For whatever sector you are aiming, make sure you view other related content, review them and even offer advice to the other YouTubers. Try to be helpful to viewers who will, in turn, view more of your content.

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When it comes to increasing the number of viewers for your content, it is also important to focus on other means outside YouTube. These include:

Focus on SEO Ranking

Using the Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you can greatly increase your YouTube views. Videos have the opportunity to even beat the website they have been featured on. When viewers search for content, SEO will provide backlinks to related YouTube videos which match the keywords typed in. A high ranking on the SERPs can generate more views while minimizing traffic to your content.

Promote Your Videos on Other Social Channels

If you have followers on other social media platforms, sharing new video updates with them can generate views. This can be achieved by providing a short teaser video. This is also known cross-platform marketing. This not only is a great way to drive viewers to your channel, but also provides great ratings for you on the YouTube algorithms as a motion maker. It will also increase your rankings on the search engines.

Find Opportunities to Share Your Content with the Society

There are a wide variety of platforms on which you can share your content, it is important to look for platforms that focus on your immediate community. These include platforms such as Reddit, Pinterest and Stumbleupon

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Influencer Marketing

When it comes to new and upcoming marketing trends in the world, one of the most prominent is influencer marketing. This involves using influential people to promote your content on various platforms. This is important to driving more people to view your content as they listen to what these influencers have to say.

Other ways to increase the number of viewers for your YouTube content is through:

– Adding a watermark to your videos

– Posting promotional and giveaways on your YouTube channel

– Create video plugins for subscriptions.

YouTube, being the second most popular search engine in the world after Google, continues to grow every day with more subscribers and viewers. This makes the platform one of the most important when it comes to promoting and marketing your content. Offering a video only platform, this is a great way to market products and services, since the current generation prefers to watch videos to reading texts. While also using other platforms for online marketing strategies, small business owners should ensure that YouTube is one of the options.

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Although in Singapore the highest percentage of people use Instagram, YouTube is also one of the most popular sites. People prefer to view YouTube videos to look for demos and info concerning the products they intend to purchase. It is therefore important for all business owners to take advantage of this platform to market their products and services.

YouTubers should also ensure that the content shared on YouTube is creative, relevant and useful to viewers. This not only helps in branding, but also generates a lot of views for your content. Increasing the number of views, however beneficial to a site, should also be accompanied by encouraging better consumer behaviour when engaging with your channel or videos. Consumers should be able to stay on the site without getting bored. The above are some of the discussed ways through which you can generate more views for free.


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