Get Your Videos Recommended by YouTube by Applying These 4 Proven Tips

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YouTube is a marketing hub for businesses that are keen on using Youtube videos to market their products and services. According to the latest statistics, more than 5 billion videos are watched on the platform every day. The company has come up with a system that recommends certain videos to users and this, in turn, helps to boost their viewership as well as outreach.

Here are three proven tips that you can use to get your videos recommended to the target audience by YouTube.

Focus on Engaging the Audience

A report by Novel Concept is of the idea that YouTube algorithm gives more preference to videos that receives lots of dislikes, likes, and comments. Philip Zeplin, the mastermind of this report, also goes an extra step to state that videos that receive more views naturally engage the audience. Based on this fact, it is recommended to create content that engages the audience and also motivate them to post comments. Make sure that you respond to the comments promptly to keep the conversation going.

Work on the Video Titles

The first form of metadata is the title, and so it is paramount to optimize it to secure high ranking for keywords that are related to your niche. If you intend to produce a series of videos in a given period, show the algorithm that the videos are linked to each other by including an episode number in the title. A good example of a well-optimized video title is “Episode 4: 3 Foolproof Ways of Getting More Web Traffic”.

Use Playlists and Annotations to Interlink Videos

Interlinking all your YouTube videos using playlists and annotations is another excellent way of dominating the suggested videos algorithm. Businesses whose channels have millions of subscribers often comment on older videos and provide links to newer videos in the description and comments to boost viewership for the new videos.

Indeed, it is possible to increase the chances of the algorithm recommending your videos to the ever-growing YouTube community legally. You can ask your SEO agency Singapore to follow above tips to enhance the success of your YouTube marketing campaigns.


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November 13, 2016

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